Rhodes Pharmaceuticals Percocet

Susan Says:

I have been taking 10/325 for years and my pharmacy filled this one with Rhodes pharmaceutical product. I have been taking now for 3 days. I have been sick to my stomach, neck, and jaw pain and it does not relief the pain it is prescribed for. Why could this be?

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Larry Says:

Neck and jaw pain can be an indication of serious heart problems. Please do not ignore these symptoms.

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David Says:

Hi Susan,

According to NIH, "severe stomach pain" is listed as a side effect of Acetaminophen; whereas they recommend contacting your doctor immediately. [Note: nausea and vomiting are also on the same list] - Just mentioning this in case it's attributing to your "sick to the stomach" feeling...

As far as the neck & jaw pain is concerned, I haven't found any specific details suggesting that it's related to oxycodone or acetaminophen - but my opinion is if you haven't had this issue before starting treatment, then it may very well be from either the active and/or inactive ingredients.

Based off this information I would strongly encourage you to get in touch with your prescribing doctor and maybe see about getting a different manufacturer's version of Percocet; or even a different medication altogether.

I hope you've gotten around to feeling better since you last posted!

Editor's note: Supplemental details added below:

Rhodes Pharmaceuticals Generic Percocet:

Inactive Ingredients:

- Silicon Dioxide
- Magnesium Stearate
- Povidone K30
- Crospovidone
- Corn Starch
- Stearic Acid
- Water


Round White Pills

Oxycodone/Acetaminophen 5/325:
NDC 42858-102
Imprint: R | P one side, 5 over 325 other side

Oxycodone/Acetaminophen 7.5/325:
NDC 42858-103
Imprint: R | P one side, 7.5 over 325 other side

Oxycodone/Acetaminophen 10/325:
NDC 42858-104
Imprint: R | P one side, 10 over 325 other side

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Crystal Says:

This happens often in the medication wold. Some company produces the best brand, year later someone changes it, pharmacies say they are cheaper and you have no choice. Unreal the advancements in this world, compounding medicine, just changing one ingredient, slight changes can be seen by consistent users, who have taken then fire years and been through this process numerous times. Also, you will notice changes like having the sweats, sick feeling, nausea and yes this cab cause problems with complexion.
Any foreign substance we put in our bodies will have an effect, one way or another. Just saying.

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K lip Says:

Anybody experienced weak, horrible, minimum pain relief from Rhodes pharmaceutical oxycodone 15 mg ir?

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wakenda Says:

Since switching to Rhodes Percocet 10/325 for severe Crohns pain..(41 years of Crohns stricturing and narrowing of intestine) I am in MORE pain, stomach distention and unable to do most anything. I know about "fillers" and still don't have the ingredients. I am however suspect that LACTOSE is one, as I get the same effects from a few tsps. of ice cream. Being severely lactose intolerant, it should be a warning on their label...as tho could have sent me to the ER.

I am furious with these pharmacies, CVS, Right Aide, Walgreens, that continually switch brands knowing patients are sensitive to these ingredients, and familiar generic brands the body gets acclimated to. Now I have to suffer intolerable pain while caring for my disabled child, waiting for a new script 3 weeks from now. CVS here in NC will NOT special order ACTAVIS (TEVA) Percocet 10/325 knowing that it is the one generic I do NOT get adverse reactions to This practice of profit before patient is unethical, and cruel and I plan to write letters to each Company and Big Pharma as well...they also are allowed by law (FDA) to make the compound prescription with 20% less or more of main pain relieving ingredients...and of course its obvious they go the shorter route and give us 20% LESS so the meds are less effective...as a nurse I am appalled by this insane law and as a severe pain sufferer for 41 years, I am completely beyond any words. My dog gets adequate pain relief to his hips but I am allowed to suffer and expected to due to generic switching and no real concerns for human suffering by consumers. If we boycott these pharmacies and drug companies they wont have customers buying their products and soon it will hit the books...I'm all for that...how about you all? Sick of this patient abuse!

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Bill Says:

I also found Rhodes Pharmaceuticals oxycodone to be toxic. After a few days I have the same symptoms and generally feel sick. This brand is carried by Walmart. I would suggest going somewhere else to fill your oxycodone prescription.

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Yes! I have been in hell ever since cvs gave me the so called Percocet 10-325 from Rhodes. I'm going to be doing some serious calling today.

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Edward for real Says:

During that period of time never received a 10/325 ; from my local pharmacy. The last 3 months I have been prescribed morphine and the 10/325. On this visit to the pharmacy I was given the 10/325s manufactured by Rhodes pharmaceuticals. Two days into the prescriptionI was awoken with severe pain in my back, spine, entire abdominal section and difficulty urinating. The difficulty urinating was so severe, that I had to urinate standing up, and was only able to stand after stopping the med. I am well aware of all the side effects listed by the manufacturer(s) of these potential side-effects. I am going to discontinue the Rhodes 10/325s and just stay on the morphine. I have been prescribed morphine the past few weeks My intention is to monitor the feelings in my body and hopefully determine which of these medication is producing these side effects. I also have been prescribed lasix for the fluid retention caused by the Rhodes 10/325 or the morphine sulfate. I've never submitted a reply on the internet of this type so I'm interested to see if my note generates a reply. If there are others out there suffering similar agony please get back to me. Thank you and god bless.

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Erinys goddesses of VENGEANCE Says:

You're in withdrawal because there isn't enough (or any) oxycodone in their 'oxycodone'. Not sure there's acetaminophen in it either. Even at 3x my usual dose (still under acet. limits).

I don't think there's any in Caraco, either.

Not sure whether to call pharmacist, doc, FDA, Senators, Representatives, or Attorney General? FTC usually handles mis-advertising companies across state lines. DEA... it's pushing desperate people towards the much more toxic & illegal substances, but doesn't make them buy?


I DO NOT KNOW, but I have wondered if the difference in effectiveness between different corps which should be within 85% of each other in dosage (besides differing individual genetics) could be a difference in L- and R- isomers. We've all heard of L-DOPA. R-DOPA... NOPE. You know what mint smells like, that's the L version of a natural chemical. The mirror image molecule, completely identical just flipped into the R- version is CARAWAY, NOTHING like mint.

FDA generic requirements state they have to be 85-99.9% the same molecules as the name brand. NOTHING about isomers. Buying the bad, ineffective version for pennies on the dollar from legit manufacturers would certainly allow Rhodes & Caraco to set the lowest prices.

I'm grasping at straws (& in pain).

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Tommy Says:

I got a report from someone who works for the FDA and they are working with the DEA & Rhodes to cut up to 70% of the opioid in generic Percocet since they are the most abused medicine. They plan to discontinue use of opioids altogether by the year 2021 -Only hospitals will be able to give you opioids. All the complaints, I was told are useless because this is the plan that's been going on since 2014. You can read more of the report I put on MedsChat titled, "Percocet Generic Report On Phasing Out Opioids By The Year 2021". I was shocked at what the FDA along with the DEA are doing behind the backs of the sick people. I will say in the report Rhodes Pharmaceuticals are cutting a 10mg generic Percocet to 4% & a 5mg are 2% of the active ingredient. Also putting toxic fillers that hurt your stomach to make ppl not want to take Percocet at all. I was wondering after reading all the complaints against Rhodes Pharmaceuticals that nothing is being done to investigate this company & other wrongdoers. Hope you get to read what's in the report. And they say America is the land of the free?

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Tommy Says:

Rhodes Pharmaceuticals called me today because I emailed them 3 times about their generic Percocet making me sick. I had to answer questions and give up my personal information to get the answers plus they are sending a Fed Ex package to pickup my leftover Percocet that were making me sick. I needed answers so I agreed. I was needing answers for me & you too. After I gave up all my medical records and my doc which I'm sure is going to get me in trouble but after answering their questions they said would u like to be connected to our medical dept? Said yes... more questions... then she said "I am guessing you would like to know what's in our generic percocet", yep.

She started off with corn starch then went in to a list of drugs that I've never heard of. I said slow down you said povidone? I just dropped the pen because she didn't slow down and read at least 6 drugs in their medication. I didn't know what to say but "what is that?", and she said I have no idea. They said, "you wanted a list of ingredients in this medication and that's what I'm giving you".

I couldn't spell all of them if I had to and she wasn't going to repeat them. I said "damn, no wonder ppl are getting sick, and if u don't believe me just google Rhodes generic percocet and you'll see for yourself how many ppl are sick too".

Well that's about all she said and wasn't to trilled with my sarcasm and the call ended after they got my pharmacy name my my medical records. But if you've taking this medication stop if you can. I changed pharmacies and now take a different brand. Keep complaining to the FDA, and after 3 emails I got a call and you will too. But now you know better to give up your medical information. Good Luck!!

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Roy Says:

Tommy, thank you very much for sharing this! Can I ask which dosage you were taking? Was it the 5/325, 7.5/325, or 10/325? Each of those have a different NDC code but the inactive ingredients listed on this site are pretty much the same. Do you have the NDC code handy from your previous script by chance? I am seeing 42858-102, 42858-103, and 42858-104. All of them list the following inactive ingredients:

- Silicon Dioxide
- Magnesium Stearate
- Povidone K30
- Crospovidone
- Corn Starch
- Stearic Acid
- Water

Does that sound familiar from what they told you on the phone? I hope this info helps someone!

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Tommy Says:

Re: Roy (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Yes that's what I was told, seems you got a call too. I got a package from Rhodes and they want me to send them one of my pills for them to send to their lab. I said, why all the different drugs? I thought it was Tylenol & oxycodone, but got an answer of, "I don't know" and this was from their medical department. If they don't know who does? Yes, the drugs you mentioned sounds like what she said. She couldn't understand why I took that many 4x a day. I said I got an increase because yours don't work. Well I'm glad you wrote um down. Do these extra ingredients sound like something that would make ppl sick? Anyway, now we know. I changed my pharmacy and now I'm getting the brand with the Chinese C on the front & 203 on the back and they don't make me sick. All I can say is everyone who is getting sick keep emailing the FDA or calling and we'll get these taken off the market and make companies put the right ingredients in our medication.

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Tommy Says:

Re: Roy (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

You asked what mg I'm taking and I left this out. It's 10mg 4 a day. The only thing they wouldn't give me was the amount of opioid in each pill, said no. I know they have a 20% tolerance but they refused to give that part out and far as codes I didn't get a bottle from Rhodes it's just a regular prescription bottle. This company is part of Purdue Pharmaceuticals which has been fined 601 million dollars which was for lying so who really knows what's in their pills but if I had to guess it's less than 50% because the new brand I got I took one and it felt like it was the the first one I've taken in a month. Knocked me out and I slept for a long time. That's about all I'm gonna say but you guys keep complaining until they put the right ingredients in their medication

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Roy Says:

Re: Tommy (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Hmmm, well I don't expect those inactive ingredients listed to be making people sick, as they are supposed to be well tolerated and/or pass through the body, but you never know! Povidone is a binding agent used in a lot of meds according to Wikipedia. I've read too many anecdotal reports of people having bad experiences with a generic from one manufacturer, while the exact same drug from someone else worked fine for them.

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Tommy Says:

Re: Roy (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

I don't think Rhodes was telling me the whole truth since they've been fined 601 million dollars for lying but thanks

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N Says:

Re: wakenda (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I don't know what the heck you actually think writing a letter will do? They don't care, and they really won't care if "everyone" boycott's them either. And no, that is a false rumor that they can make it 20% more/less; that makes zero sense and is completely false. And another thing, the pharmacies do not switch brands on purpose, they are required to by corporate and have zero control over it. And as for the pharmacy not wanting to order a specific brand for you, that's most likely because they think you're trying to sell them, as there is no reason why they can't order them.

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Ruth Says:

Re: wakenda (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

First and last time I will say "oh, ok, fine", when I find my oxycodone script is now being filled by a different Co. Rhodes taught me that big painful lesson. All I have found that helps is a full stomach. Something REALLY important here, the acetaminophen, of course, is REALLY hard on the liver, and for those who don't know, there is a supplement, N-Acetyl Cysteine, that offers great protection to the liver, provided you ingest it prior to the "assault". Maybe take a cap an hour before you medicate. Check the label to see it's duration. I like the time-released. Buy it at any healthy outlet. Google it. It is a great supplement with many benefits. Better health to us all. Keep abreast of these kinds of forums. Being forewarned is being forearmed.

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TJ Says:

I received this month the prescription from Rhodes Pharmaceuticals. I have been taking them for 5 days now no effect at all I tried to ask CVS pharmacist what is the problem and they told me that they received that and it's nothing they can do about it I don't understand I was getting qualitest for 3 years and I was doing fine now I have headaches stomach hurts I don't know what they are doing the FDA but somebody's going to get really sick and they might die because these pills or worthless the side effect of this could be endless to someone's life I think it's bad for them to keep switching Pharmaceuticals without heads up for anyone so we can make a choice and not taking them I just don't understand that it is so sad we have to accept anything but I'm going to call my insurance and have them stop payment on that hope they will do it I don't understand who wants to take something that doesn't work you I have chronic pain, in all my joints from my neck down to my feet I'm in so much pain, I have no quality of life or movement without those pills daily .I could just cry. Everybody's not a drug addict so they thinking they fixing us by cutting the dosage they're crazy FDA and CDC it's all crazy why do they put our lives at risk generic generic already generic medication how. generic can they get huh?

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Nicole Says:

I have been on generic Percocet 10/325 for 7 years. I have never had a problem with any brand that I was given. I, too, just received Rhodes brand for the very first time. After 25 minutes, I thought that I felt it kicking in, but, it turned out to be just a half- hour of being drowsy and feeling kind of spaced out. I got up and tried to move around, but, I immediately felt all of the pain of which I am prescribed this med for (Severe Atypical Intractable Headaches that I have had for 31 years since age 5, bulged discs in my neck and back, and severe arthropathy in my back following a head-on collision 14 years ago). I was almost in tears and had to lay down. The even bigger problem is that this newest script follows my previous 30 day supply, which was Camber brand. I was stuck with that for the entire 30 days. I had a severe allergic reaction, no pain control whatsoever, and side effects that I could not tolerate. They included nausea and vomiting, weakness, severe stomach pain, and I felt like I was going to faint. This went on for a week and a half until I finally stopped taking it. It wasn't helping my pain anyway! Unfortunately I couldn't refill until the 30 days were up. I got wise after that and requested a 5 days script instead of 30,while I searched for a new brand.

My previous and always reliable brand, Actavis, was unavailable. Thank God I did!!! I have 5 more days of this Rhodes brand, have taken it twice today and it has not touched my pain. I have been in bed all day with the heating pad on, which is soothing, but, does not ease the pain. In 5 days I am going to try the Mallinkrofdt brand, as I have read many good reviews. Again, with only a 5 day supply. If that doesn't work, I found 1 pharmacy (out of 10 in my area) who will actually special order any brand for me. I will try Endo, as it seems from everyone's reviews to be the best generic available. If that doesn't help either, then I will have them order my old reliable brand, Actavis. If anyone else is dealing with their pharmacy suddenly not carrying their normal brand anymore, and you must try something new, please take my advice and ask your Dr. for a shorter script until you find one that works. I have been in severe, unrelenting, 24/7 pain for 31 days now. It is unbearable. This 20% differential in the active ingredient that I keep hearing about HAS to be the problem we are all experiencing. When you have been on a steady dose for many years with no change like I have, even that 2mg drop makes a MAJOR difference!!! Obviously, because so many of us are having the same problem. Not to mention the fact that they are replacing those 2mg with God knows what for fillers, and it is making many of us very sick.
Take Care, Everyone. Good Luck!!!

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