Regarding Lyrica, I Was Prescribed It For Fibromyalgia In 2009, 50 Mg. Twice A Day. I Took It For Three Years. I Stopped Taking It A Year & 1/2 Ago

Janet Says:

I was prescribed Lyrica for fibromyalgia in 2009, 50 mg. twice a day, I took it for three years. It has messed up my life also. Stuttering, lack of memory, my gums hurt for a year, now my front teeth are crooked, and I've been referred to an orthodontist for braces. Really? I'm 63 years old! I'm afraid I'll lose my teeth as some of you have. I STOPPED taking it a year and a half ago on my own. Since I've read all of your problems, now I know why, it's the Lyrica. I had depression, was on anti-depressants. It also caused me to have cateracts, and each eye hemorrhaged one month after the surgery of each eye. I've had blurry vision since, it moves around in my eye like a cloud! We need an attorney that will represent all of us NOW! I even called the FDA. No one wants to help us. I'm angry about it. We all should be. The FDA sued Pfizer for $2.3 Billion. "The largest civil fraud settlement in history against a pharmaceutical company. The federal share of the civil settlement is $668,514,830 and the state Medicaid share of the civil settlement is $331,485,170. The settlement also resolves allegations that Pfizer paid kickbacks to health care providers to induce them to prescribe these, as well as other drugs." Read the details on Food and Drug Administration Office of Criminal Investigations U.S. Department of Justice Immediate Press Release dated September 2, 2009." United States Attorney, District of Massachusetts, Contact: Christine DiLorio-Sterling (617) 748-3356. The drug was approved in 2005, Pfizer CHANGED the INGREDIENTS AFTER it was approved. Please, somebody help us!! I can't believe they are still advertising Lyrica on TV.

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David Says:

Hi Janet,

I'm very sorry to hear about your experience on Lyrica. From your description I really get the sense that big pharma thinks they can get away with doing pretty much anything behind the back of the public. In reality though it's just another big-ego business with little regard to basic moral.

This just goes to show that as hard as it may be, sometimes it's best to take our health into our own hands and not support big pharma by buying into their products. At some point in our lives we have to learn how to be our own doctors, because we obviously can't rely on a profit driven company to have our best interest in mind, and many MD's are subjecting themselves to their system to ensure that they make a good salary by promoting their drugs.

I wish society as a whole would give more light to naturopathic physicians who utilize the raw materials of this earth to heal us instead of debilitating chemicals conjured up in lab. The only problem is insurance companies don't support their efforts since all their kickbacks come from the money in big pharma. Something has to change sooner than later though with all the complaints.. that's all I'm saying.

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Nelz Says:

Hi.. Im glad I read your message... I have only been on Lyrica for 4/5 weeks.. I stopped it yesterday as I have been depressed for 3 of those weeks and only just realised it the past couple of days. One thing you mentioned was your crooked front teeth... 2 days ago I noticed my front tooth had been moved back like they were being pushed together and I am 44 years old... I have only been on it just over a month like I said, for Nerve pain. I'm wondering if it's better to put up with the pain than go through the side effects of medication.

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Sufferinbcinjustice Says:

Nelz, answer your question, comin off lyrica slowly but surely bc it is a seizure med,it cn cause u to hav seizures as iv known it to,but if depression is wht you've had&ur tooth messed up,not sayin thts not enuff to stop but this med has caused such side effects as cutting,schizophrenia,livin daily with anxiety lik anxiety attacks but its 24/7,panic attacks,all severe enuff for ur family to call 911&ur put in a syc unit.then too it can&has caused suiside.thers a lost frm today im thinkin tht the pharmaceutical comp tht made this hell,phizer pharm.It stated with evidence that this big pharm was sued by the FDA bc they changed thr ingredisnts in the medicine AFTER THEY APPROVED IT!!! Il find it&post it for you&whoevr wants to read&findout the hell wev gottan ourselves into BUT i know my GOD WIL TAKE CARE!!!

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Kathy C Says:

Re: Nelz (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I’ve lost 4 teeth since being on Lyrica. 5 weeks ago I started a slow withdrawal. After my fourth week of ending with 50mg at night I began with severe and I mean severe anxiety, panic attacks, depression, you name it. I lost 16 lbs in 4 weeks. Nausea is severe and the sight of food gagged me. I ended up in the ER for fluids because of dehydration and nausea. I'm a mess. I was put back on 50mg to start back on it. I feel like I’m going nuts and don’t want to live like this anymore. And now the holidays are coming up and I don’t give a s*** about anything! Pfizer needs to have their asses sued big time to take care of all of us and our families.

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