Red Tablet Almost 1 Inch Long

Melb Says:

I cannot take asperin so I take asperin-free excedrin. I want to know why it and all excedrin was taken off the market. Also when if ever will it be available to buy again. Nothing else helps me. I have tried Aleve but doesn't do the job as good as the above.

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Verwon Says:

The Excedrin products were recalled due to problems that the FDA found with their manufacturing facility, which may have caused the products to be contaminated.

Product has been shut down and there is, at this time, no word on when it will resume.

As to an alternative that may help, have you tried asking your doctor to help you find something?

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Cerise Says:

When will Asperin Free Excedrin be back on the shelves? They said the other Excedrin's would be on the shelves in October & still not available. Live in Jackson,Michigan

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name Says:

Its back on shelves in 4\13

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ben Says:

no it isn't "back on the shelves 4-2013"
where did you get that information??

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misstee Says:

exedrine has been back in the market for at least 4 months...I'm am avid user and had been using store brands since it was pulled and earlier this year I went to buy the store brands and discovered it is back I live in NC and it's at target, Wal-Mart, cvs, Walgreen rite aid and so on.

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