Questions About Viiabryd Dosage

Karen Says:

I just started my Viibryd trial pack. I'm in the 5th day. I wouldn't call myself seriously depressed, but my doctor gave me this because Wellbutrin was giving me a headache daily. I do not have a prescription yet. My question is: Why go to a dose of 40mg. if you feel good on 20 or 10mg.? I could see going higher if less isn't doing it for you. What's the normal dose?

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Karen Says:

I'll add to my own post. I'm now about 2 weeks into the trial pack. I did not go up to the 20mg., but broke them in half. I will not up it until I need to. I called my Dr. and asked for a 90 day script for the 20mg, which I will break in half. I do get a slight headache sometimes. I take Imitrex and it takes it away. I've been fooling around with the time I take it. I'm now taking it with my lunch around 2pm. I do feel better on it! I've been on many different antidepressants for the past 15yr. I started with Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Celexa, Cymbalta, Effexor, and none of them helped me like this. I hope it doesn't turn on me!
I did hesitate to start Viibryd because of all the negative reviews, especially the weight gain! If this happens, I don't know where I'll go from there. I have not noticed any increase or decrease in appetite or GI problems. Most of the others kind of constipated me, but this has not. I also have a stomach ulcer and do take Prilosec, but no problems with this med so far. I'll keep u posted, positive or negative!

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Karen! How are you?

The reason for going up is because that is the dosage that has been found to be beneficial for most people that try this medication. However, no, it is not necessary to do so, if a lower one is working for you.

How are you doing on it, now? Any side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth or weight gain?

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Karen Says:

Hi, thanks for replying! I'm still at the 10mg. The only things I noticed are slight. I get a slight headache, and sometimes I get anxiety about 8-10 hrs. after taking it. I also feel meaner, less tolerant. I'm thinking about going to the 20mg, as I do feel a leveling off and less energy as I had at first. It would be nice to keep that "happy" feeling, but, I guess that's not life. I'm hoping that the side effects that I am feeling won't get worse on the 20mg.

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Karen Says:

I thought I'd report back after going up to 20mg. for the last week. I upped the dose because I no longer felt 10mg. helped me. I haven't really noticed any side effects. The first day I did have a headache, but not after that. No weight gain so far, in fact, I might've lost 1lb or 2. I'm a small girl, so I don't need the weight! No nausea, etc. I've been taking it after my night time snack. I do have trouble sleeping, but this is nothing new. I do take Ambien for it the past five yrs. since my daughter died unexpectedly. I still have sad days, but sad is different then depressed. I've been feeling pretty great, in fact, I even went shopping today! I do hope it continues! It's so nice to feel good and not just struggling through the day. I've tried a lot of anti-depressants and this is the first one that has had this affect on me! I hope it doesn't turn. I hope this helps others that are looking for info for Viibryd. I'd like to stay at 20mg and not go to 40mg.

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