Round White Pill Teva On One Side And The 834 Other

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Nobody Says:
Has anybody ever seen a 2mg klonopin with the word TEVA on one side and the numbers 834 on the other?

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Verwon Says:
Yes, this tablet does contain 2mgs of Clonazepam, the active ingredient in Klonopin, a Benzodiazepine used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders.

This is the same tablet that used to have the marking of 93 834, however, Teva has gradually been changing their imprints to do away with the 93 and use their name as the new logo.


Are there any other questions?

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pill checker Says:

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Angry Dad Says:
Found 12 undigested pills in a plastic baggie in my daughters fecal matter. I am assuming she had flushed them but the air kept them afloat and dirty.
the imprint is teva other side 834 please help

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paul Says:
You daughter was either smuggling pills in her anal cavity Or she got paranoid and tried to flush them, but since you said you found the pills with fecal matter, I would assume she is smuggling. Klonapin is an anti anxiety medication and if it is abused you can get a "high" off it.
I know this because I am a scum bag teenager who's only hobby is getting f***ed up. This pill is very addicted despite what you may read, and if she has been abusing them constantly she may have developed a chemical dependence to the drug. Some things to notice about your daughter to assess her level of addiction
Wake her up early in the morning and watch what happens. If she screams at you to get out, just stay there and say you really want to talk to her about something. Then tell her some problem in YOUR LIFE (make up bulls*** if you want) and pay close attention to how she reacts and responds and how her sentence structure is
If her addiction is full blown you WILL have to seek treatment which means you may have to send your daughter to REHAB, pills are very easy to take/hide from parents and most importantly very easy to OD on or become addicted too.

Remember emotions are funny things and I know you may be upset and want to address the situation directly, however SHE WILL LIE and you will want to believe it and then nothing changes. YOU KNOW YOUR DAUGHTER, if she is abusing pills, YOU HAVE TO MAKE A CHANGE
If your feel your daughter has problem you need to ship her to REHAB last minute without warning.

Best regards,

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Jeff Says:
In addition to the above person, Paul,...I commend you for your honesty as I also am addicted to "benzodiazepines". AKA Valium, Xanax, Klonopin ( Clonazepam ), Phenobarbitol, Atavan and the list goes on and on. Now, even though "benzos" are but a schedule IV controlled substance, they, like Paul above said, are EXTREMELY difficult to come down off of especially of you have been taking them for a while and even MORE especially if you are a methadone patient. Methadone and Benzodiazepines are NOT to be mixed which is why I mix them :-0. I intend to speak with my doctor on the 25th of July and tell him that I need him to TAPER me off of the 2mg Klonopins that I now take three times a day. An abrupt stop of a benzo medication can be dangerous. What your daughter needs most is actually Jesus Christ. ( However, treatment isn't a bad place to start. They will just shove AA down her throat. It's at that point that she should REPLACE AA with Jesus Christ. HE is the only answer and will make the MOST difference in her life ( and possibly yours! ) Best of luck to the both of you in dealing with this problem as many many teens are discovering benzos. MOVE ASIDE crack and speed, here come Benzodiazepines!!

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King Vamp Says:
I'm a 49yr old male, with a masters in psych. I'm also on methadone for 24yrs, and the occassional benzo flyer. Any questions, comments, whatever. Feel free.

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executioner Says:
King vamp, I'm 61 and on MMT for 25 years. Thanks for saying it and not being ashamed.
Would love to talk

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lil miklo Says:
Its klonapin a benzo veery addictive

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Tocs Says:
via mobile
From what I understand, if a person is not prescribed drugs like Valium, Xanax, Klonopin ( Clonazepam ) (in other words they don't need the drug, and use them recreationally or whatever, then the effect of the drug will not be the same on that person as it would be for someone using it for anxiety. For example, I sometimes use Xanax as a sleeping pill when I travel. Half or 3/4 of a "bar" knocks me out cold for the 5 to 10 hour plane ride. Should the effect of the Teva 834 pill be the same for me?

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Dude Says:
Why are you recommending Jesus Christ over AA/NA, neither one of them work. I have tried AA/NA, REHAB, DETOX both in-patient and out-patient and I was able to get through 15 months clean. It ALL comes down to WILL POWER and the ability to JUST SAY NO, I know, its cliche but it's the truth. After 15 months of clean time I ran into frields and said, “hey, one won’t kill me, f*** it!†and next thing I know I was calling him over and over. Once you stop (just which is the hardest part) understand you will run into your dealer(s) again and again, all it takes is eye contact to remind you how much “fun†it was to get f***ed and you’re right back to square one. After my 15 months I lost my entire life: Wife left me, lost my beautiful house, my truck, my daughter, my 50K a year job, and much much more including family. It isn’t worth it folks!!!

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just another victim Says:
Very well spoken scumbag teenager. That was pretty good advice. Like he said angry dad, patience is the only thing that will help your daughter. Do not yell at her and mistreat her because she has a problem.she may want to reach out but can't you have to be patient. addiction is a very strong thing that will change people forever but if you work with her you can bring her back.

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Rhonda Says:
You said you had been on Methadone for 24 years. I have been on it for not quite a year. I tried to come off of it by mself and it was a week from hell. I really thought I would die. I could not even walk to the bathroom. I had no air or energy. Didn't eat and felt worse than when I had pneumonia or had my leg amputated. Sickest I have ever been -period! It was that bad, so I went back to doc, didn't tell him, but got another prescription. I have resolved that I will just take them the rest of my life. I am 57, female. Have you, in those 49 yrs., tried to come off of them? Do you plan on taking them your entire life? I am on 10 mg. 4 times a day.

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Fed up Says:
It is a klonopin 2mg. My husband has taken these and became a whole different person. Took one pill and can't remember what happened for 24 hours after taking it. The best thing is not to even start. My family is broken all because of a pill!! If your daughter is taking these, as much as it hurts, please get her help!!!

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Helen Says:
My daughter has been on methadone for about 3 years. She looks pretty normal until she mixes it with kolopin. Her whole personality changes. She lies to me all the time saying that she is not taking anything but the methadone. But I can tell the difference. I just found her kolopin, About 15 pills, I want to destroy them, but I am afraid she will get sick. She lives with me and I am at my wits end. Any advice. Oh by the way she just turned 40.

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Eddy Says:
Your Daughter is 40. Don't destroy these pills as that could make her very sick. She should have a prescription for this medicine or not have it in her possession. It could be a Felony if these are not her pills.

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Cat Says:
via mobile
You need to address the problem but dont get on her case about it and start yelling at her.
Yelling at her wont do her any good...if anything itll make her worst.
If anything ask her if there is anything you can do to help her and state that you know about her addiction and express how dangerous and life threatening it is to be an addict. It will either ruin your life to where you will be left with nothing or eventually lead to death.
If she acts like she doesnt care about death then you need to take her to a therapist or psych .

Im very familiar with addiction because I was an addict myself for 8 years

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Matt Says:
Paul, you're not a scum-bag teenager. You have a genetic pre-disposition to addiction, which was listed as a disorder in 1976 at the Center for Disease Control.
I started smoking cannabis when I was 13 and went on to valium and vicodin at 16 to heroin at 17 while living overseas (France).
I'm now detoxed off of Methadone which I was on for 13 yrs, and can't believe I'm off everything. It's a one day at a time thing. Don't be so hard on yourself and good luck.

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via mobile
I was just prescribed these 2mg klonopins today, as an alternative to the 1mg Ativan I've been on for nearly 3 years. In addition to the klonopin my dr also wants me to start Paxil. As this drug doesn't start taking effect immediately, he thought starting both and gradually tapering of the benzodiazepines(klonopin) would be the easiest way to get me off them while still taking the Paxil once I am off the klonopin. I took one today for the first time ever and literally passed out for about 3 hours. Even as I write this I am groggy as hell and decided to just take a half tomorrow. I am an Iraq vet an have ha major anxiety ever since I've been out and back in the states. Paxil is a non narcotic and I'm counting the days when I will only need them an nothing else to curb my anxiety. Benzodiazepines in general are meant for short term use and not to be used as long term solution. Trying to come off Ativan was a miserable experience, hence the klonopin were prescribed so I wouldn't have major withdrawals. Regardless these things are bad news and I highly recommend never getting on them in the first place. However if that's your only option, hopefully you have a reputable doctor who isn't just handing out the "fix me now" pills, as they will never do just that. Anyhow, whatever you decide just take it one day at a time an no matter what DO NOT ABUSE THEM. You will only build a tolerance and then you'll really be in the lurch.

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Mike Says:
via mobile
You don't have to take methadone foe the rest of your life if you don't want to. If you decrease the dose slowly you won't even notice and before you know it you'll be clean. Instead of taking 10mg 4 times a day take 9mg for a week then go down to 8 for a week and keep decreasing a milligram a week and before you know it you'll be clean. You'll probably have to break the pills or get a pill cutter but you're smart so this will be easy!

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