Reviews On Zolvest, Zolfresh, Zolpidem And Ambien

Subman Says:

Zolvest comes in a blister pack of 10. They are generic for Ambien. They work better than any other Zolpidem generic I tried. Has anyone tried this medication and if so do you know who the manufacturer is? Also, how did it affect you? Lastly, I was sent this other garbage called Zolfresh and it works nothing like the Zolpidem I've taken for years. The only thing close is Zolvest. I am so PO'ed. I was promised that this Zolfresh was a good brand and was just like the other, but the only thing it does is make me feel like I've taken NyQuil in heavy doses that make me feel heavy and lethargic but don't put me under. I will run out tomorrow, so now I'm in trouble and will be withdrawing for however long it takes. So now I'm up without a paddle. This really sucks!

Has anyone tried Zolfresh out of India? This is supposed to be Ambien but the effects are not anywhere near the same as Ambien or Zolpidem. This is a white oblong shaped pill in a blister pack with a score mark on one side and blank on the other.

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Insomaniac Says:

I received a prescription for Zolpidem Tablets IP, Zolvest-10 from Vestal Healthcare out of Mumbai. Has anyone had any experience with these?

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David Says:

If you're getting prescriptions filled from outside of the US (FDA regulatory oversight), then in my opinion quality assurance and drug efficacy is a greater gamble with one's health than simply trying different US brands/generics where at least the pill imprint + ingredients (active & inactive) can be verified. Unfortunately, countries like India are just pumping out anything and everything they can to make a quick buck without any regard to the consumer's well-being. And while something similar can be said about US pharmaceutical companies, at least there's an entity who can be held accountable. In India, we don't know if it's made in a shack in the middle of the jungle. Who's watching?

Furthermore, regardless of how someone else responds to Zolfresh out of India, doesn't mean that others will necessarily have the same reaction. Often times the same medication affects each person differently. Not to mention nobody knows whereabouts in India that this specific Zolfresh product originated from vs another batch. That's why we have to bring more drug manufacturers back to the US for proper oversight.

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Cindy Says:

I received Zolvest-10 from India and had good luck with it. My doctor prescribes Ambien 10 mg and it is also manufactured in India. How do we know that the US is watching these businesses in India?

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K8 Says:

Re: Insomaniac (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Yup! It’s s***! I’ve been on 10 mg for 20 years now and this and that. Norstar manufacturer are the only ones that I’m just spontaneously unresponsive to!! Stay with Teva or Torrent, they both use better binders!

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