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Kyanna Says:

Last Saturday I went to the dentist and for five teeth removed which required for me to have stitches I have been in server pain the dentist only have me 12 tabs of 7.5 /325 mg of endocet in that just don't work long so I just took 30 mg of morphine will that help with my pain also is 30 mg a high dose

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David Says:


Sorry to hear about the severe tooth pain. I can't imagine how you might be feeling after having five teeth removed in one sitting. One thing that puzzles me though is the last part of your post where you had mentioned having just taken a 30mg Morphine tablet. The question that follows is asking "will that help my pain?" - Well... seeing as you already took the pill before typing this post, shouldn't you be able to determine if it's helping or not? I don't mean to nit pick at all, but that part just didn't make any sense trying to put two and two together...

Information I'm finding online suggests that the initial starting dose for patients who are opioid naive may be anywhere from 15 to 30 mg orally every 4 hours (on an as needed basis). So based off this, my opinion is that 30mg is a "typical" dose to be prescribed. I've actually heard of Morphine coming in 100-200mg ER tabs, if that goes to show the dosage differential of what's available.

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joss Says:

Did the dentist prescribe the morphine?

If you took 30mg, you are the only one who knows if it works for you.

If it isn't working call your dentist, 5 teeth are a lot, you may have a "dry" socket. THAT is VERY painful.

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