Questions About Narcotic Or Anti-anxiety Medications

Aeon Says:

Being a pain patient for 20+ years, and having panic attacks daily have given me the knowledge of every medication and how they work or do not work.

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David Says:

Hi Aeon, How's it going? Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time out to help others with your extensive background as pain/anxiety patient. I realize there are a lot of other people on here who just want to help, but can't always understand what these patients really go through enough to offer the right kind of advice - that ideally a doctor should be giving.... But in my opinion, nothing really beats learning from 20+ years of first hand experience. I hope you're able to do a lot of good with that knowledge.

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Zio10 Says:

I am a recovering Tramadol addict. Been clean 5 1/2 mnths. To get off Tramadol the addiction psychiatrist put me on Klonapine in detox (5 days of that). Now weaning off it. Its the devil for me. Vety bad mood, angry, crying, palpitations occasionally, my family is starting to hate me! Im n such horrible mood. Im down to 1/4 of a .5mg pill 2x a day. I want to just stop it now. I haven't had one today. What do I have to look forward to? I mean in the way of withdrawals symptoms. Iv been on it since May 12. But never really took it 3x's a day. I was put on Zoloft at end of May an it became toxic in my body. Was on it for 2 1/2 mnths while starting to stop Klonapine. Well I had to taper (in 2 wks cause psychiatrist is an i****!) Off Zoloft in 2 wks. Psychiatrist told me I was on baby dose at 50mg a day. Im n medical field an had always heard not to just stop antidepressants. So fast weaned off in 2wks. That was hell. So since no Zoloft I started taking Klonapine more frequently but never more than twice a day .5mg pills or would take half a pill a day or whole pill a day. Hardley ever 2 a day. So now went to pharmacist a asked for tapering schedule an started at 2 .5mg pills a day. That was in Sept 15. Now down to 1/4 pill twice daily or a half a pill a day of .5mg pill. Benzodiazepines r hard to get off of an Klonapine has short half life. Have you been on Klonapine an had withdrawals? If I just stop at this dose how long will I suffer?

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