Quit Smoking After 40 Years

Tom Says:

I smoked on Chantix till the end of week 7 then during the start of week 8 I no longer had the desire to smoke. I know a lot of bad side effects have hit a lot of people but it worked for me. I thought I would never quit smoking.

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Verwon Says:

Congrats, Tom! I'm very glad that it worked for you and it's fantastic of you to post and share your positive experience with others.

Most of the posts made online are only done when someone has had a problem with a medication, the positive experiences are rarely mentioned.

How long were you a smoker and how long have you been smoke free, now?

For anyone seeking information, Chantix is used to aid in smoking cessation, but yes some people do experience problematic side effects from it, such as nausea, weight changes, abdominal pain and severe constipation.

Learn more Chantix details here.

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Tom Says:

I have smoked for over 40 years, been smoke free for a month. This is the longest I have ever gone smoke free. The amazing thing is I do not crave a cigarette enough to light one up.

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Dee Says:

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Constipation was my problem with Chantix. Never have i had such bad constipation. I will say the stuff does work though. I quit it too soon though. I stayed smoking again and I'm about to start the Chantix again soon.

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