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dan 5454

baby blue capsule ## Are you sure your imprint is correct? The only thing I find with Dan Dan 5454 is a whilte round pill called Quinidine 300mg, generic for Quinidex. It is used to slow the heart rate down (tachycardia.) Side effects include chest pain, wheezing, headache, among others. There used to be a capsule form, blue as a matter of fact, of Quinidex. But I don't believe it is being made anymore. If you find the imprint is different then please let us know so we can make a better indentification.

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Need a drug name

A friend of mine just past away and I wanted to know if anyone knew how to spell the drug name she used to prevent blood clotting and thin her blood--something like quimidine, but I'm not sure and I want to look up the bruising effects on the body when taking this medication. Thank you ## Betty; Hi; Sorry for your loss.I can only think maybe coumadin;which if you take too much the blood can actually come out your pores.Must have blood work alot to make sure the dose is right in your blood and not get your blood too thin.For blood clots in hospitals they try and dissolve them with Heparin.I take Plavix for built up of the plaque and a simple Ecotrin aspirin to keep blood thin for good blood flow.Hoped this helped in the other meds.Let me know.Thanks..:)

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