Round White Ip Pill

JILL Says:

Small round white pill that is scored on one side and blank on the other, in a blister pack saying 10mg diazepam. Is this legitimate? How would these differ from yellows/blues?

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karen Says:

I filled my diazepam prescription on the internet and got a package that says biopose 10.These pills are round, white, no markings, no scoring.I am not sure if they are real. I have taken zepose 10 before and they were like the real valium. A bit afraid to take these. Any help would be appreciated. They are from biochem pharmaceuticals in India.

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karen Says:

no scoring or markings.just round white pills that came in blister packs that say biopose 10 and that each tablet contains 10 mg. diazepam

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karen Says:

please can someone help me? i am getting past desperate.are biopose tabs i got familiar to anyone.they are supposed to be diazepam. i am afraid to take them. i have been taking zepose 10 and they work great. no markings, no score lines and new company.what do i do?thanks.

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wacko Says:

i have the same thing, any info on these?

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Marky Says:

Hi Karen,
I too filled my prescription and after using Valium, Zepose - I was sent Biopose 10. I was also worried to take them but realise they are actually diazepam but in a less processed format.
They do dissolve more easily and have no markings, taste like chalk etc. But they work.
After 2 years of taking diazepam I am now about to undergo a 6 week dose reduction programme with my NHS doctor here in the UK. I am really excited to get off these drugs finally.
Please do not stop taking them suddenly, the withdrawel systems unbearable and make you feel that you cannot work, sleep or even function.
I hope this helps amd maybe one day you can reduce your dose and be free again.
Much Love :D

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sid Says:

ive just got white tablets. ment ti b diazepam they have a r on one side and 10 on other does any one have any info bout them

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Tony Says:

I have exactly the same. Pure white round pill, about same size of a normal diazepam, no markings, no scoring a. Blister pack says Biopose 10, Diazepam Tablets IP. To me they feel like a really really cheapy cheapest version of Diazepam. They are Diazepam but a poorly manufactured version, come on they are from India? The worst manufacturers of medicinal products. If you are on them don't suddenly stop though as Marky says, it's hell. Stick with U.K & U.S. do not try to come off these IP Biopose 10's suddenly if you already take them. If you have any more questions regarding medicinal products just ask me

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Yes these are real. Speaking from experience you do get white 10mg diageo. I am sure it just depends on their country of origin. Like you get galinka 10mg white diazepam. These are just the exact same as a blue 10mg but don't have the blue dye no1 in them. If you have had diazepam before you should know the taste and this is another way to see if they are real or buy a drug panel kit and check for diazepam, just to keep yourself right in the future. I hope this helps.

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I actually got some via a doctor on holiday. I had to pay 50 euros for a prescription and I got a box of 5mg bipose, they were white also. Some company's unless a Brittish maker or American only use the white 2mg, yellow 5mg or blue 10mg system for identification purposes. Other countries of origin all 2mg, 5mg and 10mg are in white all the way through.

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Methinksnot Says:

Big Scotsman
I'm sure the families of those who are traumatized by losing a loved one due to inferior foreign pharmaceutical's.
The advise you profered is sound indeed for those.fortunate enough to have not received a contaminated or compromised product.For those who had all of those would have proved fruitless

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Barry Says:

I received round white tablets with one single dividing line on one side only. They came in blister strips labelled Zepose diazepam 10mg. Would these be fake?

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Barry Says:

Sounds like Zepose 10. Contains diazepam 10mg. Some have two crossed lines, others only one.

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