Reaction To Amox Tr-k Clv 875-125

Chelsea Says:

I had a serious reaction to this medication. The only thing I have ever known that I was allergic to was Sulfa so I didn't think there was any problem taking this drug. I was proscribed this for a really bad sinus infection. 45 minutes after taking one Amox Tr-K Clv 875-125 pill i started having nausea. I then started having diarrhea and vomiting. The vomiting was pretty consistant, I would heave about ever 4-5 minutes for 4 hours strait. Finally when the vomiting ceased i started getting sever cramp in all of my extremities. If I moved my arms or legs at all they would cramp. I then drank 2 quarts of gatorade over a 2 hour period and the cramping subsided. The entire time this whole thing was happening I was running a fever around 103-104F. It was an awful experience and was so painful that I would have much rather given birth, I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

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Verwon Says:

I had similar issues with a sulfa antibiotic, Bactrim and I have to agree! It's very, very miserable and no one should have to go through that. Are you feeling better now?

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In the case of antibiotics, those are signs of a serious reaction and you should avoid taking this one in the future, or you run the risk of experiencing even more severe reactions that may be life threatening.

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Kathy Says:

I'm taking Amox TR-KCLV 875-125 for bad ear & nasal infection. After taking for 2 days I started having symptoms of a bad cold. Sinuses draining coughing up phlegm, sneezing, stuffy nose & head. Is this normal? Is my infection just opening up? My ear still has a pulse/swishing sound when laying down or sitting down. How long before I get better? Plz answer this inquiry asap. Tx u.

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