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safinamide and hair loss

I have used various older drugs like Tegretol, Topamax, Epilum for complex parcial seisures that started 6 years ago after a bash in the head. I have experienced HAIR LOSS with them all. I stopped all drugs 4 months ago as my hair was getting thinner over the last year, its still falling but less. I was wondering if there were any new drugs like SAFINAMIDE that may not affect the hair. Has anybody been using this drug and experienced HAIR LOSS ## I have tryed Tegretol, topamax, epilum and lost lots of hair like every one else over the last 6 years.I have stopped all medication for 8 months now but cant drive. You either loose hair or drive, what a choice. Does this new drug Safinamide and Lacosamide do the same. It seems they are all just bad drugs.

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