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I was receiving Oxycontin 80mg OC, but then they changed it to the reformulated Oxycontin 80mg OP. I never had a problem with the old version BUT now i get right side cramping. Is this because new version is not made properly?

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cm Says:

every 1 that gets the new oc should complain so much they hav to go back to the old 1s

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Oldspam Says:

I am NOT getting the same pain relief with these new pills. And I've noted a change in 'digestion' issues. Is the gummy junk in these little hockey puck pills clogging up our insides?

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jojo Says:

reformulatated oxycontin has something very wrong with it it makes me feel like i want to hurt myself or others very aggitated frustratecrying snaping at everyone i have been on this a very long time never felt like this until taking the reformulated oxycontin. does anyone elsfeel way?the new

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nanoman7 Says:

Oxycontin OC verses OP
I have 1 /2 weeks worth of the older med and 30 days of the newer formulation. I have been giving a bline test where I don;t which one i am taking and giving myself the same dosage as before ( I take my meds exactly as prescribed) I have noticed there are times I don't get the same pain relief my feeling is wen I take one I get pain reilef that is decent and at times it's as if I didn't take my meds on time and they wear off sooner. I am prescribed 1-80mg and 1-20 mg 5 times daily with 90 mg of oxycodone breakthough. I take each prescribed dose exactly the same time every day and all 4 ( breakthough and ER ) at the same time. The I seem to be getting the benifit of the breakthough but not enough of the ER I will report this to my Doctor, he asked my opinion after 2 weeks. My thought is that the older tablets released meds quicker then the new tablet and I am not getting the full dosage. i have noticed I am coughing up sticky mucus and have a dry feeling in my throat, a cake up on my teeth like more plack if this stuff is getting into my lungs
(hence the coughing) I am gonna get pissed. I have been given a prescription for a chest x-ray. I smoke 1/2 pack of cigarettes a day! I am 62 years olf and have been taking Oxycontin pain meds for 10 years + I do not abuse anything (other then the cigarettes)
If my experience continues at teh end of 2 weeks I will be returning to my Doctor and will have him write something else and also i will return the balance of the meds I have to phamacy for refund or credit for different meds. I am thinking if the meds work exactly as they are supposed to fine by me but if i have to deal with additonal side effects not so good. One thing I can suggest to people taking these meds is to swallow then with cold water or juice they seem to get reall sticky with hot coffee or tea. You have to try and getthem down as fast as you can and don't burp! If you do you get a mouth full of goo and it somehow gets in your nose as well. It will be interesting to see if I still get ghosts in my stool. I have some questions for my pharmacy butthey keep refering me to Pharma for answers. I wonder if the newer tablets stick together with my other pills in my stomach and what if any affect this may have. I may start to stagger my meds intake by 10 minutes to give them a chance to get going I don't know if this would help. So far my feeling is sometimesthey work and sometimes they don't..NOT GOOD.
Before the new tablets i didn;t need to increase dosage for the past 3 years and 5 years ago I was able to reduce my dosage for a higher prescibed dose. I have posted my findings on several web sites and I wil update my findings as they chnage and if they change.

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jojo Says:

have been taken oxycontin 80 mg for at least 10years80mg 4 in morn, 4 at night along with in-between drugs but i never been in this kind of distress before nothing has changed in my life except for the change in the oxycontin i just don't know what to do? if there is any one out there that is having the same kind of problems that i am please email me because i don't know if i am the only one.

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Verwon Says:

There have been many complaints about this new product not working the same as the old formulation for pain relief.

I cannot explain why, because they claim it is supposed to, but its becoming apparent that it isn't.

The only thing I can suggest is to contact both Purdue Pharma and the FDA with your complaints. If enough people do this, they will have to pay attention to the problem.

Purdue Pharma number for drug safety/medication issues:


FDA MedWatch number:



Is there anything else I can help with?

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Nanoman7 Says:

I contacted Perdue Phama related to our problem with the new OP type Oxycontin, they say and I quote:
The suggest our specific problem is the NEW OP does change into a gel in our systems ( which is differnet then the OC) type of medication, two things 1. Prior to the change they think we were getting 50% benift of the medicatin that is why our prescribed dosage was very high
2. the new medication benift is 0% because it is being encapsulated but the statin medications we take.
Questran, Pravacol, Lipitor all will affect the uptake of the newer OP type even more then it has before.
They recommeneded a chnage of prescription ot something called Opana, we have not had this changed yet so we can't comment on it.
One thing very remarkable is when we take the OC type we get pain management benifit of sorts when we take the nwer OP NOTHING at all the only relief we are getting right now is from the breakthough medication Oxycodone and we have been advised by doctor to cease the ER and take more of the IR until a new prescription is received. The dosage of the IR type is very high compared to the ER but the pain manangement is there...

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michele Says:

OP much to slow on releasing medication compared to other generic OCs. It takes about 1hour and a half to feel the slightest bit of relief! Ny God, what have they done! Going backwards for us people who genuinely need this for chronic pain and not to abuse by snorting, crushing etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Don L. Says:

The new formulation is simply not the same as the old. My pain is not reduced the same as on the old OC. I'm sure there were clinical studies done however they probably were rushed because the pressure Purdue is under. The losers are the patients who don't abuse. Those who do abuse will now go on to other drugs, mostly heroin. I predict a spike in heroin use in the next several months.

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jojo Says:

you are right about breathing problems. i find that i am having more problems ,breathing like shortness of breath frequitly shortness of breath. my shirnk says it is like going through withdrawals,why does the FDA have anything to say about this? i heard they are putting something from the detox drug suboxtion in the new reformulated oxycontin. please reply.

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sugarflyer15 Says:

Reply to Nanoman7 !!!!
Good Lord. That's alot. Where are you from? If you don't mind me asking why are they prescribed. I take them as well for a little over 5 years. However, my pain management Doctor got arrested for using himself. They kept the office open for a year. But the very next month after his arrest they cut everyone's meds back. They cut me back from 3 oxys a day to 2 a day and from 4 breakthrough MSIR s to 3 times a day. It doesn't help now, if the new ones aren't good I am in trouble. The Docs act like they are scared to prescribe anything.

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butternutter Says:

i got a friend who has been takin oc normally for 2 years. when the ops came out he started lookin for a new way to take them (he says taking the ops orally takes hours now and is weaker). he found out if u grind em up with a dremel, place them n a syringe(without a needle of course, use a plastic tip or tube) add a small amount of water (u can use as much water as u want but the more u use the greater the feeling of needing to poop, he said going poop first will help if its really uncomftorable) then shake and inject rectally within 45 seconds of adding the water, refill with water again and inject again to get it all out.he said it isn't quite as good cause the new type is weaker but he said it hits in about 5 min. also to all those homophobes hes not gay and says dont knock it till u try it. hope that helped some of u.

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john23 Says:

reply to JoJo
oxy is known for having some of the worth withdraws around. if you take it on a regular basis and stop the withdraw would be very painful with flu like symptoms.
I believe that the breathing problems you are experiencing are side effects from the new op, it seems to be a common complaint amongst people. if i were you i would tell your doctor about these problems and also mention that you have read simaliar complaints onlien

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Florida Says:

I'm Terminal. These branded OP 80mg pills (I assume other doses have the OP also on one side of the pill rather than the OC ) but It seems to me the Rx store should have warned oor informed me that I might experience changes in pain control after this refill.

I ended up with the new OP branded pills but was unaware I was duked.

I've been on 640mg for 12 years and have some tolerance develop but I knew something was very wrong since last refill.

I am experiencing much to much pain with these new OP branded pills. I woke in the worst right side joint pain than I have ever experienced these last few mornings. I NEVER experienced such intense pain. The OP's are simply not getting me through the night.

You can bet Purdue and or the Government are monitoring these sites.

My bet is people will flock in droves with complaints. If I were only taking these for chronic pain (as I did for many years) I might not complain but I'm terminal and this formulation is going to make my death sure hellish.

Heck I'm not into hospice yet and I could barely tolerate the new pain Ive experienced recently. To add insult to injury I'm recovering from major major major spine surgery done April 2010 so I'm also dealing with some of that residual pain.

Jesus Christ they should have informed us via an insert at least and gave some alternative directions and or options such as a transitional period. Call it dependence tolerance or what you will Purdue knows they've got the entire country hooked on this medication. How many truly need it may never be known. My guess is some terminals like myself might commit suicide if they can't control their pain anymore and or they will use up their supply before its due and end up in a hospital detox type setting costing Americans millions. Worse yet some may turn to heroin.

I don't know the answer but changing a formulation without informing is bordering on malpractice and or false advertising.

I'm sure Purdue has hired extra lawyers for the increased case load.

For Christ sakes couldn't the Feds and Purdue have come up with a more professional alternative?

I read that Purdue reps say you can request the original formulation if you have a problem but I find that hard to chew. What would be the point. They should at least make the original available for terminal ill people. So what if we terminal ill patients get addicted.

Someone with power needs to help us that truly need as much of this drug and we have come accustomed to paying for. This is unfair any way you look at it.

At least open a bunch of detox clinics for those of us that will start to detox as we run out of medication ahead of our next refill.

I don't know whos going to do more business the Heroin dealers on the street corners or the few drug clinics that will surely be unable to handle the overflow of people in need of help through this bait and switch scheme that has been placed unknowingly in our laps.

I can't believe the Feds and Purdue agreed to do this to dying people.

May God be with us.

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jmofpc Says:

my husband and i both have taken the old oc and the new op. the new does not work and we still have to work and function whether we like it or not. we are so disgusted about this. this is your gov at work

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InPain Says:

The new Oxycontin doesn't work properly it takes more meds to get any affect and i have been coughing and hacking since taking the new med. Is anybody watching? Why are there so many posts from people everywhere complaining about the the OP medications and none can be found saying they are OK or good or work? I find it most interesting that the opinion is so slanted to the negative aspect of the OP meds.
I think it's because the new OP meds...ummmm don't work properly.

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happynedd Says:

I came across this site as I was was researching the new OC formulation. I received my new rx 2 days ago, and have had some pretty rough GI distress since then. This info is all very interesting...and quite unsettling. Hopefully the overwhelming amount of adverse effects experienced by those of us legitimate patients will help to bring back the old formula. (Wishful thinking, I know...)
And to Florida....may God bless you and give you comfort. Your post really affected me. I will keep you in my prayers.

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OPmedley Says:

Well I am here to tell your guys/gals they are not going back to the OC, till Patent runs out in 2013, SO, what to do, when we all are not crazy, drug abusers, or just want to want to use our time wisely and send a message or get one, because all this is not going away, there is a difference in OCs and OPs at any strength, just the higher the number the less of the true effect you will receive from taking your medication and that is swallow whole, don't mess with it, do what you are told and get true side effects that you document!!!!!!! The FDA will listen and compare their known side effects and see if we are telling the truth, so be patient, in pain, and make it day by day. They may pull this drug
altogether and I don't want that,
because of the way this was handled and FDA knows this, we just need to make our reports, keep good records of side effec and RESeARCH, its amazing what you can find on the FDA news site about this drug, which was approved April 05 2010, correct me if I am wrong, so why so long getting to us? Just look around and don't look for any OCs, unless you are one of the abusers, cause the only way u would get it is illegally and that's was the problem and addicts also heard a Dr crushed up and gave to patient who could not swollow and now legal issue. What Dr would do that? Anyway, I know what you are going thru, especially if taking for Cancer pain, it aint no fun and hate living my last days filing a lawsuit because of some side effects I have with all the Chemo and other drugs I have to take, they are not mixing well. The Chemo side effects are not as bad, bad, but didn't need more added to it. I just hope in the end the real need for this Oxycontin OC and the pain releif it gave me with my breakthru meds, was worth the change because of abusers, and for you (ABUSERS) get help. You have not only caused a lot of pain and suffering for us true pain seeking relief, who follow the directions on this Med, well hope you are happy, know you can't be because now this new formula can't get you where you used to get. Any way, just hang on, we will be heard, but as far as getting OCs back, don't think so and a waste of time and breath, still keep notes on side effects and see if eventually we all at some point come down with something that this new formula WILL cause. Research, you will find what the new ingredients will do to us that are already sick, Cancer, stomach problems, heart problems, etc. Like I said if u read on FDA news about these ingredients, they list some serious sid effects, and with that, I have and am done talking, waiting to see other doctors with these new side effects and what caused them, didn't have them before! Sooooo

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Nanoman7 Says:

To Sugarflyer,
I have been on pain meds for 26 years,,for PAIN!!!!!
I developed spine issues and had surgery on neck, mid back, Lowerback, and groin. Some of these areas were done multable times. They now call it surgery failure!! Ha Ha.. I have nerve damage from the surgeries and get about 2-3 hours of broken sleep a night. I wake up screaming until my medications kick in. I have breakthough meds and er's the current ER's are having somewhat of an issue (sic) I also have several injectable medications tha numb areas but can't inject above the heart level so can't help the neck. I m fused from C-3 though to S-1 with partial gaps. Not a happy camper. I have three specialists that have written summaries of condition and have spoke directly with PM on a constant basis. My list of secondary complicatons are so long it reads as a who who of DAMN That must hurt..
I inject medications directly into scrotal sack 2-3 time daily for nerve damage, when I get arroused 10 minutes later I am screaming in pain untill Ican numb the area..ICE first then meds...My genitals are black like frost bite..and i need to be carefulIi don't get gangrine from cutting off circulation. Have a nice day! And god bless..

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Nanoman7 Says:

Hey! come to think of it! whre are al the posts from people prescribed Oxycontin ER that are happy or pleased with the new OP's? I guess they are all out playing golf, jogging and otherwise having a grand old time.

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