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Frenchhorn Says:

I switched pharmacies and was given Sandoz Ativan, I have been having a terrible time- it is like it is creating more anxiety. I switched back to my old pharmacy and am counting the days until I get back to the Milan manufacturer. It has been a horrid 2 weeks. Melatonin helps a great deal with sleep. I started off with Milan and had been on that for 2 years with no problems, I wonder if your body resists another generic brand and you have to adjust. All I know if Milan is what I need and I always get the same manufacturers for all my meds since 12 years ago from CVS- they are very consistent. Be very careful if you switch pharmacies, I learned that all generics are NOT THE SAME.

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Perkins Says:

Just found this out: Purepac/Activis was bought out by Watson in 2012. In October the FTC made Watson/Purepac/Activis sell off certain drugs to other companies because, essentially, they were getting too big. Sandoz and Par took over 18 drugs from Watson/Purepac/Activis. Sandoz got Lorazepam! My husband and I have been getting Purepac from Walgreens. As soon as the logo switched to the "D" or "half moon" as some people are calling it, it ceased to work for either of us. My husband just picked up a new RX for Lorazepam yesterday, and it is now marked "SANDOZ" with the same exact logo of the 57 on one side, "D" on the other!

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Frenchhorn Says:

Does that mean I need the real Ativan and stop the generic or is Mylan okay? I am confused, or should I just switch to another antianxiety med altogether because generic ativan is becoming useless? I have only had consistent quality at CVs. I switched to Walgreens in early January 2013, but after a week of very bad generics for other meds I went back to CVS. I have been with CVS for 15 years with no problems.

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Verwon Says:

Please allow me to explain something about generic medications, it may help you to better understand what's going on.

When a medication becomes available for generic manufacture, the criteria for it is slightly different, it is allowed to differ in the amount of the active ingredient by as much as plus or minus 20%. The FDA considers this an acceptable therapeutic window and, for most people the fluctuation isn't significant enough to make a difference and most manufacturers are very careful and keep the fluctuation to a far lower percentage.

However, some problems may arise with some, because they are not required to measure against each other, only against the original name brand.

And what that means is that you have been taking one that worked great for you and it might have had a slightly higher dose due to this allowable difference, but when you got the medication manufactured by a different company, it may be slightly low in the active ingredient and, if you happen to be one of the people that are sensitive to such changes, then you can experience problems.

Learn more Ativan details here.

So no, Frenchhorn, it doesn't mean that all of the generics on the market are crap and that you'll have a problem with all of them, but what it does mean is that you need to proceed with caution and, if you can, yes you should go back to getting the ones that worked better for you.

Are there any other questions?

If you don't understand what I'm explaining, please feel free to say so and I'll try to be more clear. I don't want to confuse anyone.

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Frenchhorn Says:

Thank you - I understand exactly what you are saying. My psychiatrist says that I am very sensitive to medication, so I will wait it out - it has been about 18 days so I guess I have about 10 more days to go then I can get my Mylan refill ativan from CVS. BtW, I take Lamictal generic and Walgreens gave me TEVA and that really messed me up for a week until I figured out what was going on. There are numerous complaints about that brand and I issued a complaint with the FDA- it is a BAD BATCH. I can't believe it is not recalled. CVS actually helped me get their Lamictal and refund the TEVA from my insurance. Walgreens said there was nothing they could do. My dr wants me to have a lawyer draft a letter to Walgreens. All in all, it will be okay. Thanks for the response !

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sfr Says:

The 'D' or 1/2 moon embossed on the pill is actually the Actavis logo. Makes sense because they probably had to give the remaining supply to Sandoz, which were already embossed with the logo. Right now I have Watson (marked 'watson' 240/0.5) which have the unwanted adverse affect of keeping me awake and edgy! I hate them. Purepac worked for me as well. Too bad I can't seem to get them anymore.

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Thomas Says:

So perkins, are you saying that the new sandoz d 57 from walgreens are working for you and your husband??? Because I'm trying to find a brand that works well for me...

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joe enos Says:

the half moon goes back almost a year, i have kept a couple of tablets from each order i have received, i have the half moon going back at least one year and before that it was a R or a ribbon the way, those of us who swore by purpac and have now found out that the sandoz is pure garbage, have gone on to other lorazapams, could some of the writer or new writer share what they are using, this would help many of us who need to find something to take the place of the purepac lorazapam
thanks in advance

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joe enos Says:

some very good comments but it should be pointed out that these bad reactions need to be reported to the FDA (888 463 6332),if they don't get complaints, they don't investigate, whats truely amazing is how many problems exist with this product once one has to change brands, don't know of another product that has this kind of issue

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joe enos Says:

one last item that may give you an idea as to why the garbage that sandoz is putting out doesn't work, 5 months ago, there was no sandoz lorazapm here in hawaii, but now that they have bought the item from activus, they control 80% of the oahu market, this is no accident, once they bought the lorazepam from activus, they used the cheapest material to put this product on the market, common sense would tell that if activus couldn't sell to the distributors at the prices that sandoz is selling the same product, them cheaper material are being used, this was well planned when sandoz bought out activus, but as usual, profit came first for sandoz, will never buy any product they sell ever, they're nothing more than a money grabing company whose has no concern for their consumers

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Lanena Says:

And the sandoz Lorazepam is working for you and your husband or not???? Please let me know because i have my new prescription and is Sandoz 57/D pill. Im scared to use it !

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joe enos Says:

haven't found a soul on either this site or any other site that says this stuff sandoz is putting out works, its just a watered down version of what it use to be, i can only tell you it kept me up all night on most days, does nothing for anxiety, an aspirin would work better

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Mary Says:

Sandoz has the actavis formulary under their name. I used to take the Sandoz brand a few years ago and it was fine but watson sold the actavis formulay to Sandoz so its not what is used to be. I am still getting the watson and I am okay with that. If you get anything with Sandoz on it and its Lorazapam its the actavis pill no good.

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Vicky Says:

I was given a lower dose of. Adivan
(Lorazepam ) I take them at night ,I have been having terrible nightmares and iam on nothing new except lower does but I notice iam no longer getting Watson mine now says Mfg Sandoz I wonder if this is giving me nightmare never had them before using the Mfg Sandoz

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joe enos Says:

sorry to hear about your experience, i can not say anything good about sandoz, the product they are selling is made by the original company, activus, activus and sandoz will tell you that its the same product that was made by activus which is an out right lie, anyone who took axtivus lorazapam will tell you that they feel different with the sandoz product, what is now caklled activus is really watson which is worthless also, i am presently trying a generic xanex in hope that this will deal with my sleep and anxiety issues, too early to tell if this will be an answer

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mollyann Says:

I have been taking Lorazepam 1 mg by Watson with code 241 on it. My insurance forced me to switch to Walgreens. They have only what I believe is Sandoz.brand .with a crescent moon shape and code 59 on it. It is terrible. I couldn't find the exact match online.. It had a negative effect immediately...felt very jittery. Woke up with my mouth so dry it felt like cotton and I am producing much less urine. Please everyone send a complaint to the FDA. The form for contacting them is quite involved, but there is an address for mailing a letter or just emailing them something. They will have to be flooded with complaints for us to get any action.

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joe Says:

what your feeling is normal, the original activus was, to me, the best lorazepam on the market, i have had over 8 conversations with sandoz and activus, the garbage that sandoz is selling has been changed, regardless of what they will tell you, the bottom line is that activus is still making the product for sandoz, either activus has found a cheaper ingrediant to substitute for one of their original parts or sandoz has told activus to find cheaper ingrediants to make their product, doesn't really matter, one or both are lying, i have settled on the watson, now called activus, doesn't work like the original activus but have tried almost all of them, mylan is just like activus, a total waste, ranbaxy another waste of time. one thing you can do is file a complaint with the FDA (online), they won't investigate anything unless you file a complaint with them, good luck

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joe Says:

welcome to the club, please take the time to file a complaint with the FDA, you can do this online, haven't found a single person who can say that this sandoz, formally activus lorazepam works, after taking this for over 15 years, this product by sandoz doesn't work, what sandoz won't tell you is what they changed in making this stuff, activus is actually still making the product foe sandoz but either both decided to cange one of the ingrediants or activus did it on their own, either way its like taking a sugar pill

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mollyann Says:

I just spoke with Actavis (Watson) re: Lorazepam. They told me that they did hand off Lorazepam to Actavis, but they also kept their own formula and will still make their own Watson Lorazepam and will continue to make it. It is on backorder right now and should be shipped to the distributors in the next couple weeks. So if you have been happy with Watson as I have been, it should be available soon. It is a matter of leaning on your pharmacy to get it.

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Mary Says:

Yes I inspect my pills every time I get them to make sure it is the watson pill with the number 241. I always request the watson brand. I cannot take any other generic form. I called Sandoz and asked them why they were not making there formula that they had about 6 years ago and they stopped making it. They said they were putting the activis brand under their name. I took the Sandoz brand before they stopped making it which was about 6 years ago and it was the best generic for Ativan. I don't know why they are not making it. Any way Watson works for me now I just have to be careful always to tell the pharmacist what I want.

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Katie Says:

I have taken alorazepam (xanax) for at least five years and they seem like they are not doung the same for my panic attacks and anxiety because of having lung and breast cancer.I was getting a different brand od Fentyl and the smaller patch seems like it dosen't help my pain they are made by actvis I think I spelled it right do the companies buy cheap drugs and we pay higher prices for it.I also have had 2 failed back surgeries the last leading to having my back fused in three places and that is another thing I use opoids for pain that never stops does these pharmacies buy cheap meds and sell them to us for higher prices?

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joe Says:

Re: Verwon (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

good reply but the idea of going around trying one brand after another until you find the right one is maddning, i have experienced this 3 times in the last 15 years and its really a big issue, especially when the pharmacy distributer refuse to tell you what ph they carry and what pharmacies carry which brandarmacies carry which manufactor

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Nancy Says:

Re: High Anxiety (# 22) Expand Referenced Message

So what are you taking now.. I was taking sandoz for so long and now i cant get it .. I need help and info would be grrat.. I tried all otherscand i cant take them. Ty

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Quincy Says:

Thank you for your post I didn't know what was wrong with me but I looked up the Manufacturer's on my new refill in another state it was Sandoz not my normal and it tormented me... I'm getting my old prescription today with Actavas manufacturer thankfully

So thank you so much for your post...

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Bubbles Says:

For the person whose pharmacy switched. Go back to what worked. From personal experience giving the new manufacturer version a chance is just more of the same same symptoms continuing. Good luck

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Bubbles Says:

You are so right The pharmacies change in house and changing pharmacies is just more. I've tried four that had no affect and some gave me rapid heart beats and strong ones.Stay with your manufacture but they are being bought up by each other and are being diluted and changed. I'm still looking for the one that does the same job as before I've taken it quite a while and know what doesn't work. My dr thinks he knows butvwhen with my brand I have no issues.

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Bubbles Says:

I have the opposite problem Walgreens brand has worked for me then stopped switch tonCVS no help dr switched me to xanax very unhelpful plus I could not sleep. I am in the middle of this and would love some guidance. Switching to another drug is awful but changing manufacturers hasn't been much betterWould love that calm feeling ivwas struck by a truck at 40mph and even with sleep assistance there is something in thevAtivan I was taking that made things bearable fo anxiety panic attacks and sleep

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Lorran Says:

No Watson isn't. They combined with Actavis and it's made overseas. Total s*** now.

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Jeanie in a bottle Says:

Remember the saying "Don't take any wood nickels??" That's pretty much what you were tricked into doing. The pharmacy is not allowed to prescribe a second best. Or a replacement for your RX with what they feel like. If they are out you ask them to order your Xanax. Attention, van and Xanax are two different drugs. Although both are in the Benzo family, they are not at all the same...If they are out you can order it. Takes between 3 hrs to 24 hrs on average. Or simply take your script to another pharmacy. Seriously the quality of help these days at most Pharmacies is deplorable. I remember when being a pharmacist was an honorable career that took extensive knowledge, compassion and well good intentions. Not push a drug so your pharmaceutical kick backs go to the greedy *****s.

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fullamore777 Says:

Hello Frenchhorn, I myself have just picked up my refill of adderall but this time the pills were very different!... The old ones were sweet and worked very well. These new ones do not have any sweet taste nor do they work at all!!!!.. It's like I'm taking nothing!..... Then..
(DING!).... Bell rang, I looked at the manufacturer name, and I know a lot about pharmaceutical companies ect. And there it was, (SANDOZ)..... Very few of the pills actually have the drug in the pills. Most of the pills have an awesome amount of binders and fillers in them. I couldn't believe that my pharmacy even did business with this well known crooked company!... But my legal case is on its These adderalls do not work at all!... My last refill was by a company called Brava pa?? That's a new one on me. Anyways. That's my story so here I Lets go get em... Legally I mean. Ok, take care.

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Joe Says:

Keep away from Sandoz pharmaceutical medication. They can't be trusted!

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