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Pattyh Says:

I had the same issue. I called CVS today and was told if i bring the paper script in, they will order the Roxanne 54 411 vs. the Mylans. There is a difference and I don't care what anyone says. Usually those who don't take the RX have the most advise. I don't know what is going on with ROXANNE BUP., but I bet its about money. The pharmacies give addicts crap cuz who cares....Stand up and order the Roxanes and tell them the other ones don't work!

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VerFree Says:

It is known that the inactive ingredients do affect some people, and can cause side effect issues. Science Translational Medicine, publishers of Science magazine, published an article on this on March 13, 2019. This article mainly covers the experience of adverse reactions, which in turn, could make it seem a medication isn't working as it should.

Thus, not all products from generic manufacturers work the same for everyone that tries them.

I've experienced it myself, I have a diuretic that I have to keep on hand, in case of emergency, since I experienced congestive heart failure almost 9 years ago, and there is one manufacturer's product that I cannot take, at all, it causes me severe stomach pain, heartburn, and GERD.

Thus yes, you may need to alert your pharmacy that there are certain ones that don't work for you.

Have you received the new ones, yet?

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Jj Says:

They merged with westward. Just called the manufacturer and they are indeed still making plenty of the 54 411’s (it’s March 2020) said showing PLENTY of inventory out there so idk why soooo hard to find where I live and a 30 mile radius or more around me but they are. They did say there is a very high demand but that they are still manufacturing the 54 411’s. And yes ur 100% right they are the best brand and other brands aren’t even comparable. Been on for ten years and there’s a HUGE difference.

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Troy Greer Says:

Re: Jj (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Yes there is I've been on them for about 7 years I was prescribed them for back pain from a rear end collision and there is a huge difference in all the other brands besides Roxanne 54/411s only ones even close is mylan 924s the 460s, and the RPs and orange ones all give me really bad migranes. So I prefer the Roxanne brand 54/411 over any other.

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Billdapill Says:

In Chicago I can get them anywhere. Any pharmacy, I can ask my pharmacy at my drs office in house pharmacy to order me anything I need, everytime every brand for the last 7 years. Find a good dr. Sorry I love pills

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KJ Says:

Hi everyone. I'm in North Carolina and am having a really difficult time finding buprenorphine in the Roxane/Westward brand. I've been on this med for many years and have tried a lot of different brands but the 54 411 work the best for me by far. I've tried calling all the local pharmacies but no one seems to carry it and each one told me they couldn't order it?! Not sure how true that is ??. Regardless, if anyone has any sort of advice or help it would be so appreciated!

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Rhonda Says:

Re: KJ (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Same here. I don't what the problem is, but the DEA is playing with fire. They are going to cause ppl to go back to using street drugs, or back to dr's prescribing pain meds again. Great! I worked so hard to get to where I'm at, I don't want to go back down that road. I am like you tho, my pharmacy only gets so many of the 54/411 and the rest of their patients are sol. I can't stand the other brands, which has just been brought to my attention that even the other brands are going to be hard to get. I am highly allergic to methadone and whatever is in suboxone. I don't want to go backwards. Please someone help us.

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Rhonda Says:

May I ask what state you are in? I ask CVS and they told me they only get what they get. I agree with you on how you are treated when on certain medications. I am here due to being prescribed pain meds for 20 years I did fine on, until I was told I had to go to a pain clinic. Then, oh no more lortabs. I was put on Oxycotin and they opanas and I all did was sleep. I tried quitting on my own and found out real quick what a withdrawl was. Anyway, just curious because here in NC where Im at it is so hard to get the 54/ 411.

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KJ Says:

Re: Rhonda (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Rhonda. I see that you and I both live in NC and have been struggling with getting the 54 411's. I may have found a few things that could help us! Message me back and lets try to talk. {edited for privacy}

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Rhonda Says:

Re: KJ (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Hi KJ I'm really new to this platform, and I'm not sure how to keep it private. I was gonna send my email address but it says it will not allow it?

Editor's Note: We apologize, but the exchange of private contact details is not allowed in our forums.

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KJ Says:

Re: Rhonda (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Hey Rhonda. I see that it's not allowing us to exchange any private information. Hmmm we'll have to figure out a way around that. In the meantime, where in NC are you?

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Rhonda Says:

Re: KJ (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

I'm in Salisbury, about 30 North of Charlotte up I-85

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KJ Says:

Re: Rhonda (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

I know where salisbury is. I'm in Denver, about an hour away from you.

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Rhonda Says:

Re: KJ (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

yes that isn't that far away. Maybe depending on traffic only a hour or so.

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KJ Says:

Re: Rhonda (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Have you been able to find anywhere that carries the 54 411's?

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Rhonda Says:

Re: KJ (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

the only place that I've been able to get them is a family owned pharmacy in Tyro. However, I just got lucky this month, the past 2 months they ran out before I could get any. Also, they are just like all the other pharmacies are now by telling people that you have to have been a customer prior to all the "shortage", or whatever the real problem is. I have read where other ppl have taken an actual paper script to CVS, and said that they would then order the ones they wanted, but who knows about here in NC you know here it seems like everything is 10yrs behind everyone else. I wish I had better news for you.

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KJ Says:

Re: Rhonda (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

I may have found us a possibility or two. I was reading some posts on here from awhile back and someone mentioned using a hospital pharmacy so after calling a few I finally found one that was willing to order that particular brand for me. However, they're also saying that for future prescriptions, they can't guarantee they'll always be able to order it so who knows with that route, I'm just telling you what I ended up having to do this most recent prescription. The other possibility Is a online pharmacy called Honey Bee. At first, I was very skeptical of anything online concerning meds but after reading reviews and then actually calling them myself, I'm wondering if that's a route we could actually take. They claim to have the 54's (among others) and the woman on the phone told me I could personally request to receive only that brand. It's definitely a gamble as I know my doctor is not going to be happy with sending my prescription to another new Pharmacy but if the hospital doesn't work out again I'm out of ideas on what to do ?? I just can't believe that there isn't some little mom and pop pharmacy out there who would take us, especially if we're paying cash? Urgh! Any ideas on your end?

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Lee Says:

Re: KJ (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I live in nc too and major problem finding the 54's still ain't found'm, the r8's suck & need to find 54's ASAP

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Saradee Says:

Re: Rhonda (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

That's a lot of crap that they get what they get. I was on Oxycodone and was given Rhodes Pharmaceuticals ones. They did nothing! However my drugstore ordered another brand so dont let them tell you otherwise.

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Rhonda Says:

may I ask what state you are in because I have tried CVS here in NC and they haven't told me anything about bringing in a tangible script? Thanks

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