Reparil-dragees And Elevated Blood Pressure

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I am a light asthamtic patient (no attacks and I am using Symbicort at times) and I have been prescribed Reparil-Dragees recently (few days back) and I noticed high BP (96/165) at morning times. In addition to Reapril I am using Lyrica (Pregabalin) 150 mg on constant basis twice a day with Cataflam 50 mg almost twice a day as well. I used to have sometimes high BP with tension but I never exceeded 100 (as lower level) and few days later it goes back to 140/85. Just I want to know whether Reparil-Dragees is an adding factor to high BP or not? Thanks you all.

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Abdul Mujeeb Says:

I need to know for what Repair Dragees using and what will be the out come from this usage. Since i have pain in my leg and i cannot sit for long time doctor advised reparil dragees.

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jasmine Says:

I take a 150 gm lyrica everyday for fibromyalgia. At time the inflammation gets very painful and i take a cataflam. Is it ok to take the two pills? if yes, should i take them together or after several hours? Thanks.

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