Rhodes Brand Generic Oxycodone 10/325

Renee Says:

I ran across these pain pills due to having severe chronic pain and after reading some of these comments i am shocked. I used to take the Watson brand of percocet and could not find another manufacturer that compared to them until i got the Rhodes brand. I would like to see other pharmacies carry them. I cant believe that im reading that ppl think they arent any good. I have one of the worst spinal problems in the world and stay in pain. Im thankful to have found this brand.

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Thescooponoxys Says:


It has nothing to do with the active ingredient oxycodone. Each generic drug differs in the binders used.Some folks are unable to tolerate these so the adverse effects stem more from that then the response to the oxycodone component

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Verwon Says:

To add some more information....

Under the Hatch-Waxman Act of 1984, generics are allowed to differ from the name brand, in the amount of the active ingredient(s), by as much as plus or minus 20%. The FDA considers this to be an acceptable therapeutic window. Generics also do not have to measure against each other, only against the name brand, so it is conceivable that you could be taking one that is slight higher, or lower in the amount of the active ingredient(s) than one you were taking from a different manufacturer.

Since the differences are slight, many people never notice a difference, when switched from one to another, but if someone is very sensitive to medications, a sudden change can cause some problems, such as no pain relief and withdrawal symptoms (if the dosage is lower), or the onset of new side effects (if the dosage is higher). It can also happen if they've been taking the same one for a long period of time and are suddenly switched to one that has a slightly different amount of the active ingredients.

As an additional note, the active ingredients do not have to be exactly the same, in spite of what you are usually told, for it to be approved by the FDA, which you can read about in the Act I've already mentioned, the manufacturer only has to prove that it is bioequivalent, so it works in the same way in the body and causes the same type of side effects.

And that is on top of what the other poster said about the inactive ingredients that can be different.

While these fluctuations do not affect the majority of the people taking any given medication, there are always some whose bodies will react badly to any little change.

That's why some generics work for some people, but not for all, we are all different. The only thing anyone can do is try any given one and see how it works for them.

For example: I am very sensitive to medications and, having had congestive heart failure 6 years ago, I have a standing order for Spironolactone (Aldactone) at my pharmacy, so I can always keep a supply on hand to take, if I eat too much sodium rich food, or start to experience fluid retention, again. (I dehydrate too easily to take it on a regular basis.) The first generic I received from my old pharmacy gave me constant heartburn and reflux, which was a problem, because I have GERD and gastritis...however, my husband and I moved almost 2 years ago and the ones I get from this new pharmacy don't cause me any problems, at all.

I hope this explains it and helps you, as well as others.

Are there any questions? I'll be happy to help, if I can.

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Renee Says:

I do understand that everyone has a different reaction to different medications. I only wanted to add my opinion. I went thru a hard time when Watson brand was no longer available. But after finding the Rhodes brand imo they measure up to the watson brand. I didnt mind the Actavis brand either but ppl complained about them until CVS got the worst generic possible. The Qualitest brand. They are like not taking anything and going thru withdrawal for a month. I wish every pharmacy could just order what ever brand they want to. The rx field has gotten so screwed up by ppl that only take them for pleasure that it really makes my handicapped life hard. I could not live without taking pain meds.

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slomo Says:

i tried the Rhodes 20 oxycodone no cut and they were horrible
like aspirin

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Cand Says:

I agree! I love my 10mg Rhodes brand! They give me relief from my serious IBS and give me some energy love them! They order them special for me!

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I've had 14 back surgeries, and total spinal reconstruction from S1-T3, and stay in constant pain , the only thing that has been able to take the edge off is pain medication. I don't know what your spinal problem is , but the Rhoads pharmaceutical 20mg oxycodone is absolutely the worst medication I have taken for pain relief, they make me I'll, and do nothing for my pain , it's great they work for you but I am another person who is filing a complaint against them, there is no reason anyone should have to endure more pain because of a greedy company

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Whatisthis Says:

That is a great thing to hear. Why and how corn starch ease a back of takl bone to neck vetabrae ease pain. Rhodes Pharmaceutical companies generic drugs are for money.ppl who injured thier back and nerves with no help.For ever suffer pharmacies are not losing money.

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Whatisthis Says:

You HAVE no acute PAIN, NO WAY , I was unfortunate that I was not told . My PAIN, you gain.WOW.

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mg Says:

Can you be more specific? Aren't all binders, colors, flavorings inactive?

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Tommy Says:

I just found a letter from the FDA explaining why Rhodes Pharmaceuticals Percocet aren't relieving pain. The FDA along with the DEA know that Percocet is one of the most abused opioids on the market so they met and agreed to cut down on overdoses & addiction they would cut along with the 20% tolerance or cut of opioid in Percocet they also added 50% extra cut on the active ingredient in generic Percocet. They also aren't going to act on complaints from the public, saying this is best for the American people. Rhodes Pharmaceuticals is acting on advice from the DEA and the FDA. Your getting anywhere from 50% to 70% less active ingredient in generic Percocet

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ABellflower Says:

Re: Tommy (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you Tommy for the informative post. I've been trying to tell people this same thing you have (on the subutex board), i.e. that generics now contain even less active ingredients than they did in previous years, and that the fillers are now more abundant (and the names of these fillers are not always made available to the consumer).

What our government doesn't quite "get" is that this is not going to make things better. It will make people in legitimate pain turn to street drugs for pain relief, and it will turn the recreational seekers away from pills and into the cheaper, more available illicit drugs. We're already seeing this.

I don't know what the solution is to a problem that's already out of control and has been for some time (since the release of oxycontin). I think it's too late.

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Slomo Says:

Rhodes is terrible the worse I ever had I tried them once and said what is this

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Brad Says:

I know a lot of terribly ill people like myself and I am now 60 years old. To list a few of my ailments: Brain bleeding, right leg amputation from a cancer at 19, a neck and spine that are not on a good disk, migraines, and I can continue. First and foremost all generic drugs are made different. How this can be allowed because of a few in compassion to the scum of the earth. I'm not talking about the narcotic value, I'm talking about the fillers and binders they use. This is a business, therefore, they will use the cheapest on the market in bulk. Kroger, Walmart, Albertsons, rite aide all the major companies could care less about you as a patient, so the first thing you have to do is not even discuss issues with the local pharmacies. It is NOT their fault, it's their head garters and buyers. They are making billions off all of our pain. The only way it's going to change is with the government's involvement and we all know with the restrictions they're already putting in place that's not going to happen. In reality, the government is causing medical genocide. People are dying daily. The generic companies could care less about your health.

I have taken over 40 years of intense supervision my the top specialist in the country and still jabs not found one who disagrees. What you get at the pharmacies is what you have to deal with it, through months of debilitating withdrawals which is nothing compared to your REAL PAIN. When your pharmacist tells you there is nothing you can do, they really are telling you the truth. It's their company who are killing people, and I hate to even mention this but when I die soon the only comfort I will have with me is that my wife & children will be richly rewarded by their actions. But my heart goes out to all you younger parents who should be out enjoying your children, a basic function but you can't because you're in bed, the bathroom, or the hospital. Don't ever believe that the DEA is the problem. This is so simple, it's the houseboats, the beach homes, so on an so on. No medication no matter what it is should have a bit of difference. Rhodes has got to be one of the worst. For those who it does help thank God for you. So if you are thinking about a change or getting up in your pharmacy's face I encourage you not to because in the free-est nation they all have the right to refuse BY LAW regardless if your doctor has been your physician for years and knows you better than anyone other than yourself. And they do. Are these drugs addictive, yes, but who the hell cares when you're life is basically over?

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Renee Says:

The oxycontin 20 mg may be different than the immediate release tablet. As far as i can tell Rhodes 10/325 has helped me better than any of the other brands of percocet. I do take a long term pain med with it though so maybe thats the difference. The biggest problem ive seen lately is the stupid govt having a say so as to how much meds you can take in a total month. I have medicare and medicaid, and been on the same dose of rx meds for many years without an increase but all of a sudden in 2017, i take more than the law allows. I'm calling BULLS***!!! If and of these people had to deal with the pain i go thru on a regular basis, they would be taking much stronger meds than i do. It pisses me off so bad that they can tell me, even when my doctor of 15 yrs says i need them, that i can just do without until they make their decision to cover my meds. I can not understand how in Jan. they wouldnt cover them but im approved for Feb. only to turn around and send me a letter in March saying it was denied again. I changed ins co. And now im right back with Optumrx. Unitedhealthcare. I had to charge my rx this month hoping they would approve my QL that my dr sent two letters about. Otherwise id be going through withdrawals after 20 yrs of taking meds. Im not stopping at this. I will go all the way to Congress if i have to. I should have the right to take the medication that i need to be somewhat comfortable with my spine and other medical problems. It's starting to really upset me that the ones that take this the right way have to be punished for a bunch of pill heads choices. I take a drug panel four times a year. Is it not bad enough that i have to live on the pennies that i get in my ssdi check every month but then im suppose to just go cold turkey off my pain meds too. It seems like they would rather have me dead and gone instead of giving me just a little quality to my life. These meds dont make me completely numb to pain. I still have pain. Im just ready for Jesus to come back and take me out of this mess of today. And YES, im a christian, and Yes i said bulls***. Big deal.

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Cj Says:

Re: Cand (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Who orders them for you? Every time I ask I get the run around.

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Too tone Says:

Re: Tommy (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

You're totally delusional. There is no conspiracy with the dea and opioid epidemic. They didn't just change s*** like that bro. I've been on these for 6 years and I've been on every other pain med u can think of.

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Colorqueen Says:

My pharmacy just switched to this genaric brand of Percocet 10-325. I’ve been having severe anxiety and rage and crying . Is this a side a effect ? Ofcourse I can’t take my xanex with this med. I haven’t felt like this in a very long time . Has anyone one else experienced this ? I only take 3x a day . Only thing that has changed is this brand of meds. TIA

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Kat Says:

Re: Colorqueen (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

Yes I just had this very same problem it's signs of opioid withdrawal I just went through it with my doctor and she is sending my pills off to a forensic lab to see what's in them

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Cc Says:

Re: Kat (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

I'm going through the same thing! I feel like I'm having withdrawals and I'm having to take more of my meds, because it's not doing anything for pain!

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Hyperbarics Says:

5 months post four trauma surgeries, LLE, as well as- right femur break, total breast removal...blah blah

Back to work this week, utilizing two 10/325 percocet po 2x a day; pain is significant from femur down left side... Picture post two steel plates, new knee, eleven rods and pins.

Point: Meds. as of this am - via Kaiser rx were switched to a Rhodes P manufactured 10/325 generic percocet pain reliever. .. Rhodes side effects include IE; not limited to nausea, intensified chronic issues, vomiting, migraine ( first migraine ever, overwhelming bone pain, etc.) rash around wrists and in between fingers tiny red bumps reactive to heat/hot showers.

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