Scared To Try Klonopin.

Mae Says:

I just got prescribed Klonopin, which I was on when I was 13 (now almost 23), but ever since having my Son, all the medications that I used to take no longer work. I have a severe panic disorder, along with agorophobia. I don't ever leave my house, and I am constantly panicing. They have tried to put me on nortripilyn, but I haven't been able to get myself to take it yet... So we are trying Klonopin 1mg to see if it will calm me enough where I can start on an antidepresant and get back in psycho therapy. But, I am terrified of the side effects. I'm scared that it will make me feel drugged, or make me sick to my stomach! Can someone please tell me the chances of this happening?

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Pip Says:

I'm on 0.5 for the same thing and sometime take 1 mg. No problem. I hate medications but this has worked fine and does the job w/out feeling drowsy. Try taking 0.5 first and then go to 1 mg if neededEJJMA

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Carl Says:

I have been taking benzodiazipines for over 45 years. The last 10+ years on Klonopin (clonazepam) 2mg three X a day. The 1mg a day? If that's the case, I would buy a pill cutter and take half in the AM and the other half in the PM. I have never heard of anyone getting stomach pains or have I ever had them over the decades. Klonopin has a more anti anxiety effect than a sedative one as Xanax,Ativan,Valium. I think you will be just fine. The worst thing that I always warn people of, is get off them as soon as possible. If you take them for years they do nothing ...except when you stop. Can take months of panic, anxiety, agoraphobia, things moving slightly when not (hallucinations) paranoia and a loss of confidence. I worked with someone that had a heroin habit and told me it was easier to quite that than Valium. I have tried at times and gave up. Don't worry about how you will feel..worry about taking them too long and how you will feel when you are cut off of them. An occasional, or a few weeks, maybe a couple months, but do yourself a BIG favor, don't get caught up taking them for a long period. PLEASE. Good Luck, you will feel fine if it's just for a short period with people have rare adverse effects with them, unless you also drink alcohol, then you may very well get drowsy, or stupid. Hope you are feeling better Mae......Carl

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Verwon Says:

Have you discussed your concerns with your doctor?

I understand your concern about taking medications, but continuing to avoid them is not going to help you get the treatment you need.

All medications carry the risk of side effects, but there is no way of knowing how they will affect any given person that uses them.

And, as Pip posted, these are not time released tablets, so you can cut them in half and start with a lower dosage, if that's what you'd prefer.


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Mae Says:

Thanks all!

I picked up my prescription on Friday, and took a little less than a quarter of 1mg. I know it sounds stupid to be THIS scared to try them, but I'm terrified. I haven't taken another since, but I just had a phone appointment with my Doctor, and I am going to try again on Friday to take a quarter of 1mg. Carl- Thank You for the heads up about taking them for a long time. I definitely do not want to become addicted. This is just a starter medication, in hopes that it can get me out of my house and into therapy or a treatment program. I am living in hell right now, constant panic, body aches, headaches, paranoia, etc. I just need it to be gone so I can be a "normal" person again! So, hopefully the Klonopin will just be for a few weeks to calm me down enough to start on an antidepresant and get into therapy!

Thank You all again for your replies... I can't even begin to explain how much they help!!

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Pat Says:

I was diagnoised with agorophobia in 1978, but that was before there was a thing called panic disorder, I knew I wasn't agorophobic because I had no fear of leaving my house, I would panic in public places. driving. etc. I was relived to find out that I have acute panic disorder W/O agorophobia..Enough about me, I just mentioned it because I can help with advice with your panic disorder, but not with your agorophobia, although I have heard the medications given are alike and also therapy..I have never taken Clonopin all I know about it is it is a benzo like valium and xanax. but has a much longer half life, which means it can make you have a hangover feeling in the morning. Since my panic is acute I only take xanax when needed. Sometimes I will take 10 tablets a month and other months I may not need any..What my doctor did was give me an antidepressent called Doxipen, I take 75mg twice daily. and it is prescribed for panic with or without agorophobia..The xanax is only for emergencies..You need to ask your doctor a lot of questions to put your mind at ease.. While I agree with the poster who said you shouldn't take benzos longer than needed, in some cases that isn;t true, My husband sufferers from chronic daily panic attacks that are horrible. He sees a psych once a month and is closely monitered on his xanax med which he needs to take daily 1mg 3 times a day..He will be on this medication for the rest of his life or if he is one day free of attacks. He has been on this medication since Sept 2000, and he has never gone up on his dose and the medication still works for him,,I am talking about a wonderful man who at age 50 had a nervous breakdown and his panic was so bad, once while we were in Las Vegas he was so afraid I found him in the lobby hidding behine a plant, and a few months earlier, he was working as a financial planner. with that said, no 2 people are alike so you can't say how long a person has to be on a medication before getting off of it..Keep in close contact with your doctor and keep in touch with us to let us know how you are doing

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Mae Says:

Thank You, Pat! As much as it saddens me, it's also nice to know I'm not alone.

I finally got myself to take 1/4 of a 1mg tablet of Klonopin. I was fine, but I didn't see any improvements either... so my Doctor is telling me to try a half. It will probably take me a while before I can get myself to take the half, but eventually. I am just praying that this is the med that will work. I'm only 22, and I have an 11 month old who is BEAUTIFUL. I want to take him out to see the world and have amazing experiences... But for right now, my Mom is having to do all of that because I can't leave my house. I hate this. But, I will keep fighting because I know there has to be an end... Nothing last forever right?

I am going to ask my Doctor about the Doxipen... maybe it will help for me too? She would like to have me on both a benzo and an antidepresant as soon as possible, so I can get back into psycho therapy and start doing some exposure therapy.

Anyways, Thank You again for the reply! It really helps a lot to know that there are others like me out there! I will keep both you and your husband in my warm thoughts and prayers!

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Addicted to prescription drugs Says:

This drug is very addictive and it is HELL trying to get off of. Withdrawl can take 6 months to a year when on this drug a long period of time. I say don't get started on it then you will not have to worry. It is poison to your system. I felt so addicted that I thought I would never be able to get off. Even thought death would be a better option. I know that was the drug talking. It messes with your mind. Was on 0.5 mg 3x a day for 6 yrs. Very slow taper.. Please Do Not Get On It!!!

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Rita Says:

Run! Don't walk away from Klonopin which is a horribly addictive drug. There are literally thousands of letters on the Internet, (including mine!) describing the horrors of this drug which can actually CAUSE panic attacks! I had mild anxiety when prescribed this pill but I did not have panic attacks! Now I wake up every morning in excruciating anxiety (and this is AFTER I have been off the medicine more than a month!) It took me more than four months of hellish withdrawal to taper off of the drug and I am still so sick from it that I cannot work, am on disability, wake up shaking, heart pounding, anytime I sleep, whether it's nighttime sleep, or if i even just drift off in a chair for 5 minutes! I repeat, the withdrawal was horrible with vomiting, heart palpitations that sent me to the hospital thinking I was having a heart attack, violent panic attacks that had me throwing my body onto the floor! And no doctor can tell me when this is going to end! Run for your life! God bless you!

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Rita Says:

PS, My psychologist is an ex cocaine addict and says that it is almost as horrible to get off of Klonopin than to get off cocaine. Imagine!

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Tori Says:

I never got started.... I have been trying to fight this battle all on my own.

I was addicted to cocaine for years, I never want to be addicted to anything again!

Thanks for the heads up!

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richness Says:

I am on 50 /MCL of Fentynal I get watson ngel patches .sadly do to my weight problem from being a wheelchair for a year I called watson asking where is the best secure place to put the paches they said NOT below the waist the sides of my body of chest which my chest is too hairy to even think of that. My sides do to my weight the patch almost always falls off by the 2nd day from the folds in my skin I was told the Upper arm or upper back is the best when I was a younger man I have tattoos on both biceps and unless i get a friend here to change the patch on my back I can not reach to hold the patch down , My question is I couldn't take the pain today and decided to put it on my bicep with tattoos Does anyone KNOW if a 30 year old Tattoo will interfer with the patch?? I have it on for 2 hours and I already feel the relief -but will it cut down on the 72 hours etc .PLEASE HELP me I am in such fear I will be back in pain by this afternoon

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Carl Says:

Yes you can put on tatts, just what the heck, alternate tatts that you use. Good Luck my friend, Carl

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Pauline Says:

In Answer to messages about drugs. I have been on xana for almost 2 years. My heart doctor says that it is NOT addictive body-wise but it can be if you think it will be addicted, you will in your head ONLY. I am 76 and felt like if I take some drugs thad are addictive, what the heck? How long will I live on this earth anyway.. I take .25 which is baby dose. Gods best to you all....I could go on and on...

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Pat Says:

Hi Mae, Give the medication some time, You wont feel the effects immediatly, but Benzos+ an antidepressent with therapy is a great way to go. Since I take both, I find myself having to take less and less of xanax..Keep us posted,ok?? Pauline Whoever told you that any benzos are just a all in your head withdrawls, should lose the right to practice medicine. Benzo withdrawls are lo ng and brutal and can take up to a year to feel human again.You need to find a new doctor..I would feel sorry for any patient that has him/her as a doctor

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Bev Says:

I have panic attacks too but not so severe. I use Xanex and it works great.qdrtsr

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Marty Says:

I have been suffering from a anxiety problem. Xanax has always done the trick. Not continuous use just 1/4 mg here and then 1/4 mg there. A script might last me 3 months easily. My reg doctor prescribed them then. Last year my dad had a major heart attack (his 13th major) and a major stroke also at the same time one day apart. Actually had the stroke while waiting to go into the heart cath which obviously got cancelled after the stroke. Anyway, my mom and I almost lost him and he ended up completeley disabled and in a nursing home. I had a nervous breakdown so i had to start seeing a psych and taking 1/2 mg twice daily almost every day. Well this september we lost him and now im in worst shape than before. Back to stomach cramps and upset stomach that wont settle. Sick every time i eat almost every time. My heart races from time to time and i think there is something wrong with my heart. The doctor wants me to take clonopin twice daily and use the xanax only when necessary. After reading all the warnings and people's comments i am almosst too scared to start it. I need some advice. Although i know i cant go on like this. I cant hardly work or any other. Thank you in advance for any and all help that anyone can offer me. God bless you all!!!

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EDDY Says:

Marty sorry to read all this. Try what your Doctor said, but DO NOT take two Benzos at once!

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Joy Says:

Hi I would not try to tell you what to do because everyone has a different situation.
Klonopin is often prescribed for anxiety as well as seizures. I was prescribed it for anxiety. I was also having panic attacks although they were undiagnosed. They gave me .5 but it didn't work for me so I took 1.0 mg. The main reason it was prescribed by my MD was for severe insomnia. Klonopin is a good drug if you only take it rarely or occasionally.
However, like all benzos it is EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE. Actually klonopin is I think much more addictive than other benzos such as vallium, although klonopin has better anti anxiety/panic qualities, I think. Anyway, anyone who takes klonopin regularly (say daily) for four months will be addicted.
IMPT The withdrawal from benzos is extremely difficult and can be very painful with lots of horrible withdrawal symptoms. They even have a medical name for it now I think it's called Protracted Withdrawal Syndrome.
As far as antidepressants are concerned, again I can't advise you. However they really don't know how or if antidepressants work. They are also addictive, although no one will admit it. If not, why do people have such a hard time going off of them?
Please research online before you take either of these meds. Many people are worse off after taking an antidepressant or a benzo.
I understand you do need help and so I would take the smallest dose that works for you. I would try to take it every few days if possible (not daily). If you have to take klonopin daily I would make a decision that you are going to go off of it prior to four months so you hopefully won't be dependent (addicted) to it.
When going off a benzo or antidepressent most people need to taper SLOWLY off of it. Do not stop a benzo or antidepressent you've been taking regularly suddenly. Most doctors and nurses who say taper are telling you to taper off way too fast. Tapering is a SLOW process and most people are helped by supplements. Here is a free online book for helping people get off of these meds and others: The Road Back. You can also email the author with questions. The book is free online.
Klonopin is a very dangerous drug because it is so addictive. Even though the doctors will deny it, research it online. My psychiatrist actually admitted yesterday to me that if I kept taking it daily I would definitely become addicted. I think you will become addicted (or dependent physically) no matter what dose if you take it regularly. It depends on the person. Some people become addicted even though they only take it as needed and only one bottle over a long period of time, and go into withdrawal. It depends upon the person.
I know you need help and klonopin isn't a bad drug in itself. It helps me sleep and it helps with anxiety.......but you need to know the facts. Do you want to be addicted physically? The same is true with antidepressents but they are ususally less
addicting than benzos. Still many people have a horrible time, lots of symptoms, trying to get off antidepressents.
I don't know what you need or what will help you. If your only choice is a med you may need to take it, but make plans for how to taper off of it, plan to correct whatever the underlying problems are if possible (this may not be your case, I realize sometimes people suffer and there isn't a problem but in some cases they have things in their childhood, trauma, abuse etc that needs to be helped and really depends on the person). Please do some more reasearch and you will find lots of info on the dangers of klonopin. It is physically addictive, not just psychologically addictive. I would do more research and make sure you get some people who really know about the whole story. Most doctors and psychiatrists and mental health staff will just prescribe all these pills as if they are the solution. They don't tell you about the down side and maybe they don't even know about it. Most deny that it's addictive or bad for you. They are in major denial. However there is a lot of info on the web.. I would research all sides of it. Is there another med you can take that is less addictive than klonopin? Research what other meds are available that may help you. Be sure if you are already taking anything that there won't be interactions. I would rather take vallium than klonopin because vallium isn't as addictive and is easier to get off of, however vallium doesn't have all the same properties as klonopin and I don't know if vallium helps panic or not. Vallium will help anxiety but I don't know about panic. I would try to go to a specialist or place that is good at treating panic (look online for the best places) if you can. This may not fit you but sometimes panic is like post traumatic stress only more intense. Sometimes things in your past could be keeping you in a stressed out state, fearful, etc because you went through actual situations that caused fear and stress, and you are still thinking and reacting that way.
Best wishes to you. If you decide to take klonopin or any other med, that is fine, no condemnation. I just wanted to let you know because usually people don't realize how addictive it is. The reason people have such a hard time going off a drug and have horrible side effects is because their body or mind had become dependent upon the drug to function. When the drug is reduced, changed, or withdrawn they can go into withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms can be worse than the original problem, I know that's hard to believe but true. Sometimes people really do need a medication at the time but you should actively research your options and not just depend on any medical person, as unfortuantely often they are not educated in this, they believe these drugs are cure alls, and they are in major denial that anyone is actually harmed by the meds. You cant just switch meds and try and stop if there is a problem. That's what the doctors do but that isn't taking into account how your body and mind have already reacted to the drugs and that stopping or changing or changing dose, could put someone into withdrawal and into horrible symptoms that can last for years. I know you need help but if you can avoid klonopin and antidepressents I would. I would try to get some other kind of help if available. I know it's hard. I thought if I took an antidepressent I would get relief. All the doctors for years told me to take one. I took one and it didn't really help very much.
Klonopin did help but who wants to be addicted? If you become dependent or addicted to a drug, you will reach a point where you have to take more to get the same effect. So then you will have to take more and more over the years.
If you can take klonopin as needed, occasionally you will probably most likely be ok. But I don't recommend taking it daily. Best wishes and I"m praying for you.

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Gary Says:

I used to have severe anxiety attacks and agoraphobia. I got psychotherapy which is what helped me the most. However, Klonopin is great when used as an "Event" drug. Have at least 1MG with you at all times. Knowing you have it and can take it IF you have an attack can prevent you from having one. I have not had a severe anxiety attack in about a year now and can even leave my pills at home without losing my composure. Do NOT take it daily. You will NEVER get better. See a Psychologist that specializes in anxiety and agoraphobia. You won't regret it.
If I have to give some advice on how to stop an attack, I would recommend you ACCEPT the attack. You are NOT going to die (really). Tell your body to BRING IT ON. Dare it to get worse. Get mad at the attack. I mean come on, screw that crap, we don't have to live that way. :)

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Katrina Says:

Should not have any bad effects from Klonopin as my girlfriend takes them with no problems whatsoever!

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