Sandoz Lorazepam

Marjorie Says:

I have been trying to get Sandoz Lorazepam, and finally after three months I found a drugstore that actually cares about people, Bath Drugstore in Bath, Pa. they are the best. They didn't tell me that they didn't carry Sandoz, they told me...Tell us what you need and we will order it for you...GOD BLESS THEM.....

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David Says:

Hi Marjorie,

Even though it took some time, I'm happy to hear that you were able to get your prescription filled from a reliable pharmacy.

It seems like finding one like that is considered to be somewhat rare now-a-days, especially with all the strict regulations that have been put in place by the DEA over the past few years.

I would encourage you to stay with them as long as you're able to. Not many others out there seem to have it together enough to make those types of decisions when it comes to ordering something they don't usually carry.

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Marjorie Says:

The thing that makes the difference, Bath Drug is not a chain, it's privately owned, and have some pretty great employees, they even deliver free... can't beat that... Marjorie

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scareywow Says:

Marjorie.....was it the same positive result ( Some are saying SANDOZ changed and does not work ) But I too had positive result with Sandoz .05 mg and was switched to WATSON and its been HORRIBLE- while others are saying WASTON is better....I am scared and confused....

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Marjorie Says:

I have not had any problems with the Sandoz Lorazepam that I take now, it's just the same as before. I could not take Watson, that's the reason I searched for someone who actually cared that I needed to get Sandoz. I always went to Walgreens, but when they didn't have Sandoz, it was almost like they were saying well tough luck ,but we don't have it. You would think they would care, but guess what ...THEY DON'T Good luck..

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Dorothy Says:

Is Sandoz no longer manufacturing Lorazepam pills? I am having a problem with other manufacturers who make this pill and Sandoz is reportedly the best for others as well as myself. Does anyone know the phone number for Sandoz?

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