Refilling A Narcotic Prescription Early

Robin Says:

I wear a 100 Mcg Fentyl patch every 48 hrs., and I get a 20 day supply. I love in New Jersey, how many days early can I refill my new script? OR what percentage of my prior script needs to be used before I can refill it?

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Chrissy Says:

DEA database doesn't matter whether you have insurance or cash pay the standard is no more then the 28th day unless you have a new paper prescription that changes the directions or the quantity that's it 28 days is the earliest but you can expect it on the 29th or 30th day or later if you go into a pharmacy Acting like you're Jones in for an early script but with the DEA database there is no filling early -- nothing to do with whether or not insurance pays ! Insurance used to have a 75% rule DEA has a 28 day rule !

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Nan Says:

If you use CV and WAL you can And I do. Blue ins. I go back and forth 25 days for ox and always goes threw but I travel and am normal I do for convince always have some left over

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pudman56 Says:

It's not a state thing. It's a federal regulation. It's dependent to a large degree on the Schedule. Fentanyl, if I'm correct, is the strongest legal opioid one can get a prescription for. I've not had it but I took opiates regularly for a couple of years a few decades ago.

When you can get your refill it's really up to the individual pharmacist, not the pharmacy even. I can't imagine any one giving a refill more than 3 days before the date, especially for Fentanyl. My pharmacy won't even fill my Vicodin until 1 day before it's actual due date and it's not worth going to a different one. I'm usually stretching them out that last week, though.

In short, about one or two!

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Bob m recovering addict Says:

Please, why would you need it early unless you're abusing it or selling some? That stuff will kill you especially if you mix with other opiates, antidepressants or anti anxiety meds (benzodiazepines). I'm a recovering addict and almost did not wake up 3 times from abusing fentanyl with Zoloft and xanax at the same time. Be careful, and be honest if you need to get help.

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SheriAmore Says:

20 patches at 1 every 2 days. Rx should be able to be refilled at 10 days from the Rx date. Also my insurance will fill when the Rx is 3/4ths used. Of course, with fentanyl, you'll have to have an Rx... It can't be called in.

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Deedee Says:

Be careful to never wait til the last day in case they don’t always stay on. I used to sweat horribly and a patch wouldn’t stay on for the full time and I’d lose it early. The rules are you need to be not more than 1-2 days early.

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