Rhodes Pharmaceuticals 7.5 325 Oxycodone


The pill is white round imprinted with RP and 7.5 325. Manufactured by rhodes pharmaceuticals. It is oxycodone/acetaminophen. Have there been any reviews good or bad on this pill or compared to other manufacturers?

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Hello, Robert! How are you?

I've not read a lot of complaints about it, so far, but that could change at any time.

It seems that this tablet is just not becoming more common, so more people are receiving it from their pharmacies.

Have you tried them? How do they work for you?

The FDA classifies this medication as being a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

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I just received a script and they was from Rhodes Pharmaceuticals they was the 5/325 oxycodone and it was like I had took nothing at all very disappointed and in a lot of pain so to anyone out there do not accept any scripts from this manufacture they are obviously not up to standard for chronic pain.

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I have have the absolute worse experience with every RP product. I would always have to take a few more than directed to get relief for my injuries. Every other brand, I could take as prescribed, and it would work. Im not sure what the problem is, but something is seriously wrong with all of their products. Trust me. I've been reading reviews about Rhodes Pharmaceuticals for quite some time, and see nothing but bad experiences! Don't even waste your time

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The worst Percocet Gerneric I have ever taken for pain, for controlling pain the worst, upset stomach like rat poison, cramps, diarrhea. How can the FDA
approve this product when humans have to ingest this, it's awful.

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My daughter has been getting her oxycodone from Rhodes Pharmaceutical ...after taking the drug she is so sick, sores all over her skin, lumps under her arms filled with pus, something is very wrong with the products coming from the place..if you have or know anyone who has had issues with Rhodes please let me know. {edited for privacy} ...i am forming a legal case.

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I urge everyone to report Rhodes Pharmacy to FDA. I am going on my fourth month of having to Rhodes Pharmacy I have no choice. They give me lil relief. Severe headaches. Too many to list. Also Increased pain rather than reduce. Please post a link for contact for any kind of action. I think they are a subsidiary of Perdue!

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Lumps on her arm filled with pus? Definitely not caused by the medication. I used to be prescribed 5 oxy 30's a day along with 1 oxy 80 a day for in the morning and 2 10 mg methadone pills to take at night. I was on that for 2 years and then I stopped for a year an a half. But 6 months ago I broke my femur so now I am only prescribed 5 mg percocet. I get the RP brand and have had no problems with them. The help with my pain so you can't say I have a low tolerance due to the prolonged period of time I was on high dosage of opiates. I have had no side effects and the work great. So I'm sorry to tell you but the problems your daughter is having is in no way, shape or form related to the medication. I would seriously recommend that you have her checked out because those are some serious medical conditions and it will affect her very negatively if you just believe they're caused by this medication.

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With government regulations going on, doesn't it seem horrible that the first to make any type of strong pain med is Purdue... And they are the ones making this horrible medication? I don't get it. Has anyone else called the company or FDA? If quantities will be cut pain levels extreme without medication? Does it not matter if this medication works or not? What a shame or should I say scam?

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I had the same exact experience just days ago. Violently throwing up also. Thankfully my dr took the meds and wrote another script that I had filled at a different pharmacy n diff manufacturer

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U must work for Rhodesyou non educated weasel!!! Learn how to spell you dope.

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I changed generic brands and tried 5 mg oxy Rhodes and I still hurt! It's so weak compared to Mallinckrodt. I used to get 10 325 and split them. And that really helped relieve my back pain. Rhodes is awful.

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I just got my script filled they gave me rp 7.5 325 i couldn't wait to get home cause my back hurt so back usually when I take one it eases up some what but my back pain is getting worse I may have to take this back in stead of working it's not doing nothing

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Dear Baby, I am having the same symptoms, sick stomach, fatigue, diarrhea. I called my pharmacy CVS and was told that this was the ONLY brand that they would be offering, after years of the same pharmaceutical prescription and just up and changed it in one month !! Most definitely not happy with Rhodes and CVS

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I received a new prescription refill from my local CVS a couple of days ago for the generic Percocets (Oxycodone/Acetaminophen) 10/325. These new pills are manufactured by Rhodes and previously the local CVS had been using Qualitest. I took the Rhodes pill almost 5 hours ago and have more pain than prior to taking the medication so I do not think they are very effective. I did not have the same issue with the Qualitest brand as those always worked within about 30 minutes after taking the medication. I am still waiting five hours later for these Rhodes pills to kick in for my pain (mostly from degenerative disc disease and spinal arthritis in all three areas of the spine, but I also have lots of other aches and pains spread throughout my body). In my opinion these pills are less effective than aspirin or even tramadol (which I find to be totally useless for my type of pain).

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My experience is sadly the same. Last week CVS was provided with Rhodes Pharmaceutical brand and I've been sick, nausea, diarrhea, dry mouth, extreme muscle pain, fever, worsened pain. Before this script I always received the Mallinckrodt brand with no problems. Fortunately the CVS gave be 70 % in a sealed bottle from Rhodes and other in the standard CVS script so I reported problem. My CVS said they will have to special order but will take back the sealed. I'd advise anyone having this problem to contact CVS and have them order what generic works for you. I'm lucky to have understanding Pharmacy Technicians here or I'd be in sane boat. This is still work in progress until late and until I receive replacements. I will update later in week. However to anyone who's CVS won't comply with your request 1st call your doctor and tell them what's going on since they have no control or idea what is being ordered or replaced. 2nd request a pharmacy change form since the requires you to use one pharmacy for controlled substance and most doctors have a pain contract stating so. If your doctor is understandingly knowing this is affecting your health they should request you bring remaining script in and replace. This has been my experience. I really feel for everyone going through this cause this brand is affecting my tachycardia as well as flu like symptoms. Purdue Pharma has actually filed a legal case against Rhodes for inactive ingredients and fillers so this IS a issue.

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I did contact my pharmacy and they told me they have NO input into the drugs sent to them by the supplier, so basically they are stuck with whatever is sent to them each month. I did tell the the pharmacist that if she has any input to please let whoever may be in charge of the warehouse supply order know that these pills are not very effective. I may try a different pharmacy next month, but I will have to advise the prescribing physician because I have CVS listed as my pharmacy for pain medications and other medications which I take for asthma and ocular hypertension. I had attempted to call the main CVS phone number to complain but was on hold for an eternity and had to quit the call as I had something else to do besides wait on hold forever. I am not sure who else can be notified that these pills are ineffective.

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Not happy with this Rhodes Rx for Oxycodon 7.5-325..this Rx is making me sick to my stomach and pain is still there.

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Just started taking rp 7.5 325 I will sees how these work

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Dear ConcernedPatient, I just received my monthly script for 10/325 strength medication, and I was also switched to this Rhodes product. I just took one for the first time, so it is too soon to form an opinion. Obviously, I am hoping for the same relief that I am accustomed to, and I am very sorry to hear of your, and all the other, complaints about this brand not working adequately. One thing that you stated confuses me though...I thought that Rhodes operates as a subsidiary of Purdue, so are you sure about a legal suit having been filed? Or am I just naive about big business, and corporations go after their own?
Anyhow, best wishes to all fellow sufferers of chronic pain, our lives are difficult enough without all of the added BS served up more and more regularly these days. The government won't be happy until all opiate scripts are a thing of the past, or at least that's how it seems.

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I am a chronic pain patient and have been receiving Qualitest percocets from CVS for months with no issue. Yesterday they filled my prescription with a Rhodes manufactured Percocet and it has done NOTHING for my pain. I've taken so many that I'm concerned about liver toxicity! And still no pain relief. I'm so frustrated. Nobody seems to be able to help. The doc won't write another script, CVS says they don't have any control over which brands are provided to the pharmacy. I am so frustrated and in so much pain. I'd love to add my story to a legal case if anyone has additional information. Any suggestions on how to get this replaced with meds that actually work is appreciated!

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I have the same problem that was described above with the sores and puss under my arms, not from Rhodes products but from various other brand opioids.

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Purdue pharmaceuticals has bent the american public over and stuck it to them until we sue or raise some legal hell over this. They're gonna walk away with billions in hidden money overseas. I ain't stupid. These so called 7mg percs are really 4 mg etc, so everybody take heed to this. I ended up with thyroid cancer because of their damn cheap lies... FDA is involved with them on kickbacks. If it wasn't they would have shut purdue down yrs ago. They knew 3 yrs ago they were dealing generics and oxys by paying doctors to prescribe them. My doctor told me this himself, god have mercy.

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Rhodes Percocet 10-325 have been almost no better than Tylenol for me. I just picked up my script last night and for the first time ever, CVS, RiteAid, Walgreens and Costco are ALL dispensing Rhodes. I had no choice but to get them. I will take 3 at a time if my pain is really great, otherwise, I'll stick to Tylenol. Maybe this is the Universe's way of telling me to get off Opiates after 19 years of use.

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The worst, makes you sick! I had vomiting, diarrhea, elevated LFTS, fever, aches, pains! Bad drugs, all Rhodes products are complained about!

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Re: Baby (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I take u17 by Auro 10mg oxycodone and I found them to be best for me and I've been taking oxycodone for years. Ask for them. Hope u feel the same way I do.

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I have RA/FM and pain has been bad. Looked into new company (Rhodes) and see others have same issues . Pharmacy said insurance pays for cheapest med. Scary to think a bad medication gets rewarded with new customers.

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Re: Deborah (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Hi, having same with theses, and I really don’t know what to do , was thinking to send a few to a lab and have them checked.

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Re: Hyperbarics (# 54) Expand Referenced Message

Pharmacies won’t accept any remaining pills back, and can’t, due to quality control issues.
You may be able to get an appointment with your pain doctor (or prescribing doc) and explain situation and bring back remaining pills. They may be willing to write you a new rx for the # of useless Rhodes Pharma pills you turn in, but be prepared beforehand because you could end up with nothing until you’re eligible for your next script. Why? Most insurers cover a month’s worth of drugs and will not fill earlier, especially in the case of a commonly abused rx like Percocet. I am familiar with Kaiser of Southern CA and can tell you that your doc would need to write a letter to the pharmacy division of Kaiser’s Utilization Review Dept. stating that the remainder should be refilled by a manufacturer other than Rhodes, and the reason why, which would likely mean Kaiser would have to special order or you’d need to go to a non-Kaiser pharmacy for your refill IF they approve his/her request. I’m quite sure that even if you saw the doctor tomorrow and turned in your remaining pills, the process above would take 6-8 weeks minimum and you might be better off not trying to get Kaiser to pay for replacement of the Rhodes pills. Rather, see if your doctor will simply write you a script for the remainder of Rhodes pills you turn in.
But you still face a big hurdle even if you opt to pay out of pocket. I’ve worked in ER medicine for several years and you may know this as a nurse. There is a controlled substance database that must be maintained by each state, as required and overseen by the DEA. I believe 100% of all states are now compliant; FL was one of the last to states to comply and the most difficult to wrangle in. These databases of certain controlled substances (like opioids) are used by doctors, ERs and pharmacies to determine and discourage ER frequent fliers and doctor shoppers. Patients have no access to the database and cannot request a copy of their info to see and report errors, (in the beginning, patients could request print outs on themselves, but many drug abusers were claiming huge error rates on the reports and it was decided the nature of the substance made truthful self-reporting unlikely).
If you fill a 30-day rx for Percocet on the 1st of the month, regardless of the method of payment, the filling pharmacy enters the info into the database. At the end of each month, the DEA requires the rxing doctor to send a copy of the rx to the DEA and the state database. Thus, if you see the doctor to get the Percocets exchanged for another manufacturer’s pills and try to refill the remainder of the 30-day rx before 30 days has passed, the pharmacy will likely consult the database and see you’ve filled an rx for the same drug, covering the same time period, within the past 30 days and you won’t be able to fill it. I have gotten around this through complete drugstore error; I have a script that lists 2 drugs from the same doctor, but the drugs aren’t on the same filling schedule. This past month, however, the drugstore didn’t bother to check CURES (CA’s controlled substance database) and filled both, despite it being 13 days too early for a refill.
Other than a complete error or laziness on the part of a pharmacist, I know of no way to get around CURES, although perhaps filling the drug in another state might work (I have heard that the DEA hadn’t anticipated the huge amount of time and work it would take to oversee all the databases and that coordination of information between states is not up to date).

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5 months post four trauma surgeries, LLE, as well as- right femur break, total breast removal...blah blah

Back to work this week, utilizing two 10/325 percocet po 2x a day; pain is significant from femur down left side... Picture post two steel plates, new knee, eleven rods and pins.

Point: Meds. as of this am - via Kaiser rx were switched to a Rhodes P manufactured 10/325 generic percocet pain reliever. .. Rhodes side effects include IE; not limited to nausea, intensified chronic issues, vomiting, migraine ( first migraine ever, overwhelming bone pain, etc.) rash around wrists and in between fingers tiny red bumps reactive to heat/hot showers.

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Joe (# 32) --

I am also in CA, taking Percocet 10-325, and have found Watson to be the best generic and Rhodes to be the worst, providing no relief. CVS and Rite Aid seem to supply Rhodes for 4-6 months and then they’ll go back to Mallinckrodt, Qualitest, Endocet, Actavis, or some other generic (all better than Rhodes) for a few months, before dispensing Rhodes again. I have mostly been able to switch between Rite Aid and CVS to avoid RP Percocets. The first time I had Rhodes Percocets dispensed I worried that perhaps there was an issue of tolerance on my part. About 6 months later, both CVS and Rite Aid were dispensing Rhodes. Once again, I received no relief from the RP 10-325. I’m now sure the issue is not about tolerance but drug formula quality, since every other Percocet manufacturer I’ve tried works for me. I told my pain doc about the Rhodes issue about 2 years ago. He said he’d had this complaint from 2-3 patients. After I had my script filled with Rhodes again, I talked to my doctor about it again. He said he’d heard about the Rhodes issue from several other patients since we last spoke.

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