Scary Drug Interaction Concern - I Need Answers!

RegrettingIt Says:

I am on cymbalta 60mg at night and 30mg in the morning along with 200mg of gabapentin 3x a day for fybromayalgia and mild depression. I was given adderall 30mgs and I took a few of them. I felt focused but had started to sweat excessively for a couple of hours and my pupils are dilated. I looked up the symptoms and it linked me to serotonin syndrome. Being freaked out I didn't take my gabapentin or cymbalta yet today. My question is...if I took 60mg of adderall this morning, should I take the other two scripts (cymbalta and gabapentin) today or skip them and wait 24 hrs for the adderall to leave my system? Do I need medical attention or am I being paranoid? My muscles are cramping up in my back and hands so I'm not sure if this is caused from skipping my meds for fibromyalgia or if I could be experiencing life threatening conditions? Also I have prescribed Xanax I take occasionally for anxiety...should I take one to calm down the effects of the adderall? I know this is a lot of questions but I need help on what to do. I won't be doing this mix ever again! Please send feedback. Much appreciated!

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Brendinnix Says:

I am not a doctor but I would think the sweaty feeling and symptoms you are dealing with are from the addition of the adderall. 30mg is a high dose of adderall.I took very little 5-10 mg daily and I would get clammy ans just kind of felt uncomfortable in my skin. Hated the way it made me feel. Yes, taking xanax will help you "come down" off of the adderall. But again, start small and take as needed. Hope this helps!

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Harro Says:

When taking Adderall drink plenty of water because it will dehydrate you. Adderall is speed. Take Less Adderall in morning. Take other meds at night. I would cut Adderall in half an only take half to see what it dose. Also i think gabapentin is worthless - I took it it did nothing for pain. But if you stop gabapentin ween your self down little at a time, don't just stop taking it.

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Kelly Says:

You need to contact your Doc... Adderall is a completely different med then the others. They can draw blood and check your levels.

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Joyce Says:

I took the lowest dose of gabapentin and had no energy and slept for 3 month I came off east the cymbalta was given to me for neuropathy but that stuff is nasty. No energy and hubby had to help me to the John and I was scatterbrained. Glad to stop both of those I never noticed them helping me friend took the gabapentin and she slept her life away too. Adderal knocked me out and xanax my hubby took for a short time he was mean. I mean yelling and mean. I take black seed oil for anxiety and him for his nerves. Nasty taste and smell works I take a tablespoon a day hubby can't taste and smells like kerosene he takes the pills. Google 101 benefits of black seed oil get it at health food store. Smells bad but I don't have panic attacks good luck Google side effects of all the Meds you take good luck

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D Says:

Hi there, i hope you were OK? I'm sure u were being paranoid as u put it? From what I read I would try an take as little of all your meds u need as mixed meds in your system can often have an unwelcome effect?Specially if there's alot of strong meds?Pls don't take the wrong way, tryna b honest, not critical OK my frend? I'm struggling myself as my Dr keeps changing mine around which isn't helpful at all? I think they feel I'm an experiment! Let me know how u get on if possible! Good luck D

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Older mom Says:

Cymbalta is toxic for some of us. After I got to a therapeutic dose, it was like a poison to me. No antidote, had to wean slowly, sicker than sick. Do NOT stop taking it suddenly.

Call your doctor.

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Brian Says:

Hi, were you prescribed the Adderall or did someone hand you some pills. My sister takes that and she gave me a couple so I could push through a move( I'm physically disabled) but I took 1 and a half and that was alot for me. Kinda gives you fast heart racing feeling. So you said you took a few if that was your first time, yea I guess you would feel pretty bad right now. Well I take gabapentin and klonipin and from my experience I doubled dosed my self that day to even out but that was like 6 hrs after I took Adderall. It worked for me but will it work for you I don't know but atleast take your original dose I'm thinking from my experience. And try to wait as long as you can before taking your gabapentin and xanax. Hope that helps! Oh yea, I don't know anything about that cymbalta stuff sorry.

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Lucylove Says:

I'm going to also go with what replied "Harro" said.... I am on Cymbalta ( there is NO thereaputic dose ) the dose that makes you feel better IS your therapeutic dose. And I take Adderall as well. I used to take Gabapentin but didn't like the way it made me feel. I take my Cymbalta and Lamictal at night around 7-8PM. Then in the morning ( because I am up SO early..) I take a 20mg XR and then about 3:00 or so I take a 5mg IR of Adderall.

I have Klonopin, Baclofen, and a few other pain meds to take if I have a bad day. I started with 20mg. Cymbalta and felt good. Moved to 30mg. Cymbalta and felt ok so I just stayed there. I have taken less pain medication than ever before. This medication has helped me very much. I understand many people don't care for it. I probably would not take it either unless I had the Adderall to take during the day. I say, lower the Adderall dose, see how you feel.... talk to your doctor, if you are prescribed these meds by a doctor NEVER hesitate to talk with them.... you are the biggest advocate in your pain control and health care, so reading up on the meds you take, doing what excercise you can, eating good foods, and communicating all of this with your doctor are great things to do. If you are being honest with them and making an effort to be proactive and educated you have nothing to fear from them, ( I don't think anyhow, but that's just me ) I'm also one to really study the medications I take , and I don't think being very educated about them makes you seem like a pill seeker, nor does asking for something different to try.... I just read on here and it seems so many people are afraid to speak up and ask about things and have thorough conversations with their docs. And DON'T let them rush you through a visit. Unless you are 100% comfortable when the doc leaves you, say "Hey, I need a few more minutes !" ?? I know DO NOT stop the Cymbalta, sometimes for some people even a few hours difference makes them feel strange. Maybe try to journal your day just a small bit, track your progress, take your meds at the same times, drink plenty of water, and eat well.

Hope all works out for you..... But I just wanted to write you and let you know that I take a fairly similar combo as you do, so if you needed to talk you could always write back!

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tom Says:

Those are typical symptoms of Adderall because it acts like a stimulant.

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Joan Says:

How did you get prescribed Addrell with Xanax and Gabapentin?

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Elizabeth S Says:

Your problem started IMMEDIATELY after beginning the Adderall. That is your problem. Adderall mimics adrenaline and therefore will either give you energy or anxiety. What you were having doesn't sound anything like Serotonin Syndrome (I've had that). It sounds like severe anxiety, caused by the Adderall- which you should not take anymore with such a negative reaction. As for your other meds, you really need to take them as prescribed or see your Doctor immediately!

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Older mom Says:

How are you all getting these drug cocktails for pain? My pain doc is strict, Butrans pain patch 24/7 or nothing, no Norco as needed. He did add Topamax, can't say it's helping. My spine pain is not 24/7 at all times, but he says it's better to have a steady amount of medication in you rather than spikes, for example taking 2 or 3 Norco one day, 2 the next depending on the weather and my activity level. I managed my pain with a small amount of Norco for 7 years, without addiction (increased need) until the FDA clamped down.

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Country Girl Lynda Says:

I use to take cymbalta and you really do need to stay on schedule with it. It sounds like the Adderall is either too strong or doesn't agree with you so if it was prescribed to you and the same Dr prescribed all of your meds to you Lucylove is right, you need to discuss with your Dr your experience. It wouldn't hurt to take a Xanax to calm you down. Between freaking out over the fear the Adderall and your heart racing it could cause you a heartattack if you're heart isn't 100% healthy. Then again that may not matter. I was on cymbalta for depression and Adderall is for focus, taken together could mess your thinking up in a bad way, just saying.

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Tjm97 Says:

But withdrawls from Benzo's "zanax" is much worse than opiates.

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Sue Ashford Says:

Mixing almost anything with cymbalta has done that to me and my chest was burning so bad. I have no answers sorry. I called uofminchigan and he switched a few things around for me. Do you have any doctors in ohio area for fibromyalgia and ra?

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BBK Says:

I do not know all these drugs, but if you are suffering from medication, call your Dr. or health monitor.
Any medication that is causing you your kind of suffering should be reported and analysed. one prescription does not work for all, one diet or one size doesn't fit all.
you are one of a kind and need special attention.Plus it might just be to strong of a dose.
Do anything, but don't ignore it

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Bobbie Says:

First. You shouldn't take Cymbalta and Adderall together, as they conflict. If that's not bad, Adderall and Xanax should not be taken together whatsoever. You need to get your medications looked at, find your worst issue and deal with that first. If yer gonna take gabbies, Cymbalta should really be enough or the dosage could be raised without any large risk.. Please call the dr ASAP but DO NOT JUST STOP TAKING YOUR MEDS AS IT CAN BE FATAL... Call your pharmacist about drug interactions... I trust my pharmacist more than my dr... Best of luck, but please do research on what you're taking... Start with what's going on now.

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Diane Says:

Is buttons patch a narcotic the Dr switched me from 10 mg lortab 6x day to buttons 10 mcg at first it helped now it rolls up on my skin comes off and I don't feel no relief but she won't talk bout uping it or anythg else just wants to put injections in my back I am so sick of hearing bout them but she just brushes me off said my bulging disk was arthritis.

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Postal canary Says:

Yes ur being paranoid. Many of these drugs have the same side affect of pupils dialating. It means nothing. U maybfind u r more lite sensative. Get sunglasses. Or a light tint on ur clear lenses or photochromatic lenses that change with the light.
Plus all the other drugs are classified as downers. Or CNS depressors. So ur taking drugs that tend to slow the body and brain and breathing a bit. Plus speed. The aderall. I imagine u started taking the cymbals abs Zantac for stress anxiety or depression. Maybe pain. We'll adderall will give u anxiety and stress. Maybe try 1/2 an adderall. 30 msg instead. Or even a 1/4 tablet.
Tho I'm not a dr, I would say yes ur going thru a little withdrawal from not taking ur other meds and the aderall. Aderall makes ur heart beat A LOT FASTER. Which isn't really good for it unless it's from exercise or doing something physical.
To just be get off the aderall if u can. Why not just take the xanax when u need it. I used to take 2 -2 times a day of xanax. But didn't like grogginess I got from it. So started taking just a nibble from a tablet when ever I felt anxious or scared. It was just enuff to make me feel calmer. Lasted for 2 hours or less. Got me thru the situation just fine. Better infact. My thinking got clearer. Plus that cymbalta just knocks my socks off anyway. Had to quit it.
So now just GABA and ZANAX. Much simpler. Less money. Makes both me and my doc happy.
Ur going to have ur heart and body so stressed out by just taking that speed and none of ur other drugs. Don't do that. When u quit taking the other drugs. That alone makes ur heart rate go up. Then ur going to take 60 msg of adderall?????? Really? Which already makes ur heart go faster. Take less if u don't like the side affects of adderall. Don't ever just go off meds that I've been on for a long time. Like months or years.

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