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trepiline overdose

Hi there, I took a trepiline overdose in 2007. About 40. I was in a coma for about 2 days. Doctors couldn't say if I was going to make it. Eventually i gained consciousness. It is now 6 years and not sure if the effects of the overdose is causing me : memory loss, I could be speaking about something and simply forget the entire gist of the conversation in seconds. Everything I could remember is just faint now. I cant even remember proper words and how to use them in context to sentence. This happens everyday. ## Hi, Livian! Sorry about the problem that you're having. And yes, it is possible that the overdose did some type of permanent damage that's causing this problem. But have you consulted your doctor? It's very important to do so, in order to discover if this is rela...

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i need to know what this pill is that i have only

i have a white oblong pill one side is plain the other side is scored one half of that side has the number 93 and the other half side has the number 542 i need to know what this pill is and what its used for plesa help me as soon as possible ## This is Chlorzoxazone 500mgs, a generic for Parafon Forte, a muscle relaxant. ## I would like to know if Betahistamine (a drug for vertigo in the UK) is available in the US (perhaps by another name?) ## i HAVE FOUND IN MY SON'S ROOM A WHITE PILL THAT IS SCORED IN A CROSS THAT IS OBLONG AND HAS THE NUMBER ON THE OTHER SIDE AS R180 I BELIEVE ## HAS 250 ON 1 SIDE AND THE LETTER G WITH A LINE IN THE MIDDLE PLUS THE NUMBER 32 UNDER THE LINE ## The pill that is white, oblong with an x scored on one side and R180 on the other is tizanidine 4mg. Its ...

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Looking for the name of a pill.

I am trying to determine what this pill is. It's peach, oval and has the number 93 on one side and 32 on the other. ## The pill which you are describing has been identified as an Oxycodone extended release 40 mg. The original discussion thread can be viewed at: <a href= Do you have any other questions or information to add? Please post back if you do...

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? about a pill

i found a pill that has MP58 and i was wanting to know what it is ## This is a muscle relaxer called Carisiprodal or Soma. Soma is he name brand. It is non-narcotic but can still make you tired so be careful. It is typically used for muscle strain, back strains etc. ## MP58 is one of the Watson lab generic designations for Soma. It is an FDA approved non-narcotic in the US, and I was told by 3 doctors that it is over-the-counter, and used primarily for anti-seizure, secondary for muscle relaxor. The truth seems to be that it contains a precursor tranquilizer to valium. That drug is called neprobromate, milltown, and who knows what else. It is bad for the heart, and becomes addictive because the tranq is only included as a trace amount, from what I have learned after 14 years. The tranqu...

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