Round, White Pill With An R 500

Alexis Says:

Found a round white pill with a capital R on top half, then a line in the middle of the pill all the way across and then 500 underneath the line... anyone know what this is? Can't find any description about it

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Boop Says:

Round white pill with a capital R top half a line with 500 bottom half

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David Says:

Depending what condition your pill is in, is it possible that the letter may actually be "MP" (somewhat fused together)? Just wondering as I located a white round pill with MP over a score line and 500 underneath. The M & P are merged together as if it were one letter/logo. The other side being blank. It's identified as Ketoconazole 200mgs, which is used for treating various types of fungal infections.

For verification, the manufacturer is reported to be United Research Laboratories (Mutual Pharmaceutical Co.)

I hope this helps!

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