Round Dark Red Pills From India With No Markings

Carolyne Says:

I have a package wrapped in the correct looking packaging. The name on the package is Clonazepam Tablets I.P. Repam-2 made in India, by JPee drugs. They are pencil sized round pills. Dark red. No markings.

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Lindsey Says:

I filled an adderall prescription from india and ended up failing lab work for Tramadol. I read that this is common with drugs from there, and it is incorrectly dispensed Ultram with the mail ingredient being Tramadol. It is a red round pill and solid on one side, and has a line through the middle on the other.

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Sharon Says:

Hi, not long ago i received clonazepam pills that sound very familiar to yours. I found these to be very good. I contacted the dispensing pharmacy but they now say the only ones they now sell are white made by jpee drugs. I wonder if they are the same but have changed color. Does anyone know? Thank you.

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Julie Says:

I just got my medicine from India and they are in a vitamin bottle. White, round pills. Some are scored 2 times and some are just plain. Supposed to be oxycodone. Should I even try them.

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Dr Kenzie Says:

Re: Lindsey (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

What website did you order it from

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