ALice Says:

After trying 7 OTC meds and a cortisone shot, THIS med stopped my constant rhinitis!!! Love it.

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organikgal Says:

I just started today and I feel clearer. I have very sensative reactions to meds. will let you know Have had 2 weeks no sleep due to post nasal drip and cannot take oral antihistimines, Also I will try quercetin a natural allergy med with no side effects. Good luck to everybody

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Verwon Says:

Glad to hear you are having good luck with it. Please post back, when you can, and let us know how it is continuing to work for you.

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straycat Says:

Have been using Astepro for 5 days and have had nose bleeds for the last 3 days. Has any had this side long did it last???

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Verwon Says:

Nose bleeds are a very common side effect of this class of medications. They should taper off as your body gets used to the drug. If it doesn't, please speak to your doctor.


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