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How To Take Flagentyl 500 Mg

What are the uses of Flagentyl 500 mg. ## Flagentyl contains the active ingredient Secnidazole, which is an anti-infective that's generally used to help treat fungal infections. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ## Can I take flagentyl 500mg if I am having blood in my stool, stomach pain and phlegm? ## Please i had a miscarriage and all didn't come...I was given flagentyl to take and was told the left over blood will flow..pls how true is it? ## Pls help me, I have flagentyl 500mg can I take all at first? Is 4 . ## Pls help me, I have flagentyl 500mg can I take all at first? Is 4 tables in the box

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Secnidazole side effects

I took 4 tablets of Secnidazole to treat amoebasis and got acute skin rashes. What does it indicate? What should i do? ## Hello, Irene! How are you? It can cause rashes as a side effect, as reported the by the FDA, you may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache and stomach pain. It would be best to have it checked out to make sure it isn't an allergic rash, your doctor should be able to let you know. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hello. Did you ever get an answer on your Secnidazole issue? I'm afraid I took too much, two dozes in a thirty day period and one month prior i had already taken Nitoxide, all for Amebiasis. I am having acute symptoms right away after the third dose on Sept 30, 2016. Daily dizziness, sinus pressure and droopy eyes feeling. Sometimes sh...

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How to take Fas-3 kit tablets

Is there any particular sequence in which FAS-3 kit tablets should be taken? Can I start with 2 Secnidazole tablets after dinner and then the next day take one after breakfast and the other before lunch? ## I have started my periods and want to know if I can take "fas 3 kit" tablets. It's only a one-day course. Can I finish it during my periods? Will it cause any problems if I take this?

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Secnidazole 500mg

Secnidazole/flagentyl is a pill taken for parasites or other body infections. Just needed to know how long will a person have to deal with side effects from taking this medicine and what are most of the side effects? ## need the info for my requirements. im a student nurse ## IN THE MORNING FOUND URINATING VERY PAINFUL. HAD INTERCOURSE WITH PARTNER PREVIOUS NIGHT. A DAY LATER NOT SO PAINFUL. SHOULD I TAKE LAGENTYL 500mg AS SUGGESTED BY MY PARTNER WHO IS A NURSE? ## I've recently returned from Ecuador and was told to take Prothelmint 2x2 (Albendazol 200 mg & Secnidazol al 94,74%, 1,0556 g)) 2 tablets each. I wasn't feeling bad before taking the tablets, but since I can't slow any food items down even after four days. Any idea how long the bowels will take to return to nor...

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Secnidazole 2 gms

I took secnidazole 2 gms in accordance to my doctors orders i found out i was 2 weeks pregnant should i undergo an abortion in fear of birth defects because of medication ## on a precaution counselling my doctor kept me in ODKIT of VHB pharma since yesterday. just few mins back took the second and immediately got stomach pain. while getting information on internet..i got that there will be side effects like rashes leading to fatal. im worried will i die or develop some more complications.

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Side Effects For Secnidazol 500mg

I would like to know if it can be used for treating stomach ulcers (peptic or gastritis) ## Secnidazole is an anti-infective, but in the U.S. at least, it is not usually used to treat the H.Pylori bacteria that can be associated with ulcers, it is more commonly used to treat fungal infections. Has your doctor advised you to use this? Has it been confirmed that you have the H. Pylori bacteria?

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Secnidazole 2 grams during pregnancy

I suffered from infection hence my doctor subscribed fladazole tabs 2grams to be taken once then after taking the medication i found out i was pregnant around 2 weeks i have read that secnidazole present in fladazole tabs causes fetus malformation. Now i am 5 weeks pregnant should i continue with the pregnancy to prevent any deformation in my child and save it from suffering or is it fine to carry on with the pregnancy as the period in which i took the medicine in would not have a negative effect on the fetus? ## I cannot tell you whether or not you should carry to full term, that is something you will need to discuss with your doctor. However, Secnidazole should only be used after the first trimester (3 months) of pregnancy, it is the early use that can cause fetal problems. Have you t...

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