Sambong: Side Effects Or Any Overdosage?

Dolores Castillo Says:

My husband has been taking Sambong, in natural dried form, boiled in water for years now. I noticed that he takes the concoction very strong or very concentrated. Since sambong is said to dissolve renal stone, is there danger of damaging the kidney tissue if too much of it is taken?

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Verwon Says:

Has he consulted his doctor?

Sambong is an herbal supplement, it is used to treat cold symptoms, urinary tract infections, kidney stones and as a diuretic.

Unfortunately, as a supplement, the side effects and possible long-term effects of use or overdosage have not been studied for it, as is done for actual prescription medications.


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eden Says:

is there danger of damaging the kidney tissue if too much of it is taken?

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Balbalenian Says:

Any side effect of long taking a sambong tablet? not the natural sambong..

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Juanito Manguiat Says:

I am taqking sambong capsule one before bed time and one before breakfast (500mg). Just want to know if there is any overdose. I often urinate at night almost 3 to 4 times until morning is it because of sambong. How log do I need to take it. I have kidney stones found on the xray but after drinking sambong I don't feel pain any more in my back.. I am also diabetic person.

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michael Says:

My mother drink sambong for treatment of her high createnine because her createnine is over the limit

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yadz Says:

i have a high createnine level's possible that sambong tea can low the high creatinine ?

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charskine Says:

i1m one also of the user of sambong leaves every time that i had uti i used to drink/coffee sambong leaves and it's very effective

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Myra Says:

I want to ask I have gallblooder stone is a good to drink sambong tablet.but I have uric acid is no problem to drink sambong

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BenjieCan i used Says:

Re: eden (# 2) Expand Referenced Message
can i used sambong for a longer period. I am affected by UTI and i am still suffering of pain when urinating.Pls i need your adviced thank you.

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