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Info on a cough syrup called REM.It was manufactured, I believe by Maryland Pharmaceutical around the 1940's. I think it had a blue bottle with a orange circle with the name REM printed on it

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I'm sorry, but I can't find any information on this, which really isn't very surprising for that old of a product.

There were also many differences back then for what were considered pharmaceutical products.

Does anyone have information on this?

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my mother use to give to to us in the early 60's.

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I used it in the 1980s and it worked well. I don't tolerate the chemical ones. I remember REM had ipecac, lobelia, squills and other things...I just remember those because ipecac was used as an emetic and when I looked up lobelia and squills they were listed in an herbal book as good for coughs.
I wish I could find the accurate recipe for this, which is why I came across this post.

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I have a bottle of it and the original box in pristine condition. I could post a picture of the box that includes all the ingredients.

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The box states "The Maryland Pharmaceutical Co. Baltimore, MD." Also makers of REL for head colds. This medicine was recommended for coughs and throat irritations resulting from colds. Soothes the irritated membranes of the throat. Quick Relief or money refunded. Average contents 3 FL. OZ. The exclusive REM formula contains Alcohol 1%, Benzyl alcohol 1/5%, Chloroform 1/2%, Squills, Ipecac, Lobelia, Wild Cherry, Blood Root, Herehound, White Pine, (All extracted by REM's special process), Tar, Tolu, Menthol, Glycerine, Ammonium Chloride, In a syrup base epecially prepared to make REM cling to the throat. IMPORTANT: In case of persistent cough, or high fever, it is advisable to consult a physician.

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When I posted about my memories of REM I had forgotten about a replacement I had found--until a neighbor had a cough that went on forever, and he didn't want to take anything with the usual chemicals.
I remembered that I had used (successfully) a Chinese syrup (they legally can't call it a 'cough medicine' but it definitely worked for me, and when I gave him my bottle, it worked a charm for him. He had been fighting the cough for a couple weeks (with various treatments, teas, herbs, etc) and less that a week with this and he stopped coughing.
I live in Los Angeles so it's easy to find but I see it's also available at Amazon, it's called:
Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa Oral Demulcent Sore Throat Syrup
If you go to Amazon just do a search for Chinese cough syrup...
You can do a search and find out what herbs, etc are in it...

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Please Post a picture of it or email me one. thank you!! :))

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Yes you are right. My Mother-in-Law kept it in the house all the time. It had a horrible taste, but it did the job. I was like a little boy when she would come up to our apartment with that bottle. She'd say shut up and take it you'll feel better in the morning, she was right, but I have to say I'll never forget that taste. Later on it was taken off the shelf. Then when it came back it wasn't the same. Must have been something in it that wasn't "Kosher", once they removed what ever it was it never helped any more. My wife and I were married in 1972 and it was on the shelves then. Would probably help with the Flu problem we're having right now. LOL

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REM was manufactured by the Maryland Pharmaceutical Company, owned by my grandfather and great uncle here in Baltimore. The bottle was clear with a blue label with an orange circle. Originally, the company made concoctions to druggist specifications but eventually devised a proprietary line. The memory that the formula changed as some ingredients fell into disfavor may be correct. The company was bought out (by Block Drugs, as I recall) in the late 1950s.

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used rem in 1940's in brooklyn ny

worked beautifully for cough suppression

not around now, i never see it

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Hi,is good niños jiom pie pa pregnancy?

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Patrick, I am a museum curator working on an exhibition about health and healing. Our museum has a copy of a memoir (apparently written in 1926) by Sidney Hollander, an owner of the Maryland Pharmaceutical Company, in which he describes inventing and marketing REM. I would love to borrow your bottle of REM with box to display in the exhibition. How can I get in direct touch with you?

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Hi - my husband is Sidney Hollander's grandson, Robert Kunreuther (his mom Emily is a Hollander). I found your post when looking for REM items on the web. My husband would love to get a copy of the memoir that you mentioned in your post. Is it something you would be willing to photocopy or scan and send? We don't really have any REM memorabilia other than a photo of a huge sign that REM put in Time Square. Also - not sure if you still are interested in other REM product - but ebay has two REM ad reproductions for sale.

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Thanks for your reply, Anita. We'd love to share the memoir with you. You can find my email at {edited for privacy} and we can arrange it.

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My Grandma Lil worked at Block Drug In Jersey City and came home with blue and red fingers from printing the labels for REM and Pik-o-pay tooth brush boxes. Always had REM in the house. Gram lived to 92 and smoked three packs of Chesterfield a day and never coughed once. wish I had a bottle just to smell it again.... yum

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I wish REM was still available, the ingredients may have sounded like witches brew and the taste was not great, but it worked. To me that's all that mattered.
If anyone know's of a similar cough remedy, I would love to know about it. Thank you.

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Was given REM as a child in the early 1960s .it worked fantastic! By the late 60s it was gone like so many other great products.

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I too wish REM was still available...the stuff worked wonders. However, I liked the unusual taste it had.

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My whole family used REM as far back as I can remember (born in 1951). It worked great, and I didn't mind the taste at all. I'd look for it every now and then over the years but never did find it again. Too bad.

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WOW. I'd love to see it again. My grandmother and my Mother both used to give it to me in the 60's. I do remember that it really worked well.

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Re: Anthony (# 32) Expand Referenced Message

Yes so did we as kids lol

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Re: John H (# 36) Expand Referenced Message

I totally remember these. Ate them like candy lol

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Re: John H (# 36) Expand Referenced Message

I remember the REM cough syrup I remember it tastes pretty good and I found a malt beverage that tastes just like it and it's called Malta Goya it's in a dark brown bottle I'm drinking it right now??

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Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Description of bottle ok. Worked but tastes terrible.

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In the 60's, my parents used to have a long, rectangular, dark navy blue, REM branded, cardboard box full of boxes of REM cough drops. They came in a flat, rectangular box like chiclets, only thicker. 10 or 12 to a box I think. I remember them being kind of chewy as I never had the patience to suck on them because I ate them like candy. They had REM in raised letters on each dark cherry colored, round lozenge. My parents never said a word about me taking them from their closet and they never ran out, even though I ate them ALL OF THE TIME! They probably had some ingredient in them that parents liked the effects of on their kids. I'm 62 now and wish I had a thousand boxes! I wonder what those "beneficial" ingredients were and why such an effective "medicine" is no longer around. Does anyone else remember REM cough drops?

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Re: Karen (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

I'm a historian whose mother took REM growing up and I'd like a copy of the memoir too, please.

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Yes! I do remember REM cough syrup! The large round logo. I recall that it was really dark almost a black liquid, didn't taste too bad either. They even had an ad on TV and a song with the closing line "R- E- M remember Rem"

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Yes I remember Rem. Took it as child in late 40's early 50's. I think it tasted like licorice.

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I remember REM was dark brown, and my sister, brothers and I loved its taste. We use to drink it just for the taste.

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I remember REM was dark brown, and my sister, brothers and I looked the taste OG it. We use to drink it just for the wonderful taste.

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