Round White Pill In Blister Pack With No Markings Or Scores

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White Round pill in blister pack. No markings on Pill nor scores on either side. Blister packs are 10 per pack and there is an MD on back of pack

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Crystal Says:

I would need imprint or a marking so I can locate the right pill. Is there any other marking on the package? Any more information you give me will help me better to assist you.

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crystallover Says:

there were not markings on the pills themselves. only on the back of the blister pack there were the letters MD

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morrissey Says:

Someone gave me the exact same thing. White pill, no writing except on back of the blister pack it says M.D. I was told they are methadone. I haven't tried them so I don't know for sure. Even if they are methadone, I wasn't told how many mgs, so becareful.

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enzo Says:

They sound like the Zezpose 10 from India, they only cost 6 quid at the most - they've not got much diazepam in them at all.

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Pat Says:

When you order valium is that what they send from india?

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Unknown Says:

Melatonin? You think maybe this is what it could be. I found the same thing in my shopping at wal- Mart.

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