Santyl Large 90 Gram Tube

Weezy Says:

I have used Santyl many times before for wound care. I have an unopened tube of Santyl 90 grams. It has been stored in my medicine cabinet since last year. Santyl is very expensive. I paid $450 for this at my pharmacy last year and that was a discounted price. It is normally $625. It has an expiration date for 11/2017. Can I still use this? I have also been told that many drugs can be used after they expire.

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Verwon Says:

Most typically don't become dangerous, once they are expired, but the problem with creams and ointments is that they tend to degrade faster than solid forms of medications, according to NIH reports. So, it may not work as well as it did when it was new but should not be "bad". The most common side effect that the FDA lists for it is reddening of the skin. Did you buy the name brand, or a generic? Drug prices have gotten so outrageous.

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CindyLuHoo93 Says:

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There is still not a "generic" on the market.

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