Received Chlorothiazide Instead Of Chlorzoxazone

Tamara Says:

Last month when I picked up my refill for Chlorzoxazone 500mg. I noticed it was round instead on Oblong. The month before by pharmacy was out of the med so they transferred it to a competitor. It only had 1 refill left so when it came time for my refill I called my Dr. to call in my refill to my normal pharmacy. So, when the shape was different I thought maybe they changed to a different drug company. I put in for a refill earlier this week and a day later a received a call from the pharmacist. She seemed very concerned and very apologetic but proceeded to tell me that they had given me Chlorothiazide 500mg instead of the Chlorzoxazone 500mg. I had taken 93 of the wrong medication. Which is for high blood pressure and a diuretic. I ask her if it was okay to just quit taking the Chlorothiazide and she said yes.

I suffer from Fibromyalgia, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, hypothyroidism, collagenous colitis, migraine headaches and anxiety. I wondered why the New Round pill didn't seem to help. I was going to ask the pharmacist when I picked up the refill. I currently take 60mg hysingla, 5/325 norco if needed, 25mg synthroid,10mg escitalopram, .50mg xanax up to 4 times per day, 300mg gabapentin up to 4 per day, 300mg ranitidine if needed, rizatriptan 10 mg if needed. I also take over the counter Acidophilus, benedril, Citracal and an Omega blend. The pharmacy that made the mistake is a large Grocery chain.

They put a $20 gift card in my bag when I picked up the correct prescription and I return the 27 pills that I had not taken yet. I am also breast cancer survivor. (3 years out). With all of my problems I still successfully run 2 family businesses. I manage over 20 employees. I understand that mistakes can happen.But, I have read some of the side effects and drug interactions of the Chlorothiazide. Should I be concerned? I did have some of the side effects. Frequent urination. Some nights I would be up 4 times. I was overly anxious. But, more importantly, my muscle spasms were horrible. I was using a tens unit every evening. Laying on a tennis ball. Putting the ball in the area were the muscle was so tight. Luckily nothing major happened. What are your thoughts?

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