Scarcity Of Zolpidem Tartrate (generic Ambien)

Chuck Says:

For many years Qualitest has furnished an excellent generic version of Ambien 10 mg. I have tried various other manufacturers ---Teva, Mylan and they do not work for me. I called Qualitest (now part of Endo and Par Pharma) --- customer service on 2/24/16 and they indicated that they are getting allot of inquiries and stopped producing it in Oct 2015, due to "inability to get certain ingredients." I find this bizarre. It was a great seller. My pharmacy also indicated that there is a posting that several other generic companies are also not shipping this product other than the 2 above.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Chuck! How are you?

Yes, that is correct, most manufactures have a shortage listed with no known date of availability. Shortages, such as this that say they can't get the relevant ingredient have nothing to do with profits, it has to do with the suppliers of the raw materials not having enough to go around, because it was so popular, thus they ran short.

The FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, sleep actions, hallucinations and next day hangover-like effects.

Have you discussed the problem with your doctor? You may need to try a different medication.

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Chuck Says:

I have been on Ambien --10mg for over 10 years -- initially Brand (Sanofi) and then tried numerous others until I found Qualitest to be successful. I am fortunate in that I have not had any negative reactions --- only a reduced or noneffect from some generics. I personally, am not going to try other meds, as the 10mg version not only gives me 7 hrs of restful sleep -- but also no hangover. I did try the ER version and felt drowsy the next day. Therefore, I will continue to explore if there are other generics and as a last result will have to go brand. My night's sleep and attentiveness during the daytime are worth it to me to incur more expense.

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nano Says:

the fillers in the generics change how fast/slow they work. Qualities has rotation cycle in their factories. Sometimes the 10mg is in large supply and sometimes the 5mg is in large supply. I call the pharmacy to see which is in the highest supply before I see my doctor who will either prescribe the 5mg or 10mg version based on supply.

Torrant version works almost as good for me. Teva leaves me with tired the next day and takes about 4 hours to put me to sleep.

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sa5150 Says:

I just got some from Walgreen the other day (90) of them , They were trying to give me Teva but they had some Qualitest there . They did not say its not made anymore and Qualitest web sight still has it listed . Is it really not made anymore ? If they stopped I will have try and have the doctor right out for the name brand , My last insurance covered it not sure if Aetna will . I have tried all the generics and Qualitest is the only one that works , I think it's better then name brand Ambien 10 . Sandoz would be a possible replacement . It worked well at first then it stopped doing anything for me .

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Chuck Says:

It is not made anymore and has not been manufactured since October 2015. After 2 pharmacies told me this I confirmed by calling Qualities directly and finally succeeded in speaking to a Custom r s r vice manager (who put me on hold for awhile) and finally came back with that confirmation. My own pharmacy, who I gave a relationship with had succeeded in getting a bottle of 100 from another pharmacy BUT it indicates that it expires in May 2015 and told me that they cannot dispense it after the expiration date (I get 30 per month).

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Chris Says:

I was using cvs and had torrent which was okay, not great. 10 mg. cvs ran out in jan with no notice and no plan. I had to go to Walgreens and was given teva. After 1 month I realized its not working and need to come up with another plan. Tomorrow I will call around to target, stop and shop, even Walmart if I must to find another option. This sucks. I don't know if my insurance which is good will cover name brand.

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nano Says:

A week prior to refilling my prescription I call around to find out what the pharmacies have. Right now my local CVS has 10mg qualitest so I get that. If they have the 5mg they can contact my doctor to revise the prescription so they can give me the Qualitest.

Torrant is an acceptable substitute for me but I do prefer Qualitest. This means sometimes visiting several pharmacies.

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Chuck Says:

We're you successful in getting the Qualtest because it is not made anymore.
I recently contacted Endo pharmaceutical that had aquire Qualtest Pharmaceuticals and the indicated also not a product anymore.

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Renae Says:

I had never tried ambian until a week ago while in the hospital, it was a tiny oblong burgundy pill, put me right to sleep. Slept the best I'd slept in years. Asked the doctor to write me a few to take home so I could rest, he wrote the generic and it's a white football shaped pill with the letter E on one side and 79 on the other side...with Zolpidem Tartrate 10 mg wrote on the bottle. I was told what I took in the hospital was 5mg. Well I've tried these 10 mg pills and it's like I took a tic tac...I can not tell I've even took anything. Has anybody been put on this generic form of Ambian and been disappointed in the non effect from this brand...I'm not even sure what brand it is?

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david Says:

I have to take Ambien 10 mg 2 1 mg Xanax and 2 snarled to sleep and some nights that don't work and it doesn't do any good to take two Ambien but it's not really addictive except for Xanax.

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Carbar Says:

Agreed! Qualitest is the best and I have not been able to locate it in any pharmacy within a 20 mile radius. I have tried North Star, teva, and Mylan. All like taking a water pill. Now I'm resorting to expensive name brand. Generics are not created equal. Even my psychiatrist explained this. What a joke. I was able to sometimes take 1/2 of a qualitest 10mg zolpidem. Whereas a full 10 mg any other manufacturer barely gets me 4 hours of sleep. One pharmacy told me it's been back ordered for months and I'm not the only one that has called to ask.

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Chuck Says:

I spoke to Qualtest csr manager several weeks ago. The company is not carrying it any longer due to "their inability to get the materials." This is most likely jargon that they use when the actual brand manufacturer (Sanofi) probably was supplying it for them and not labeling it. Perhaps they couldn't negotiation a new contract this part is conjecture.

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lexx Says:

If we call the company and beg! My life is spiraling downwards with no sleep. Been on sleep meds over 20 years.
I pray for Qualitest every day.

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Cynthia Says:

where are you able to get it at please?

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Lexx Says:

I cannot believe there are others like me. I've been on Zolpidem for 20 years and have had all but Northstar generic. There is nothing like Qualitest.
I too, am struggling. I've been told how tired I've been looking and I'm looking for a new career. I'll be lucky to get a second interview. :(
I'd call and beg if that'll help. Count me in!

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Chris M Says:

Hey guys, I totally feel for the posts above who are feeling lost without Qualitest. Add me to that list. But I posted in another post on here just now that after being on and loving Quali for years Ive been using Mylan now for 3 days and not horrible. Its not Quali but maybe itll get you through the tough times.

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Lexx Says:

Since the time Qualitest was discontinued and we've been forced to use inferior generics I have struggled to find one that'll work.
The only one that will fit me right now is Torrent.
However, I feel Torrent is poisoning me in other ways. I have "Parkinsons" like symptoms. I shake like crazy. It's difficult to hold a pen or write a letter.
Also, the anxiety is debilitating.
My doctor just prescribed Lexapro for the anxiety/depression that has overtaken me.
I had none of this while taking Qualitest for years.
I'm on no other medications so I know it's the Torrent.
The reason I stay with it, is that it works faster than the others and I get at least 3'4 hours with it and if I awaken I most often can fall back to sleep another hour.
Is anyone else having a similar situation or found a generic that is working?

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Chuck of PA Says:

After going through all of the generics, I also find that the Torrent generic is better than the others --- however, it too, does not provide the same deep sleep that I experienced with Qualitest. I also, feel a little "foggy" when I wake up --- something that I never experienced under Qualitest. There are differences as compared to Qualitest, which I truly suspect was the real Ambien made by Sanofi and privately labeled by agreement for Qualitest (which is now part of Endo Pharm.)

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Andrea S Says:

I have been taking generic Ambien for about 10 years and never paid much attention to the brand...until it wasn't working quite the same. Then I caught on and started shopping the Pharmacies before filling my rx. I have been taking the Teva brand for quite some time and it was still working most of the time but I noticed that I had not been feeling well. I was having little dizzy spells and had a lot of trouble waking up. Having random aches and pains as well as extreme jaw clenching and teeth grinding. I finally decided maybe it was the ambien so this refill I went to a pharmacy that had given me the oval generics which worked mostly fine as well. This time they gave me Mylan brand. I was pretty concerned when I saw little purple pills and they definitely do not knock me out like the Teva. However, I am waking almost normally and before the alarm, and I have been feeling better. The Teva's would just hit me like truck but the Mylan is a more subtle relaxing sensation which did initially cause some anxiety about how in the world am I gonna sleep for the next 90 days now that I filled the whole rx at once lol. I am just taking it day by day right now but I am getting enough sleep it seems plus feeling better makes me happy. I think the Teva was causing a depression relapse as well and I feel a little brighter now. I wonder if the Teva formula had changed in the last year as well?

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Comments Submitted Says:

Hello - Is it just me or has the world supply of Zolpidem dried up? All the regular places where it has been readily available are out of stock - eek! Is it wise to fill prescriptions from Canadian/U.S pharmacies as I am only used to UK ones that have been really efficient and reliable?

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Maija Says:

Re: Renae (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

That’s what I got last month aurbindo—they do not work. First big problem I’ve had in 20 years of taking it.

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