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white round pill with P P 200 on one side

a oblong tablet with p 200 on one side ## I'm sorry, but I am not finding anything listed for an oblong pill with just the marking of P 200, in any of the U.S. prescription drug resources. A white round tablet with PP 200 on it imprinted in black is a tablet called Ryzolt, it contains 200mgs of Tramadol in an extended release formulation. Tramadol is a narcotic analgesic and may cause side effects, which can include: nausea, dizziness, constipation and drowsiness. Learn more: Was the other tablet found in the U.S. or elsewhere?

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esophogus nerve damage

I have been told, I have esophogus nerve damage. I have been told there is no treatment for it beyond a speach therpist. But I have pain at the bottom of my esophogus, and have been given Ryzolt 100 mg. I still feel the spams, but they don't hurt so much, for about five hours. This medication does't last for 24 hrs. Does any one else have this problem. I have been told it is rare. But still think, I can not be the only one. ## I don't have your problem, so hopefully someone who does will chime in. Do you know what caused the nerve damage? Ryzolt contains the active ingredient Tramadol, it is an analgesic, which is why it helps with the pain, however, no it usually won't last as long as time released medications. You may also experience side effects, such as: nausea, drow...

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