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Is Sansert Available Anywhere?

Does anyone know if Sansert is available anywhere in the world? My understanding is that it is no longer sold in the US and the pharmacy I tried in Canada said it has not been available to them for some time. I am looking for relief for daily, migraine headaches. Sansert use to provide prophylactic help. Any new treatment anyone about which anyone can advise me? Joel ## Although Sansert is no longer made in N America, it is in the UK (as Deseril 1 mg). Some Canadian pharmacies will provide with a prescription with this name or as methysergide ## wow... I have the same issue, I am allergic to maltodextrin, found in imitation sugars.. I accidently allowed some in my body by eating an ice cream product that hat maltodextrin in it. When this happens it triggers cluster headaches in me. Sans...

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