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Holt Says:

Yes I'd be very grateful if someone could help me ASAP. I'm a five-time cancer patient Survivor in about to go on hospice. I have a question regarding Rhodes Pharmacy that makes a white round pill with NP on one side and the other side 20. When I looked it up it said that it was oxycodone hydrochloride. It didn't say if it was instant release or extended release which I really need to know? The other question is if it's just like Roxicodone but just a different Pharmaceutical Company and if it's just 20 mg of oxycodone with no other active ingredients but normal fillers and stuff? I'd appreciate as many replies ASAP thank you so much!

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VerFree Says:

Were you referring to the tablet with the imprint RP 20?

If so, yes, it contains 20mgs of Oxycodone, in an immediate release formulation, there are no other active ingredients. NDC: 42858-0004

Inactive ingredients may include:

Cellulose, Microcrystalline
Lactose Monohydrate
Magnesium Stearate

I am very sorry about all the struggles you've had with cancer. How are you doing?

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Holt Says:

Re: VerFree (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Hi, I wanted to thank you for your time just confirming something about that medication. I'm very very sick and as I said before that I'm at 5 time cancer survivor! Anyone knows what pheochromocytoma is that's the name of the kind of cancer I have five surgeries! That's a very rare type of cancer that someone can get one time let alone for other times. So it's metastasized especially the last surgery I had. In total I had almost both my adrenal glands taken out, my right kidney, a total of 14 of these tumors. As well as when it metastasized they took out my gallbladder, two-thirds of my liver and a large number of my lymph nodes! I just like to add that I'm horrible with technology and deeply appreciate anyone that can help me in this serious situation I'm in?

So I live in Sacramento California and I don't drive because I also get major grand mal seizures that they're called. Now in October of last year from October 1st till January 1st which was three months, I was on hospice! I was progressively getting worse and for some reason they just took me off hospice and after they did this to me, I was getting worse and they had no reason to take me off but I found out that this hospice company had bad track records and all this stuff where they did this to other people. This med chat has been the only thing that I could have thought of since I like to give others advice if I can or anything that I can do within my power to help other people even as sick as I am it's hard to do a lot. I have to have someone bathe me and I hired a caregiver as I'm all by myself! I have trouble getting my words out and just getting directly to the point, but I pray that someone out there or a bunch of people if possible could help me at this point since I have no doctor and went straight from being on hospice to where I'm at right now! I'm very worried and extremely ill where I can barely get out of bed!

So basically that hospice company left me with nothing except about a week left of my medications and I have their binder with my list of medications and all their notes, etc. Now I've been trying to find first of all another hospice company and I found one called snowline. Basically they got all the information they could from me and the doctor that I was seeing as a primary care doctor before I got on hospice had retired during the months that I was on hospice. So even though all the people at the new hospice company agreed with everything including obviously one of the hospice companies doctor and everything they needed except another referral since you need an outside referral. Trying to paint the picture right now how I have no one to help me and I can barely survive without my medications from blood pressure medicine all the way to obvious pain medication which are all equally important cause I I have severe chronic intractable pain!

I've been trying every day between throwing up, and honestly not being able to do anything at all! In my condition obviously my main concern is to just find a doctor that will care in any way I've seen a couple of primary care doctors which was very hard to get out of my apartment in the past two weeks and they did nothing at all but recommend I go to the hospital. The last guy after didn't even take my blood pressure! So now the last physician told me to go to a hospital and good luck, SMH. It's really sickening cuz the sickest people I've noticed over these years since I moved to California and my cancer came back since I was 13. Basically when I moved, 7 months later the cancer came back and like I mentioned in this post I basically had no friends whatsoever because I was in and out of surgeries and I'm sure you can understand the rest just all alone as well! I know this is totally inhumane and it's sickening to not be able to help so far 2 keep their Hippocratic Oath and obviously with my records and obviously my 5 surgeries that's taken out most of my insides here it's ridiculous! I mean how am I supposed to get any help and where to go or anything? It's hard enough to get around.

So I wanted to give my basic story but my main thing here is everyday I keep looking up on my phone different doctors and maybe ones that visit or possibly also do house calls? The one thing that should be a lucky thing is my grandfather just passed away and left me a good sum of money! He left it in a trust that has trustees with his Law Firm and I have to just ask them for whatever money I need? It's just set up that way unfortunately I don't get one check or anything but it's probably better that way? When I say it must be lucky but doesn't feel like it I'm willing to do anything obviously to be able to keep myself comfortable enough so I'm able to do something? I shouldn't be suffering to the point where I can't even move around go out or bathe myself! I never mentioned I'm only 44 years old.

Anyway if you read this far you must be someone that cares and I read a lot of things on medschat where a lot of people help each other. That's always a blessing and if I can figure out how to navigate simple stuff on here like I said I'm a very bad person dealing with any kind of text stuff LOL. I'm trying just to get some type of doctor that will help me.! Now since I have access to that money my grandfather to me, I can pay cash to any doctor since I have Medicare and Medi-Cal. So if they don't take either one or if paying cash to a position that could help me instead of sending me the other way would be such a blessing if anyone could help me find a doctor that is compassionate and not scared of the government even when it's warranted like my situation as far as needing pain medications? A lot of these doctors are either retiring because the government's messed up the doctors and scared them I guess over this fake opiate crisis?

So basically I live in Sacramento California and willing to travel even up to a hundred miles, if somebody out there is willing to help me if they know of a physician that can help me and is obviously a compassionate doctor not scared of really just intimidation that they do in the government, based on this ridiculous opiate crisis. SMH. I hope this reaches the person that replied just about one pill that somebody gave me but I threw it away and I wanted to know what it was oh, that was all. Now it's been a month-and-a-half now that I haven't been able to find a physician and get any help going from hospice to nothing imagine that? They give me six months to a year to live yet then they just dropped me like I said before. I wish I could just do all kinds of suing and all that stuff and get some actual help?

I can't believe I wrote so much and if someone's reading this it seemed normal to press reply to the nice person who was answering the question earlier for me. Can get back to me with maybe an answer to find that physician that will help me and my condition? So I live in Sacramento California as I mentioned before and willing to spend cash as much as I need cuz I have the money now from that trust that my grandfather left me in the last couple of months. What a blessing right? But if you can't get a doctor to help you which is so ridiculous! I can't even think of a lot of things cuz my brain has kind of made me forget certain things and I can't talk directly anymore like I used to. My previous PCP and told me probably from all the seizures that I've been getting in the past year screwed up my thinking ECT. So I pray that multiple people will reply and hopefully someone has a great heart Like I do, willing to help me find another doctor? So I'll be able to pay whatever cost even if the doctor only takes cash, etc. Even though I still have Medicare Medi-Cal. I'm willing to pay whatever it takes and I think I mentioned that already?

I think I can leave it at that right now and hope for a lot of people to respond? I don't know if this goes directly to the person that responded to the question I had about a pill. When it goes way further than that and I was scared to ask about it? I've read through a lot of different things on this website and I'm not sure how to get like a direct message that I see other people able to do, but maybe someone can help direct me with that so I can read what the direct message might say? I hope everyone's having a peaceful day and all the sick people out there from something small or something huge like my situation gets whatever help they need? Thank you again hope to hear from some people soon actually ASAP?

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TH Says:

I was taking 8mg diluadid, which worked well. Now new doc prescribed 20mg oxy, no Tylenol. Surprise, they are from Rhodes fake as hell, or seems like they are. Had to online to verify that they are in fact 20mg oxy. They are. They suck, suck, SUCK! Want to call Rhodes and tell them to give us what we pay for. Addicts do need help, many haven't hit bottom and ruin prescribing of these meds for those who NEED THEM and are taken responsibility as prescribed. Hey Rhodes you SUCK.

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TH Says:

I take Rhodes,yes they are worst and suck. Mine have different markings, they do say 20 on pill. My question is 20 what ? Cause it sure isn't oxycodone.

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