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Roxanol for Pain Management

My 91 year old mother has just been put on Roxanol prn to control any pain associated with her declining health as Dementia/Alzheimer's progresses. How does one monitor its effectiveness? ## How much does your 91 year old mother take as a dosage of Roxanol? ## The best way to tell is if she seems to be comfortable. Roxanol contains Morphine, which is a potent opiate pain reliever, so if it's helping, she will likely appear relaxed, drowsy, dizziness, and sedated, which are all normal side effects. Is she on any other medications?

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Reducing Tolerance

I have been using Roxanol rectally and lately I've had to increase my dose due to escalating pain but I've found my tolerance seems to have shot up really fast. I am taking a break as best I can, does anyone know how long it will take to get my tolerance back to where my regular dose will be effective - regret doing this very much. ## There's really no defined time frame to even guess at, it can vary from person to person, just as much as having your tolerance grow can vary. Learn more Roxanol details here. Have you talked to your doctor for assistance? Have you tried any other medications? ## Yes to both and I am trying the longer acting version for now with different break through meds, so far I think this will be better for me. Downside is it's not as fast-acting but ...

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