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When pagoclone will be avalable to patients and haw much will cost?
Three stattering therapy did't help, I belief and patiently wait for pagoclone. Please give me some new information about this drug.Teodozy

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N.Harish. Says:

I am suffering from stammering from past 10 years.

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Utkarsh Says:

I am suffering from Stammering from the last 19 years. I heard about Pagoclone. Can you tell me that, when it will be available in the market?
Please reply to my mail.

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Ali Abbasi Says:

Please tell me is Pagoclone is available in the market? and how much does it cost?

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rahul Says:

where i get pagoclone in delhi. very urgent

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vagner Says:

Dear friend, the drug is still being evaluated, but we believe that pagoclone will soon be available throughout the world. This drug should already have been released, but I think in 2016 it will be marketed. hugs and good luck

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