Sandoz Lorazepam 1mg. Has Anyone Tried The New Version??

Bessy Says:


I noticed that Sandoz is manufacturing Lorazepam again.. (the has stopeed for 2-3 years now).

I am wondering if anyone has tried them? How do you rate them? Do they make you sleepy? Do they help with your anxiety?? Any details would be great.. Thank you..

p.s. (I used to take them before Sandoz had stopped making them for years and they had helped me worderfully. Wondering if they are made the same now.)

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Jenna Says:

Hi Bessy,

As I do not have any experience with Lorazepam, I am unfit to answer your question as accurately as I would like to. I have attached a link to one of the new Lorazepam threads down below so that you can speak with others on the site about the new version and their experiences.


I hope this helps! :)

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Shadetree Says:

they work fine.. i think the Ativan generic by Watson is better

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joe enos Says:

don't plan on getting much sleep with the new sandoz lorazepam, tried it and found it keeps me up all night, what ever they changed from the original purpac/ activus, is pure junk, when you call them thay say its the same formula but they're lying, activus is still making it for sandoz, they have about 85% of the hawaiin market, activus was not even available in hawaii so you have to ask yourself how did sandoz get most of the market, only one answer, they're using watered down materials in their inactive or active ingrediants, just pathetic

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Lisa P Says:

In reference to Sandoz binding Ativan/Lorezpam, I can see why they stopped doing it. I had gone to Walgreens to get this prescription for this and had to call my doctor and re order a script through express scripts. Sandoz keeps out a very important active ingredient what that is I do not know, but these pills were 2MG not .05 or 1mg, and they did nothing it was almost like I was taking a placebo pill. So Ranbaxy labs would be your best bet, btw, the Sandoz pills were much larger and I have never seen them before and when I called walgreens they said that is what it was but I dont think so. You would think by me calling Walgreens and bcbs to tell them, that they would call the mfg, nope!

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Justin Says:

I used the Sandoz brand Lorazepam for about three months and it was OK.Sometimes I could take my regular dose for anxiety and panic attacks and I was fine.But other times I would need to take a higher dose to get any results.Not sure why because I also take Zoloft daily.Than about a month ago Walgreens ran out of the Sandoz brand and gave me the Watson brand.I could tell a big difference. Not only did I need to take less of the Watson brand but after the anxiety went away I felt much more relaxed than I did when I was using the Sandoz brand.

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bjt Says:

I called Sandoz because it wasn't the same for me either, and they won't tell me where they get their raw materials. I suspect tainted materials from China.

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joe Says:

the Sandoz should be treated as trash, that's all it is, this product had no issues when activus sold it under their own name but as soon as it changed names, it turned to the product you now see, boycotting all of Sandoz product is all you can do for now, plus file a complaint with the FDA, I can only tell you that activus lorazepam was not found in Hawaii then once Sandoz bought the product from activus the so called same product was in almost every pharmacy on the island, doesn't take much to figure out how they did it, ask any pharmacist how they choose their products and they will tell you cost, so, some how activus was too expensive for the islands but when Sandoz bought the SAME so called product, they're everywhere, you can only do this when you use cheaper ingrediants plain and simple and all the calls to both companies will get you the same response "WE HAVEN'T CHANGED ANYTHING', flat out lies, and if they will do this to lorazepam, imagine what they will do to the other products that they bought, just stay away from them, they're bad news

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kim oakley Says:

Generic lorazepam increased myoclonus and tonic clonic seizures. It's JUNK. It should be illegal to give patients with intraccable seizures, or for that matter anyone with epilepsy. Generic drugs are mostly junk. I'm so sick of this sh^%

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kim oakley Says:

And yes, the generic maker of the lorazepam that increased seizures in by SANDOZ

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Drastic Says:

My last prescription I just received those they're very little with the SZ on them and I believe 907 they make you very very sleepy in my opinion that's all I have to say so far I've only had them for 2 days hope this helps

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godlymx4 Says:

i totally agree! I just picked up my prescription for these and tried them over the past couple nights.. couldnt figure out what was wrong. I wasnt able to fall asleep and felt like I had drank 2 cups of coffee or something.Then realized the manufacturer was different.. I took them back to the pharmacy and they will be ordering Watson and replacing whats left of my prescription with them..

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fiddleworm Says:

I just picked up my new prescription for lorazepam for this month and my bottle was round and the pills were different. The bottle says sandoz 1mg but the label says watson 1mg? Does my pharmacy take me for a fool? I will try them the rest of the week but if no good will take the rest back monday.

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Sherry Says:

In answer to fiddleworm,

The exact same thing happened to me, but rest assured, the Watson and the Sandoz are just different manufacturers of the same drug. Both are exactly the same. The pharmacist probably accidentally printed the label incorrectly because they were not doing the important job of assuring they were filling your prescription correctly. A good pharmacist would have also explained the change of manufacturers to you, because many people are used to their medications being a certain color, size, shape, etc, (especially the elderly) and this is how they identify what they take. My pharmacist let me know the change of manufacturers and the fact that my pills would look different. Your pharmacy was definitely irresponsible when they label with the old company and filled with pills from the new company and even though they are the exact same thing, I would bring this to the attention of a supervisor or eventually switch pharmacies. It is obvious they are not paying attention to detail and that is extremely concerning.

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Rosey62 Says:

Yes I am on lorazepam made by sandoz, and will never go to another. They work greatly on me aniexty and panic attacks. Been on them for 5 yrs now.

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Sharon Says:

Re: Rosey62 (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Rosey62, I am not sure where you are located but what pharmacy is able to fill your Sandoz brand of lorazepam? My mother got switched to Watson about a month ago from Sandoz because her pharmacy said they could not longer get Sandoz. She is having issues with Watson, does not feel good on them at all. Any help would be great. We are in search of Sandoz brand!

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Dorothy Says:

I have taken them for yrs, & today the walgreens gave me watson, which does not work for me. Sandoz might not make them anymore. I am not happy about that as I was told they (sandoz) was waiting for shipment.

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Gabby Says:

Re: Sharon (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

I just talked to my pharmacist about Sandoz and he said it's being discontinued. But a fellow name Henry said they might be making it again. I've been on Mylan for 10 years and was on Brand name prior to that. My pharmacist told me the pill he can get is made by Sandoz and the 1mg has SZ 198 on it. Is this the old formula or is this a new one? I've never taken this pill that I know of. My pharmacist is going to get a few bottles for me to let me try it. Does anybody know how well Sandoz compares to Mylan? Sounds like it's stronger? My pharmacist is just trying to help me out with what he can get left in his warehouse. Next step is seeing if Valeant that makes brand name will help me with a reduce price since I cannot afford the cost cash wise being I have no insurance. Any help would be appreciated. Still no word whether Mylan got their formula to make all the strengths until they run out if any of you have been reading about Mylan.

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Dearaines Says:

Re: Gabby (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

Have you found anyone that still have Sandoz brand, because I am not getting the same sleep with the Watson. It is not the same

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Gabby Says:

Re: Dearaines (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

I found it I'm just wondering how well it works compared to Mylan. But the thing is I was told they're discontinuing it. My pharmacist said his warehouse has so many left and shows a red check or something by it. He said normally when that's there it's being discontinued or no longer available. I can't say whether that's true or not. There was a person out on Watson vs Mylan name Henry that spoke about Sandoz coming out with a new formula. From reading other threads out here I was under the assumption Sandoz was already not making it way back in 2014 and that they were making a comeback. For me to tell you where I am wouldn't help you any because every Pharmacy has a different Warehouse they use. I'm guessing my Pharmacy's Warehouse has so many bottles left the way I've Been Told and then they'll be out. Like I posted I'm just trying to find out how well this works versus Mylan. Your best bet is to call Sandoz in Canada or wherever they're located in the United States and talk to their customer service find out if they're discontinuing it. If I find out anything I.will keep you all posted. If anyone can answer my questions I'd be grateful.

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Henry Says:

*Update on Sandoz*
So I called Sandoz back as the last time I spoke with them they said they were still making it yet my pharmacy was unable to get it. This time they said it was indeed discontinued. And i do believe them this time as it was also taken off their website list of produced medications.

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joe Says:

Re: Rosey62 (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

It's always nice to hear from sandoz employees

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joe Says:

you couldnt give that garbage, i was on activus for 10 years when sandoz bought the activus brand, the first pill i took i was up all night, that never happened with activus, it was obvious that sandoz had changed the formula, and i have no doubt profited by it, have no idea what they put in their new vwesion, probably hamburger helper.
sorry but once a company gives the people the shaft, they should never be trusted again, they could have left the activus brand alone as many people liked it, but instead they decided they could make more money of an inferior product, trust them if you want, they will never see a penny of mine

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Susez Says:

Re: Rosey62 (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

Sunset Sandoz has discontinued making lorazapam, what are you taking now? I was in same boat, tried Leading brand which did NOTHING, and ACTAVIS by Watson, not as powerful or quick acting as Sandoz.

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Gabby Says:

I can confirm what Henry has said here. Sandoz is no longer making lorazepam. I talked with them and the man said it's not listed and we are not making it any longer. My only suggestion to you all is to see if your doc/pdoc will write you a script for brand name only and talk to your insurance company. Have he/she state that you have tried all the other generics and that they don't work. If you have documentation to back that up it will be helpful. I most certainly feel all of your pains folks. This too shall pass.

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