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Marsha Ab Says:

I finished 10 days worth of amox-clav 875 and the last day I developed dark urine, a whole body itch, nausea and loss of appetite. This has lasted for 4 days now and is worsening. The pharmacist said to take benedryl, but how dangerous and how common are these side effects? Also, how long will they last? It's very worrisome. This is a dangerous drug!

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Verwon Says:

Did you also experience diarrhea, while you were taking it?

Everything except the body itch, sounds like it could be due to dehydration, which frequently happens when antibiotics cause diarrhea and people don't up their fluid intake to accommodate for the loss. You can read more Augmentin side effects here.

The itching could be related to dehydration, as well, but it's more difficult to pinpoint, because it could also be related to an allergic reaction. Thus, the operative question is, do you also have a rash, or are you just itchy? An allergic reaction would show as a rash and/or hives. If it's just general itchiness, with no real visible symptoms, then it may also just be due to dehydration causing dry skin.

Dark urine like that is a classic sign of dehydration.

And in regards to this medication, it isn't really any more dangerous than any other. What it really comes down to is people not being informed by their doctors or pharmacists about what they should do if certain things happen, while they are taking it. For example, there's nothing in the monograph that says you should drink another glass of water or two a day, if you get diarrhea. (Of course, only if it's safe for you to increase your fluid intake according to your doctor.)

As to how long it can last, that depends, if it is due to dehydration, then upping your fluids a little will likely end it much sooner.

How are you feeling now? Are you doing any better?

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Marsha Ab Says:

still not feeling well. Never had diarrhea at all. Now have white stools and have drunk plenty of water. No rash but whole body itchiness.

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concerned Says:

This is a old post I am responding to but I happen to just see it and worried. Too late now and I hope this person got back to a doctor and realized that pharmacists are useless with most information. This person could very well be in liver failure. With those symptoms the pharmacist should have told them to go to the doctor ASAP. Liver failure is not unheard of with older antibiotics and more common in newer ones that were taken off tge market dye to liver failure. n

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