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Santyl large 90 gram tube

I have used Santyl many times before for wound care. I have an unopened tube of Santyl 90 grams. It has been stored in my medicine cabinet since last year. Santyl is very expensive. I paid $450 for this at my pharmacy last year and that was a discounted price. It is normally $625. It has an expiration date for 11/2017. Can I still use this? I have also been told that many drugs can be used after they expire. ## Most typically don't become dangerous, once they are expired, but the problem with creams and ointments is that they tend to degrade faster than solid forms of medications, according to NIH reports. So, it may not work as well as it did when it was new but should not be "bad". The most common side effect that the FDA lists for it is reddening of the skin. Did you buy ...

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Santyl Ointment

Hi! Can I use Santyl on my face to remove dark skin and on the lines of the face? ## Santyl is a collagenese ointment that is normally used for debribedement, such as when someone has a wound that won't heal and has developed necrotic tissue. Has your doctor told you to use it for these purposes? Otherwise, I can only think that such use would be inappropriate and is likely to cause more harm than good. You can learn more about it here: ## I had a severe infection in my rectal area and the surgeon had to dig deep to clear out the affected tissue. I am left with a deep cavity which requires daily changing of a fistula, and wound care. The cavity seems to be narrowing. Santyl is used in wound care, but it's too expensive. Can you recommend a substitute? ## Can Santyl be used on th...

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Collagenase treatment

Is there a substitute for Santyl ointment (a collagenase treatment)to debride wounds? ## Substitute for Santyl ## Are you having some bad reaction to this ointment? The FDA states that it doesn't usually cause adverse reactions, unless someone is allergic to it, in which cases it could cause breathing problems, swelling, skin irritation, and redness. The former means of debridement were much worse, since they involved having to have the wound scrubbed with a very rough brush, and it was quite painful. This is a much better option. Can you please post back with why you are seeking an alternative?

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Santyl Ingrediants

does santyl contain any form of sulfa ## From what I could gather, my answer to your question is no. The article linked below mentions only one inactive ingredient found in this medication, and that is Petrolatum (commonly known as petroleum jelly, is a byproduct of petroleum). Ref: I hope this info helps!

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