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Nausea caused by Rivaroxaban?

Hi. I am a 65 year old female and I have been taking Rivaroxaban 20mg daily for 6 weeks now (because I have atrial fibrillation). Apart from feeling a little more tired than usual, I have been suffering with nausea since starting the meds. For ladies on this forum, it feels like pregnancy morning sickness, a sort of low-grade 'yukky' feeling but with no actual vomiting. I would be interested to hear whether anyone else is experiencing this symptom. ## Hello, Marianne! How are you? As reported by the U.S. FDA, it is known to cause various gastro-intestinal issues as side effects. You may also experience dizziness, headache, constipation, abdominal pain and dry mouth. Can any other women that have taken it chime in with their experiences? ## When I started on Xarelto I had extreme...

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what laxative can i take with rivaroxaban

I'm having problems with constipation but am afraid to take a laxative with rivaroxaban. Please let me know what can be used? ## Hello Charlie, This matter would be best addressed by your primary care physician. Even if I gave you the name of a brand that would not have any adverse effects with rivaroxaban it would still be risky because I don't have access to your medical records/history and it would be blind advise that could have a seriously negative impact on you. My suggestion is simply call your doctor, they can pull up your records and then make a rather quick referral and you could rest assured that this medication will not only work with rivaroxaban but also with you particularly. Sorry this wasn't as helpful as you wanted but I would hate to see you get hurt from b...

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Pregnancy and rivaroxaban

I have just found out i am about 5/6 weeks pregnant and i am on rivaroxaban. This will be our 4th child. I have been taken off it as of today and put on clexanie. I'm wanting to know if anyone else has been in this situation and has it affected the baby's health? I know the risk for my self but curious about birth defects and other health issues. I know there hasn't been enough research done but wanting to hear from other parents that have been in this situation. I have seen my doctor and they have given me all the advice they can so please don't suggest discussing with the dr. Any help would be much appreciated. ## Hi there, would like to know if your baby had any problems from you falling pregnant on rivaroxaban. I too was 6 weeks when I found out. Thanks in advance x

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Rivaroxaban 20mg

My doctor started me on this med. What are the side effects and benefits? They recently found I had an irregular heart beat. I take one pill a day in evening. ## This medication is used to help prevent blood clots, since they can possibly lead to heart attack, stroke and other health issues, according to the NIH. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding, and easy bruising. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hair loss, lack of control, over cooling down when you get hot so you feel hotter than others that are in the same room as you, headaches, backache, fingers cramping, creepy crawly feeling on your skin, itching, stinging feeling on your skin, pains in legs, etc... ## I have been taking Rivaroxaban 20m...

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Trapic MF Uses and Side effects?

What are the uses of this tablet and side effects? ## Trapic MF contains Tranxemic Acid and Mefanemic Acid, both commonly used to treat severe bleeding and hemmorhage. You can read more here: Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness and headache. Did you have any other questions? ## Hello. I usually have a regular period but on the 27th of feb i got my period and up till today on the 31st of march the bleeding hasn't stopped. My sonography report is normal. Please help me. ## I have been under treatment for deep vein thrombosis for the past month and I am taking Rivaroxaban 10 mg tablets twice daily. Lately, I've experienced heavy and severe bleeding associated with my periods. Can I take trapic mf? ## I'm 43 years old, taking Trapic mf (Tranexamic Acid). How long can I t...

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CTD 6.25 tablet use

What and how long we can use this n side effect of tab. ## I was advised Ctd.6.25 once daily bymy Doctor in Mumbai due to swelling in feet and lower legs in April this year. As swelling persisted with a little improvement I was advised to increase dose to 2 tabs of this medicine daily in 1st week of August which I am still continuing. The Swelling has gone down by 100% early morning but increases by 20/25% during the day. I also take 1.Rivaroxaban 15mg Once; 2.Dilzem SR twice; 3.Zilsar 40 once night time; 4.Aldactone once; Omez 20 once. Please advise further course of action. Thanks.

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Rivaroxaban Reviews

My dad has just started taking this after a stroke and 3 TIAs. He has 15mg per day. He has taken it for 4 days but has blood in his urine and the white of his eye is very red and looks odd. Should he stop taking it or will these side effects disappear once his body gets used to it? ## hi, I'm no expert but I'm pretty knowledgeable when it comes 2 medicine, to me it sounds like it might be too much medication, i know the drug thins the blood and that might be why he's pissing blood, and could be why his eyes are red as feel, from the blood being extremely thin, i am not a doctor tho so if i were you i would defenetly contact your physician and figure out exactly what the problem is just to be safe. ## Apparently, side effects involving bleeding are fairly common with this dru...

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Left side joint pains whilst taking rivaroxoban

I started taking 20 mgs of rivaroxoban following a second episode of multiple pulmonary embolism ( Sepember 2015)I now expect this to be lifetime medication . However 3 months after starting on the dose I am suffering with severe left side shoulder and groin\hip pains and Imobility. Three months later Doctors have still not provided any answers just continue with a process of x rays scans and elimination. They are adamant there is no connection to my medication, normally a very fit and active 55 yr old and take no other medication. I continue to be in significant pain has any one suffered similar experiences. ## Hello, Kevin! How are you? Yes, as reported by the U.S. FDA it can cause those types of side effects, in some people that take it. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, hea...

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side effects riveroxiban

I've been on riveroxiban for 3 weeks 15 Mg twice a day for 3 weeks then 20Mg for 6 months I've had terrible visual migraine scary but my blood clot apparently with me for life in my leg 54yrs old always been active running gym swimming now feel like I'm done anyone had similar so depressed I know there's people out there worse off Than me ## Hello, Eojy! How are you? I'm sorry about the health problems you've been having. A headache can be a normal side effect of this medication, as reported by the FDA. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, increased risk of bleeding and easy bruising. ` And no, your blot clot won't be a forever thing, it should eventually break up, so you are not done. Have you considered getting help for your depression?

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Rivaroxaban & Pregnancy!

My wife has just fallen pregnant (4 weeks) and has been on Rivaroxaban as she was diagnosed with PE. This wasn't planned but we are now in a real dilemma as to what to do next. The drug is apparently toxic and it's not known what the effects could have on the baby. From what I've found, evaluations have been done on rats and there is talk of the drug affecting fetal development but not much else. It doesn't give percentages, if it can be reversed etc. Really desperate for any advice whatsoever, if anyone has any info on anyone that has given birth whilst using the drug through early stages of pregnancy, that would be huge information BUT I realize there is a low chance of receiving this info. Again, any research, or info would be appreciated. Thanks. ## Has she informed ...

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Rivaroxaban 15mg

My mum had blood clots in her leg under her knee. For past 2 weeks she has been taking 15mg Rivaroxaban and since she cannot sleep at night, she has lost SO much weight - she looks like a skeleton, her skin is pale, she has no appetite at all and all her muscles ache. Is that normal? Or is this because they only started testing these medication? Or maybe because it is a DRUG? She is supposed to take those for next 6 months, what if she gets addicted? Please answer this for me if you can or know anything useful about this medication/drug because i just cannot look at my mums condition. It breakes my heart. :( ## I am very sorry about your mother's condition and I understand your concern. But I think you are misunderstanding something about medications, to try to explain it…. Al...

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Side Effects? Tiredness, Headaches & Feeling Cold?

Hello, My father had a stroke (Right pre-central gyrus infarct) 2 weeks ago and was prescribed 20mg Rivaroxaban. Since then he sleeps like 15 hours a day, constantly has a headache and is always very cold (even when the heating is on). Are these side effects or consistent with post-stroke recovery? Its quite upsetting to see my father in this state and he keeps saying he is fed-up and starts talking about death. Will things get better? Thank you ## Hi Karl, Sorry to hear about the situation with your father. From what I could gather, Rivaroxaban lists the following side effects that may be attributing to his long hours of sleep: weakness tiredness dizziness or fainting Ref: nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginfo/meds/a611049.html#side-effects Because each of those are listed as "severe si...

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Rivaroxaban dosage.

My daughter is just go on to rivaroxaban,why do they start on 15 mgs the go up to 20mgs .Thanks,this is new in the UK. ## It is common with some medications to start someone on one certain dosage that is known to be well tolerated, then go up to the next, once it has been ascertained that the person suffered no serious ill effects from the initial dosage. Learn more Rivaroxaban details here. This is an anticoagulant, so it is completely normal for a doctor to proceed with caution, especially since they have to watch for any signs of bleeding. How long will she be on the 15mg, before going up?

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