Schizophrenia Treatments

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My son was taking 37.5mg Risperdal injectible for Paranoid Schizophrenia. He was stable, he moved to another state and he was given tablets 2mg 2x'x daily. Has anyone experienced this and what happens if he misses his evening dose sometimes?

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Sajeeb Says:

My sister(Age 23) is suffering from schizophrenia since last 25 days. Doctor prescribed her Peridol 5mg (2+2+2), Perkinil 5mg (1+1+1), ENCORATE CHRONO 500mg(1+0+2), Rivitril 2mg(0.5+0+1), Lithosun-SR 400mg (0+0+0.5). Please let me confirm what the side effects of those medicines.

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kashyap Says:

Dr. prescribed me sulpitac 100 with zipsydone 20 mg at night. Is this a right combination to treat schizophrenia? I was taking sulpitac 100 for one year.

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Verwon Says:

For the best outcome, you should always follow your doctor's instructions, and yes they are used to treat schizophrenia.

The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, somnolence, and weight changes.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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HSL Says:

My son being treated for Schizphrenia for the last 25 years still he is far away from leading a normal life. Presently on Clozapine 400 mg + phenargan and Ativan Sos. Anyone having definite cure or remedy ?

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Ruth Says:

its kinda a set back but these meds arent good in the long run its just a temparary fix while it messy you up mentally and when you tell the Dr he may want to use that as a excuse to increase hes meds. but don't let him this is what they do to keep you hooked

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Mrsann Says:

Re: HSL (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Him I'm gonna go by Mrs Ann. I currently have a twenty yr old daughter whose been dealing with schizophrenia/bipolar mania for the last yrs now, and has been on every psychotic med possible (from invega sustena, abilify, risperdal, hadol, etc)... And it's a living hell once you're hooked to overcome. My daughter hears voices and has all kinds as of side effects, and even now she still isn't quite herself. So I've been working on whatever alternative I can come across ... St John's Wort works awesome for mood, Gabas (an over the counter med that's used for stress, anxiety, mood swings, restlessness, agitation, and premenstrual symptoms. It leaves them in a calm state of mind without being a zombie. 5-htp is good for slowing the rapid mind but is meant for short period only cause it can cause you to rapidly lose weight. Genexa stress relief sold at CVS is awesome as well. It has Gaba in it as well as a lot of other needed neurotransmitters ingredients.

I will be trying the dream water here tonight and I'll let you know how that is. There's also some mango neuro drinks out for sleep that are sold at Walmart in the pop aisles. They have L-tea active, L-Thenine, 5Htp, and other berries in it. The bottom line is is those psychotic meds are just a temporary fix and in the long run mess you up more then they do good. Trust me, I've going through it as we speak and it's sad to watch. I'm here if you need to know what I know just ask.

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Mrsann Says:

Re: Verwon (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I'm sorry but I disagree with you, its very hard in today's society to find a good dr, at please one that truly cares about your well being and all these psychotic meds are a temporary fix and in the mean while there getting you hook on the drugs and mentally messing your brain up and it's hard to come back from once your hooked but of course there not gonna be honest and tell it to you like this cause there making money and lots of it, each pill or injection they give you,so they have to keep us dumb to the reality of the real out come and to be honest why should they care we are nobody to them just another victim they send us home with our families walking around like zombies and can't function and act as though that's acceptable to live with while are families are dieing Inside from watching are love one struggle there sitting back making the big buck to destroy us sorry this isn't right and very inhumane how could you live with yourself I couldn't I'm not a dr. but I've been through enough,and seen enough to know what I'm talking about its sad

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Orphaned Says:

Re: Mrsann (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

That neuro sleep water is amazing! Try it. Also wanted to say my mom tried all those meds you listed. None helped much, but the Risperdal made her kill herself last week. It was making her so weak, but anxious like nothing I have ever seen. She was frozen on her couch in fear about her car not passing inspection next January (it was April at the time), stuff like that. Anyway, they increased her dose and her bowels stopped working. They were giving her injections so she didn’t have a choice. What upsets me the most is that the meds didn’t help anything-she was still paranoid and delusional. Worse. But they kept at it. I wish you luck.

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Mrs ann Says:

Re: HSL (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Hi, I just posted a current update on my 22 yr old daughters meds she also has had schizophrenia/bipolar for the last 5 yrs over 30 different meds so yeah shes tried alot but this regimen has been the best yet shes coherent, its like shes herself again clozapine 75mgs 2x daily ,for her phychosis, divalproex (depeko) 250mg tab. 75mgs in the morning 75mgs at 8pm,& propranolol 10mgs 1/2 tablet 2x daily, & Altpine eye drops 1 underwear her tongue at bedtime this combination of meds has been a life saver my daughter us way more coherent, more herself, she sleeps alnight as well as the day so her brain is getting sleep which is very important, her anxiety much better, and the drops help with her saliva buildup tremendously we can now communicate, shes interested in wanting to do things again very little talking to herself, and she doesn't walk around like a zombie I'm so thankful for the drs whom came up with this regimen for her she now can think more clearly and is doing awesome

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