Safety And Efficacy Of Iron Infusions

Jean Says:

I'm female, age 82 in good health.. In the hospital my hemoglobin was 6, so I was given 2 blood infusions. I felt better. Then the dr wanted to give me iron infusions. They gave me two. Afterwards I was able to drive myself home. The next day I began to feel awful.. every joint in my body hurt.. unsteadiness on my feet.. plus my IV site is aching and swollen and pinkish colored. I have no appetite at all. Why wasn't I warned this may happen to me? I live alone and don't feel up to a trip to the ER. Will this improve?

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Verwon Says:

The IV site might be developing an infection, so you should have it check out, just to be sure.

As to the other symptoms, the FDA does list them as possible side effects, and no, they may not all go away. Some people do experience them for life, after receiving iron infusions. Mostly the aches and pains, but some other symptoms have also been known to linger, as well.

How are you feeling, now? Has there been any change?

Are you on any other medications?

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Jean Says:

I'm feeling better than I did but not as well as I expected .ive kept compresses to the IV site and its improved .I was told by one MD after the blood transfusions ide feel much better. I still have no appetite. The flu like symptoms are less but I just feel weak and iunstable . If I had been informed of the possible way I may feel I would. Not have agreed to the iron infusions. I jjust make it from bed to chair on deck now.i have no some better but not much.

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yaellyn Says:

hi, please I just want to know as ss if iron is good for me or not.

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