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Jade Says:

I have been taking the QUALITEST 10-325 for pain I have incurred due to Scleroderma, Osteoarthritis, Raynauds, PPAH, ETC. When I went to pick up refill this month (November 3, 2014) I was told they could no longer get the QUALITEST and I was stuck with these pills manufactured by MALLINCKRODT. THEY ARE TERRIBLE!!!!! The pill is white, oval shaped and the bottle says Norco 10-325 but I can guarantee you these are just compressed white powder. THEY DO NOT WORK at all. Does anyone know of a pharmacy in the Disneyland area of Orange County, CA that still has the QUALITEST brand? The pain is unbearable. Thank You.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Jade! How are you? I'm sorry that these tablets aren't working for you.

Unfortunately, there is no listing of pharmacies according to what medication they carry from any given manufacturer that I can refer to for you.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Does anyone know of a pharmacy that carries them?

Have you tried seeing if your pharmacy can get ones from some other manufacturer?

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Paul Says:

Hi Jade,

My wife has been on Norco for years due to back issues (multiple surgeries including an artificial disc - and per her orthopedic surgeon she will need another in a few years.) Our local pharmacies recently began supplying non-Qualitest brands and she immediately noticed the difference; I know it's not psychosomatic as she started complaining about being in pain which led us to the discovery that these were different pills, not the other way around.

In any case we have been completely unable to locate a pharmacy that can consistently provide Qualitest. Some have stopped carrying them at all, other just take whatever generic their supplier provides and it changes randomly.

We are also in northern Orange County. Were you able to find a pharmacy that can/will provide the Qualitest?


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Backs Achin Says:

Walgreens! I have had mine filled in Antelope Valley and at the Walgreens on La Palma and Valley View in La Palma. I don't get it. I am in so much pain taking that other brand I got from CVS. And to top it off now the dr. cut my dose in 1/2, I'm looking for a good pain management dr. in oc if you got one.

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Deyla Says:

Hill Pharmacy at Newport Coast Surgery Center still carries the yellow Qualitest Norco 10/325

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