Restless Leg Syndrome

Joanne Says:

I have RLS and it's getting worse. I was taking .25 mg. 3x Day along with gabapentin. I still take gabapentin. My neurologis had me try Requip 2 mg at bedtime but my ins. co. won't cover it. He has now prescribed carbidopa Levo to take one at bedtime. I've done this for two nights and have not slept a skidget! Also, the RLS is in full bloom even after taking this. Maybe because I'm awake? RLS isn't fatal but my goodness it's enough to drive me to drink. Is there a connection? What would be the next medication?


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Karen Says:

I don't know if this will help you but it sure has helped many people with RLS. It is dark healthy chocolate with very high antioxidant levels, low sugar, low fat. The pure unprocessed cacao in this has other health benefits as well. It is absolutely unbelievable to those of us that love chocolate too.

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Theresa Says:

My doctor put me on Mirapex 1mg for my RLS and it works fabulous!!!I havent had any problems since I've been on this, and I have a very bad case of RLS.

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Gary Says:

I used to drag out of bed, sometimes at 1-2AM to get in the hot tube to get rid of the RLS. Now like Theresa I take Mirapex before I hit the bed and have no problem getting to RLS. Keep in mind the stuff is expensive. I paid $95 yesterday for a 30 day supply. When I hit the donut hole it goes through the roof.

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Ann Says:

Your Neurologist needs to put you on Mirapex or Mirapex ER IT WORKS. After trying every generic and many brands found this drug which probably your drug plan will say is only for Parkinson's (bologna) and can be mailed to you very reasonably by a Pharmacy in Lakeland Fl. called Eagle.

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Brown Eyes Says:

Will Clonazepam (2mg) help restless leg syndrome? It is driving me crazy! And what would be the dose of it that I'd take? It is extremely HORRIBLE!! Thanks.

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