Scopinal Hyoscine

abeid Says:

I am turning 18years old after 3 months ,,and i had a really bad stomach and feeling weak as the first stages of fever ,so i took the Scopinal Antispasmodic tablets at 8pm and as it didnt help much i took another at 3am ,,and i slept at 5am and I woke up by scratch my hands as there were killing me around 7am ,,and now it been a whole day scratching part part ,from hands to my legs ,and i dont no why did i get this ,,so plzz help. i cant sleep if i try i wake up jumping up the bed due to itchiness.

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Dr deepak ruhlan Says:

I think at persent your problem is itching not spasmodic pain .It may develop after treatment as you have been treated by multidrug for fever and spasmodic pain . I think it may be due to helmenthetic(krimiroga). You may take Alben D/ Bendy plus 2 or 3 tablet ..1 daily . I think ayurveda more better like krimikuthar rasa , krimighana vati ,mahamanjisthadi kadha ,haridra khand .. you will definatly get permanent relief .

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Verwon Says:

You should contact your doctor.

Scopinal contains the active ingredient Scopolamine and while it can help with nausea and upset stomach, it is only safe to use in very small amounts.

It sounds like you may be having a severe allergic reaction, probably made worse by taking too much.


Have you contacted your doctor, yet?

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Urmila Jos Says:

My sone is 7 yrs. old. Just now at night he had stomach pain after eating chicken. He passed stool which he had not done during the day time. Though he is playing still he is complaining of stomach ache in between.

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Anny Says:

I m Mrs Asif.I used scopinal hyoscine-N-butylbormide Antispasmodic when i felt belly ache doctor gyne recommended me but using this tablets after 10 hours i suffered periods cycle before using this tablet i thinked i missed periods and i was pregnent but u k9 i suffer this problem.i m very worried please tell me.because of this medicine,s side effect. Am i suffering the periods Cycle??.please answer me.

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Nina Says:

My Mom has 4 small cysts in her uterus.((( the doctor said to take Scopinal.
Is it for cyst treatment?because im reading its for menstrual pain killer..i didn't read anything regarding cyst Uterus problems.Please any one help me ..

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ahmed Says:

my mother is having stomach pain should i give her scopinal

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