Roxybond Discreetly Added With Major Side Effects

Kascie Says:

This medication was approved recently. I was not even notified of the prescription change. I got my rx and realized it was there. Almost ran off the road, heavy sedation and shortness of breath. I have a hard time finding my old prescription. It does not have the same ingredients. Does it have fillers so that people can not abuse it? I know it's also cheaper for the pharmaceutical companies to produce. Anyone else noticed issues with this medication?

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VerFree Says:

Yes, it is a tamper resistant formulation. NDC: 65597-501-10

I understand why they want to prevent abuse, since it has become rampant and is a very real danger, but it just seems that some people are unable to process the medications properly in some of these abuse deterrent formulations.

The active ingredient, however, is still Oxycodone, which can cause side effects, such as sedation, nausea, dizziness, and constipation. The shortness of breath is very concerning, though, so you should speak to your doctor about that, and please be careful driving in the meantime.

When the tamper resistant formulation of Oxycontin was released, the prior formulation was removed from the market, so they may be doing the same thing with this one.

How are you doing, now?

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JuanPabloPACMSC Says:

You should speak to your physician, perhaps request a peak and trough test, as it sounds like an adjustment in your dose is needed. While generics are required to have similar amounts of the active ingredients, the overall formulation can be different which can change the bilavailability.

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Laura Says:

My Doctor advised me to stop taking simvastatin 20mg and aspirin 80mg.for my hypertension.and he just advised me to continue the amlodipine just scared to stop the simvastatin and aspirin because I have been a mild stroke last 2007 .because the doctor told me before that I cant stop taken that medicine.but after almost 12 years I have to stop.for 2 months now am really scared it might be I got stroke once again.please advised me what should I do.thanks for your reply.

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RGerlach Says:

It's terrible what is going on behind the scenes (behind the consumers' backs, specifically). The manufacturers, many of which are outsourced to India and other overseas countries, are using consumers as guinea pigs, trying various formulations on them until something "sticks". I say this with absolute certainty, at least with respect to one drug -- the generic version of Subutex -- which I recall having changed dramatically from its introduction over several years ago to the present date. In between that time the drug's side effects covered the gamut, most of these symptoms being the direct result of the manufacturer's goal (per directives from governmental agencies here in the U.S.) to: 1) curb abuse; and 2) alleviate constipation. These are two of the objectives that I can now recall, but there may have been more that I was not able to identify at the time or that I simply cannot remember now.

What occurred during that "experimental" phase was done unbeknownst to the average consumer unless that consumer felt inclined to delve deeper into the cause of symptoms the drug suddenly began to spawn: When taken in even moderate or minimal doses the drug caused sudden bouts of diarrhea as well as intermittent stomach pain and other G.I. symptoms. After carefully reading the patents submitted to the U.S. (by one Indian drug manufacturer) I noted the addition of different stool-softening agents administered to the formulation. This is just one example of pharmaceutical companies tweaking the recipe, if you will, at the consumer/patient's expense and, worse, without the consumer's knowledge. Thankfully, that period did not last very long.

Since that time the drug no longer contains whatever the manufacturers were adding that caused the G.I. symptoms described above - or, if they do still contain those ingredients, the amount is much less than it was at that time. Presently the generic subutex simply lacks potency -- my best guess is that the generic makers are doing their best to use the least active ingredients as possible with the ostensible purpose of making them less susceptible to abuse. And, yet, the prices continue to climb.

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