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Taking Salbutamol And Bioflu At The Same Time

can i take salbutamol guaifenesin at the same time? thank you... :) ## Can i take biolfu and salbutamol and guaifenesin at the same time? Thanks ## Can I take bioflu and salbutamol at the same time? ## There are no interactions reported between Salbutamol (Albuterol) and Guaifenesin. [1]. Bioflu contains the active ingredients [2]: - Phenylephrine HCl - Chlorpheniramine Maleate - Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) Interactions have not been reported between the active ingredients in Bioflu and Guaifenesin [3].

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Polynerv 500 drug info

I would like to know the contraindications, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, and nursing consideration/responsibility. Thank you. ## provide me of the information about polynerv500, side effects & the contraindications. ## Polynerv500 is a vitamin supplement used to help those who are deficient in vital nutrients. It contains 500mgs of Vitamin B1, 250mgs of Vitamin B6 and 1mg of Vitamin B12. There is no information available regarding side effects and contraindications, since this is not a regular prescription drug. Was there anything else I could help you with? ## 1 effect ba ng polynerv yong heartburn?that's what im experiencing when taking that drug. ## Hi! Am taking fenoflex, ( for trigly) . . zykast ( after antibiotic and salbutamol for mild pneumonia), and polynerv 500 ...

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Lagundi during pregnancy

Is it safe drinking lagundi syrup even if I'm in my 4th week of pregnancy? My throat hurts. ## HI, Nette! Congrats on the baby! As to Lagundi, since this is an herbal product, not an actual medication, it hasn't been studied to see if it's safe to use during pregnancy. It would be best for you to see your doctor, before taking anything, to make sure that you only take something that is safe and won't harm your baby. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have a cough and cold and I'm 3 months pregnant...what medicine should I take? I cant sleep because of headaches. I did not consult a doctor yet. ## Is Lagundi syrup safe for pregnancy?? I'm on my 5 month now.. ## Hi i'm 35 weeks pregnant and i am taking lagundi ascof 300 mg and salbutamol sulfate 2 mg....

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Is Ambroxol Syrup Safe For A 3 Month Old Baby

my baby is 3 month old and the doctor adviced him to drink amboxol syrup im wondering why not ambroxol drops is syrup safe for his age with a dosage of 2ml twice a day my baby's weight is 6kls ## Hi ivy, I have read that any cough/cold medication (specifically over the counter medications) can be potentially unsafe for a child under the age of 2. If your son is dealing with a cough or nasal congestion, I recommend giving him a hot bath or using a humidifier in his room... the steam may help to loosen up the cough and clear the airways. If the symptoms persist or worsen and giving him the medication is your only option, then I suppose it would be best to follow your doctor's advice and give your baby the dose that your doctor prescribed. I hope this helps, please post back if you...

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1 month old baby taking 1.5mL Salbutamol

My 1-month-old baby is taking 1.5mL salbutamol (ventolin) and 1mL amoxicillin. He is experiencing a cough and cold. His nose is dry but i can hear a wheezing sound like there is a lot of phlegm and he can't breathe properly... My question is, is it safe to give him that much medication being only 1-month-old? ## hi po tanong ko lng po kung pwede na po ba yung ventolin sa baby ko na 5 months old lng saka ilang ml po ang pwdde ipainom tnx po sa sasagot

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Effects Of Salbutamol Guaifenesin Ventolin Expectorant

What are the effects of salbutamol guaifenesin ventolin expectorant to our body? ## The Salbutamol helps relieve bronchospasms, the Guaifenesin is a decongestant and Ventolin (Albuterol) is a bronchodilator. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and funny taste in mouth. Read more: Are there any comments or questions? ## I have a dry cough and had a fever dated May 27.i took co-amoxiclav together with salbutamol guafenesin and it help my breathing so far and continously taking it every 6 hours but i backed it up yesterday with flanax and bioflu that made me more comfortable esp at my front and back ache.but right now my both lower back side is aching whenever i cough. ## my baby i have asthma taking expectorant salbutamol i ask kong pwd ma dongan ang nebeulizer ...

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erceflora acidentally taken

MY MOTHER ACCIDENTALLY TAKEN ERCEFLORA FOR NEBULIZATION. WHAT WOULD BE THE POSSIBLE EFFECT FOR THIS? ## What will happen if this happens, my 7year old son inhaled it i stead of salbutamol. What is the effect and what should i do?

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all about erceflora

bacillus clausii Oral suspension antidiarrheal of microbial origin ## indication of erceflora nebule drug, its mechanism of action, contraindication, and its adverse reaction ## I inhaled a nebulized erceflora, is it dangerous? ## hi there! I accidentally put erceflora on the nebule without knowing it.I hav mistaken it as salbutamol what could be the dangerous effect to my kid ## Why is there no answer? I had an accident just like this and i want to know what you did....

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Acebrophylline vs salbutamol vs terbutalline

acebrophylline vs salbutamol vs terbutaline any study, how is it superior dosage adult and kids ## wanted to know more about acebrophylline.. its action dosage both in adults and pediatrics , how is it superior to salbutamol and terbutilline ## Have we use acebrophylline syrup and Asthalin syrup together to children

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Salbutamol Guaifenesine as an alternative to Bricanyl

My son who's 3 years old takes Co amoxi-clav and bricanyl (an expectorant) for his cough, but since the medicine ran out i tried to buy it and it's already phased out. What else can I use in place of bricanyl? Can salbutamol guafenesin act as an alternative to bricanyl?

salbutamol as tocolytic

I'm 41 yrs old. I had no babies till now. We did ivf and got triplet pregnancy so it is precious for us because we got pregnant after 20 yrs of marriage. Now im 22 weeks along and my babies are ok, im on asa, fefol calcium, hydroxyprogesterone, cyclogest 400, od, my obg doc told me to start bid from 22 weeks till delivery. I'm worried about side effect of tablets. Is it safe for long term treatment and can it prolong labour and prevent pre term labour, despite no contraction no discharge? Thanks.

Salbutamol/Guaifenesin Adverse Effect

Hi! I'm taking co-amoxiclav and Salbutamol/guaifenesin. .and now i'm experiencing fine tremors.. Do you think I need to stop taking the medication?coz I've research that fine tremors are one adverse effect of the medication salbutamol/guaifenesin?please answer asap!Thanks! :) ## Hi im rads im taking co-amoxiclav and salbutamol-guaifenesin. After taking this medicine i felt my hand and feet shaking ang hear beat fast, i feel tire. Shoul i continue to take this medicine? Please help me with this

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my 2 month old has a cough and cold

Hi DOC, my having a cough and cold. SHe is 2 months old and 1 week. The doctor recommended the co-ammoxiclav antibacterial,salbutamol guafinisin and chloromphenamine .. is ventolin expectorant and disudrin can be takin bymy baby at the same time?. And is it also safe for my baby? I need to know doc, thanks.

salbutamol guaifenesin side effect

Why I feel little bit weak and little bit shaking after taking salbutamol guiaffenesin? ## HI, Angie! How are you? Salbutamol is the most likely culprit, it is well known to cause the types of side effects you've described. You may also experience dry mouth, muscle cramps and palpitations. Learn more Salbutamol details here. Has your doctor prescribed this medication? ## Hi!!! Yes my dr. Prescribed it, but the label is just like salbutamol guiaffenesin but I drink the salbutamol guiaffenesin ventolin because the the first one is not available in pharmacy so I got the second one with ventolin.. You think it's fine or normal that I feel that side effect when I'm taking it?! Thanks a lot...

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Salbutamol Guaifenesin and Glimiperide

What is the interaction between salbutamol guaifenesin and glimiperide? Any adverse effect? ## My findings state that there are potentially unsafe interactions that apply to Albuterol (Salbutamol) & Glimepiride. Quoted below are the precautions you should be aware of: "Albuterol may reduce the effects of glimepiride in lowering your blood sugar. Talk with your doctor before using these medications together. You may need a dose adjustment or more frequent monitoring of your blood sugar if you have been using glimepiride and are starting treatment with albuterol. Likewise, if your glimepiride dose has been adjusted during treatment with albuterol, the dose may need to be readjusted after you discontinue albuterol. It is important to tell your doctor about all other medications you...

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About The Salbutamol Guaifenesin Ventolin That I Buy Last 2009 And It Was Expired June 2011 Is Their Any Side Effect If Accidentally Take Because This

the ventolin guaifenesin salbutamol that i buy last 2009, is already expired last June 2011. is their any effect for me because accidentally I take because I dont have any new one. ## These don't get dangerous once expired, from the information that I've found, they just tend to lose effectiveness, so they may not work as well. Learn more Ventolindetails here. Learn more Guaifenesin details here. Learn more Salbutamoldetails here. If you still need them, I suggest disposing of these ones now and picking up a new supply, to ensure their effectiveness the next time you need to take them. Are there any other questions or comments?

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Is There A Replacement For Ventide Inhaler

have been using ventide inhaler for about 22 years. Thishas now been discontinued in Pakistan. Is there a replacement for ventide. If not what is the best course to follow. ## the pharma company have a replacement for ventide but its not out in the market yet. ## Ventide contained the active ingredients Beclamethasone and Salbutamol. I'm afraid since it wasn't available in the U.S. that our information on it is very limited, I can't even find details on why it was discontinued. Also, since you are in Pakistan, I have no way of knowing what alternatives are available for you. Have you tried asking your doctor what else you can use that is comparable? ## Yes. there is an alternative for Ventide Inhaler. It is XALTIDE Inhaler. it contains same formula and it is easily available...

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salbutamol guaifenesin

My little girl have asthma and i gave her salbutamol. How many days should she take it if ever asthma still exist? ## Salbutamol with Guaifensin is used to help with the bronchospasms associated with asthma and other breathing disorders. What did her doctor recommend? Asthma is usually caused by allergies and, in most cases, it doesn't go away, but requires lifelong treatment. ## how to determine the qty of ml to be given for a 2yrs old if she weighs 16kilos

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Salbutamol Inhaler Quifa Farmacia: National drug code?

At the suggestion of a hotel doctor I bought Salbutamol inhaler in MX to replace my empty asthma inhaler due to a chest infection. Tried to submit a claim for the cost via my US insurance as they say they reimburse worldwide RX expenses. But now they want the 11 digit 'national drug code' or no payout. I checked the FDA NDC database but: 1. it states all NDC's are 10 digit and: 2. obviously this is not a US product and therefore not in there. How can I find what I need to get my costs back? It is Salbutamol 100 mcg aerosol inhaler made by QUIFA Farmacia. Don't have the box but it is a white inhaler unit with a dark navy blue mouthpiece cap. ## Yes, I don't understand that, since all NDC codes are 10 digits and I don't know how to find it for a foreign product. Cu...

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Synasma Side Effects

Dear Sir, I am 65 years old, weighing 69 kgs and enjoying sound health. I am a diabetic since 51 years old but under very good control with Glyree 4 in the morning and Citapin 500 in the night and more so with food regulations and exercises. I walk 5 kms everyday in the morning and do some physical exercises also. Right from my college days onwards I used to do regular physical exercises with dumb bells and bar bells lasting nearly for thirty to forty minutes almost most of the week days. Exercising with dumb bells and bar bells was considerably reduced if not fully after my forties. Still I used to include dumb bells may be for 5 to 10 minutes along with my other stretching exercises. My allergic asthma started during my early forties especially when climatic changes were there. I do n...

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